Jacked Factory Pump Surge Review

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If you want a pump, is Jacked Factory pump surge the right choice for you?

That’s the one big question at the center of our Jacked Factory Pump Surge review. In 3-4 minutes, you’ll know the answer, as we highlight what we like about this product and what it might be missing.

Let’s start with the basics…

Jacked Factory Pump Surge

Pump Surge
  • Can improve muscle volume
  • Enhances workout pumps

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Overview: What Is It?

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Overview - What Is It

Pump Surge is a self-confessed pump and nootropic blend from the Jacked Factory Company, helping you get a better workout with a specific focus on boosting pump intensity and focus. It combines Citrulline with betaine and taurine to increase muscle volume and get you bigger, faster during a workout.

The nootropic side of the product provides non-stimulant energy and focus. Instead, it uses memory and focus support from choline with alpha-GPC and Huperzine.

This makes Pump Surge a strong choice for bodybuilding workouts chasing more muscle volume and nasty pumps. It also won’t interfere with your sleep schedule, so you can turn that pump into long-term muscle growth.

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Ingredients: What’s In It?

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Ingredients - What’s In It

Pump Surge uses 6 active ingredients: L-Citrulline, Betaine Anhydrous, Taurine, Alpha-GPC, Huperzine, and AstraGin.

These provide a mixture of physical and mental support benefits that help your workout. Here’s the short and sweet version of what they do for you:

  • L-Citrulline: citrulline is the best way to boost nitric oxide, boost blood flow, and improve pumps.
  • Betaine: an endurance support compound that draws water into the muscles to boost performance.
  • Taurine: also boosts endurance and may reduce DOMS after a workout. 
  • Alpha-GPC: a pre-compound for choline that helps boost brain levels to support cognition.
  • Huperzine: reduces the breakdown of choline in the brain to keep levels – and mental performance – high.
  • AstraGin: a digestive support compound to help you absorb the other nutrients in Pump Surge.

These ingredients offer physical and mental benefits, both of which you’re going to need for long workouts.

The great thing is that they overlap, reinforcing each other’s best effects, helping you to get more from this product.

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Benefits: What Does It Do?

Jacked Factory Pump Surge Benefits - What Does It Do

Pump Surge has the main benefit of drastically improving your muscle pumps by letting you work harder, drawing more water into muscles, and drastically improving blood flow.

These all lead to more volume in the muscles when you get a pump, both producing a better look and leading to more long-term growth. The added nootropic effects also double down on that muscular endurance and “more hard work” to produce more gains.

By improving your physical and mental game, it helps you have better workouts while still retaining good sleep hygiene.

What’s even better is that this supplement comes in at a great price, making it a perfect choice for tight budgets looking for non-stimulant pre-workouts.


  • Very effective at boosting pumps
  • Secondary benefits to performance
  • May support post-workout recovery and growth
  • Improving work capacity is great for athletes
  • Some of the best value for money around


  • Pump supps are typically low priority buys

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Jacked Factory Pump Surge?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Jacked Factory Pump Surge

You should buy Pump Surge if you want a non-stimulant pre-workout for better pumps at a great price. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s great for bodybuilders in particular. 

Pump Surge is a great choice for a pump-focused pre-workout without stimulants. It’s a great choice for increasing the performance of muscles in bodybuilding workouts, and staying focused.

It’s going to improve the quality of your workout, as well as your mood and experience of it. Then, on the pure chemistry side, it produces better pumps to look great and drive up your long-term results.

Jacked Factory Pump Surge

Pump Surge
  • Can improve muscle volume
  • Enhances workout pumps

At the current price, this makes it a great choice, even if it’s not the all-time best pre-workout. It’s strong and cheap, and that’s always good!

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