Jacked Factory Primasurge Review

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What is Jacked Factory Primasurge – and what does it do? What’s in it? Is it even good?

Today, we’re answering these burning questions in around 3-4 minutes, in our Jacked Factory Primasurge review.

Let’s start with what it is…

Jacked Factory PrimaSurge

  • Helps maintain testosterone levels
  • Protects from Cortisol

Jacked Factory Primasurge Overview: What Is It?

Jacked Factory Primasurge Overview - What Is It

Primasurge is Jacked Factory’s daytime testosterone booster, using Shilajit, Longjack, Ashwagandha, Safed musli, and Boron. 

The goal is to increase, protect, and regulate your testosterone levels. These improve all kinds of things – libido, sleep quality, muscle growth, fat loss, energy levels, and mood and confidence. 

The ingredients themselves come with a wide range of benefits, on top of this regulatory role. Piperine – black pepper extract – is also here to make sure it absorbs well in your gut. 

Jacked Factory Primasurge Ingredients: What’s in it?

Jacked Factory Primasurge Ingredients - What’s in it

Jacked Factory Primasurge uses 6 active ingredients: Shilajit, Longjack, Ashwagandha, Safed musli, Boron, and BioPerine. These provide a basis for the regulatory power, combating stress to protect testosterone levels and let them recover.

Each ingredient has direct and secondary benefits – so here’s the round-up:

  • Shilajit: a mixed-mineral extract with antioxidant and cholesterol regulating effects.
  • Longjack: a herbal extract with aphrodisiac effects and aromatisation protection.
  • Ashwagandha: a powerful testosterone protector and anti-stress herbal extract.
  • Safed musli: a libido booster and blood flow regulator to support sexual health and function.
  • Boron: an essential mineral that beats deficiency to support healthy testosterone levels.
  • Bioperine: a pepper extract that improves nutrient uptake through the gut wall.

This leaves you with a better overall testosterone profile, though it doesn’t directly boost testosterone levels. It’s a great way to reduce negative effects and regulate hormones, however.

Jacked Factory Primasurge Benefits: what does it do?

Jacked Factory Primasurge Benefits - what does it do

Primasurge is a great way to regulate, protect, and maintain your testosterone levels – as well as some other health markers. It’s a good way to boost your quality of life in multiple areas all at once.

While it’s not directly boosting your T level, it will protect it from stress, cortisol dominance, and unwanted aromatisation. These effects are all still positive, and the secondary benefits like antioxidant effect, better metabolism, and improved libido and sexual function are great.

These are areas where mental and physical health overlap, making it a great choice to support your quality of life. In reality, improving this many areas of life and giving yourself better hormonal regulation is a great way to support a healthier hormonal system.

This is going to work best as the counterpart to Jacked Factory’s Test PM supplement. They seem to know this, because the two directly pair up to provide the best benefits. Things like Melatonin in that product simply add so much value to this product’s benefits.


  • Combines popular ingredients
  • Good source of shilajit and ashwagandha
  • Users experience good mood changes
  • Affordable for better value


  • Doesn’t really have a strong niche
  • Some low-power ingredients

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Jacked Factory Primasurge?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Jacked Factory Primasurge

Maybe. Primasurge is good – it’s not amazing, and it’s not excellent. It can be a good way to combine popular ingredients you want, like Shilajit and Ashwagandha, in an accessible and affordable package. 

It’s a strong player in the testosterone booster market with a few very good ingredients that help your quality of life in a variety of ways.

It doesn’t directly boost testosterone, but very few things do. It’s clearly designed as part of Jacked Factory’s larger supplement range, and it has a few “gaps”. 

Jacked Factory PrimaSurge

  • Helps maintain testosterone levels
  • Protects from Cortisol

Overall, Primasurge is a good testosterone regulator and male wellbeing supplement, and it comes in at a great price. That makes it good, but it doesn’t provide the outstanding value or benefits of some of Jacked Factory’s other supplements (again, like Test PM).

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