Jacked Factory NitroSurge Review

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NitroSurge is a pre-workout by Jacked Factory – but is it the right pre-workout for you?

Let’s find out together, in today’s Jacked Factory NitroSurge Review.

Jacked Factory NitroSurge

  • Improves workout performance
  • Better pumps and vascularity
  • Improves workout recovery

Overview: What Is Jacked Factory NitroSurge?

Overview - What Is Jacked Factory NitroSurge

Nitrosurge is a popular and effective pre-workout supplement that offers a great combination of performance-boosting and pump-enhancing effects. 

NitroSurge is popular for 3 major reasons:

  1. It’s a good pre-workout for improving performance
  2. Better pumps and vascularity make it good for bodybuilders
  3. The value for money on this product is significantly better than average

This is the result of the combined focus on nitric oxide production and better overall performance. NitroSurge offers a great take on both, as well as improving your workouts – in both experience and results.

This – at a good price – defines Jacked Factory’s whole range, and NitroSurge is an exemplar of that brand identity.

Ingredients: What’s In NitroSurge?

Ingredients - What’s In NitroSurge

NitroSurge is built around key ingredients like Citrulline, Betaine, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and Theanine. These are great active ingredients that are excellent for a wide variety of fitness goals, covering every type of workout.

  • Citrulline: the best nitric oxide boosting compound on the market, a pre-compound for arginine, and one of the most efficient ways to get a better pump. This also improves endurance in repeated bout workouts, especially, and can help get more nutrients into the muscles.
  • Beta-alanine: a powerful mid-range endurance support compound that dramatically improves muscular endurance in the 1-4 minute range. This is a great way to maintain healthy muscle chemistry, too, by regulating carnitine levels. 
  • Caffeine: a classic mental and physical performance booster, increasing your wakefulness, awareness, and nervous output. This makes it a great choice for all kinds of early or late workouts, where energy levels are low. Even more powerful here for the lack of creatine (a caffeine antagonist).
  • Theanine: the best caffeine synergist, where it improves all the best effects (like energy levels and wakefulness), while reducing possible side effects. This makes nitrosurge very low risk, and very high-reward for improving workout performance. It also reduces the risk of disrupted sleep patterns. 
  • Betaine: a great osmolyte to help hydrate muscles, keeping them healthy, improving pumps and vascularity, and helping recovery. Muscle hydration is an important factor in both recovery and growth (via cell volume), and this makes betaine a great addition.
  • Theobromine: a circulation aid primarily found in cocoa, theobromine is a great addition to synergise with betaine and citrulline. This is a 3rd compound in the trio to boost blood flow during and after workouts – for pumps and recovery/growth, respectively.
  • AstraGin: a digestive support compound that helps improve your nutrient uptake – especially amino acids. This is a great all-rounder and one of the best ‘support’ ingredients around, combining digestive support with the unique and varied benefits of Ginseng.

These are modest ingredients, by themselves, but they add up into a powerful supplement that offers premium value. Fortunately, it doesn’t come at a premium price.

Benefits: What Does NitroSurge Do?

Benefits - What Does NitroSurge Do

NitroSurge’s main benefits are improved workout performance, better pumps, better recovery, and overall better circulation.

These are immediate pre-workout benefits and some all-round health and recovery benefits that contribute to post-workout recovery and growth.

NitroSurge Workout Performance Benefits

NitroSurge Workout Performance Benefits

The trio of citrulline, betaine, and theobromine are synergistic ingredients for blood flow and nutrient delivery.

Your blood flow is your muscle’s nutrient pipeline and main clearance system. Circulation is important to increase the delivery of nutrients to the cells during a workout, and to remove e metabolic waste products.

Circulation, Recovery, and Performance

Circulation, Recovery, and Performance

The proper circulation of blood through the muscles is a major factor in metabolism and endurance performance. It also reduces the build-up of pyruvate and lactate, which can cause fatigue and muscle damage, both in the short-term and post-workout.

By boosting blood flow, you get better performance. As a side effect, you also look more pumped and vascular during workouts, which is great. It’s a great trio that overlaps looking and performing better – which we all love.

NitroSurge Mental Performance Benefits

NitroSurge Mental Performance Benefits

The mental and physical benefits of caffeine in NitroSurge are also powerful – combined with theanine for an even more potent set of benefits.

Caffeine boosts energy levels, awareness, wakefulness, and motivation factors. These make your workout better in physical and mental terms – perfect whether you’re throwing weights around or focusing on your technical or tactical play in sports.

Theanine boosts all these positive benefits while adding its own. It reduces the risk of side effects, emphasizes the energy boost, and reduces the negative effects of caffeine on sleep quality and stress/anxiety levels.

This makes it a perfect addition.

NitroSurge Health Benefits

NitroSurge Health Benefits

Nitrosurge has wide-reaching benefits: fat loss, better performance, health, and metabolism.

It’s hard to pin down the wide range of health benefits of NitroSurge. Here are a few:

  • Better cardiovascular health: circulation support is great for your heart, arteries, and more. Added theobromine is particularly useful for cardiovascular health.
  • Better muscular chemistry: reducing muscle damage is a great way to feel and perform better over time. Muscular health is still health.
  • Metabolic health: caffeine is great for metabolic regularity, especially fat metabolism, supporting better energy flexibility. This gets more important as you age.
  • Superior fat loss: caffeine and theanine are great for supporting fat loss, as well as athletic performance and workout results. 

These are great health benefits that stretch beyond improving your workouts. This fills out the 3-dimensional benefits of NitroSurge, making it a great choice for almost anyone.


  • Excellent active ingredient choices
  • Synergistic effects add a lot of power
  • Price point well below its value and effects
  • Improves energy, performance, and health
  • Excellent pumps and endurance benefits


  • None – this is a modest but powerful supplement

Our Verdict: Should You Buy NitroSurge?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy NitroSurge

Yes – NitroSurge is one of the best pre-workout supplements on the market if you want the best, most effective ingredients at a great price. This is about all you need from a pre-workout, and the trio of well-designed benefits (energy, circulation, and health) make it perfect for all goals.

This is just a great example of how smart design and select ingredients can make a simple and affordable pre-workout that offers premium effects.

There are very few things you could add to NitroSurge to make it better.

Jacked Factory NitroSurge

  • Improves workout performance
  • Better pumps and vascularity
  • Improves workout recovery

This fits the criteria for a pre-workout that improves your workout, keeps you energized, and comes in at a great price.

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