Jacked Factory Lean XT Review

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Lean XT is Jacked Factory’s fat burning supplement, aiming to help you burn more fat, protect muscle mass, and cut down more effectively.

This product is stimulant free, which means you won’t be buzzing off of caffeine unless you add it yourself. This makes it easy to use at any time of day, without the risk of derailing your sleep schedule, ruining your energy levels, and tanking hormonal health.

The ingredients in Lean XT focus on fat mobilization, metabolism, and improving your cell health. This makes Lean XT a classic, healthy option for burning more fat without compromising your quality of life or overall wellbeing.

Jacked Factory LEAN XT

  • Improves cell health
  • Mental performance support
  • Supports better energy levels

Jacked Factory Lean XT Ingredients: What’s In It?

Jacked Factory Lean XT Ingredients - What’s In It

There are 3 main ingredients in Lean XT: ALCAR or Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green tea extract (high in EGCG), and Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin). These regulate fat metabolism while supporting both your muscles and your mind, which are most vulnerable to performance loss on a cut.

Then, on top of these active ingredients, you get secondary benefits from piperine. This is a black pepper extract that helps you absorb nutrients through the gut – ensuring you get what you paid for!

  • ALCAR: a muscle and mental performance support compound that may help you burn more fat and less muscle. Studies in fat loss are still conflicted, but promising for overall outcomes.
  • EGCG: the most powerful catechin for fat metabolism, improving your energy levels, burning more fat, and protecting other tissues from “energy scavenging” during weight loss.
  • Forskolin: a metabolism and hormonal health supplement, forskolin is mostly here because it improves the performance of other fat burning ingredients (like ALCAR and EGCG!).
  • Bioperine: this helps you absorb more of the other stuff, boosting the performance of the supplement in your body.

This is a great, synergistic 4-ingredient profile and makes for a surprisingly powerful fat burner.

What’s great is not only the effect on fat loss, but how this simple quartet offset the worst effects of cutting weight and getting leaner…

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Jacked Factory Lean XT Benefits: What Does It Do?

Jacked Factory Lean XT Benefits - What Does It Do

The main benefit of Lean XT is improving fat loss, while reducing the negative side effects most people see during fat-burning diets. These include protecting muscle performance and mass, supporting better overall energy levels, and maintaining mental sharpness.

By improving fat metabolism, you get more results while reducing the onset of these unwanted side effects. It leaves you free to focus on your workouts, your work, and your hobbies. 

This makes Lean XT a great simple choice, while also being one of the most affordable options on the market. The synergies with Forskolin also make it a great choice for supporting hormonal and metabolic health while improving results in other areas.

Overall, it’s a simple but smart design that really works. 


  • Excellent metabolic support for fat loss
  • EGCG provides better fat loss and health
  • Strong synergies between active ingredients
  • Also boosts mental performance
  • Offsets calorie deficit side-effects
  • Fantastic value for money


  • Not mandatory for weight loss

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Jacked Factory Lean XT?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Jacked Factory Lean XT

You should buy Lean XT if you’re looking for an affordable but powerful fat burning supplement. It uses a smaller pool of ingredients with greater potency and synergies to offer you better results at a lower price. 

With this kind of value and affordability, it comes out as another great example of a first-timer’s best friend. It’s a non-stimulant product which means a very low risk of side effects, it does the job it’s advertised for, and it reduces the risk of unwanted downsides from weight loss.

Jacked Factory LEAN XT

  • Improves cell health
  • Mental performance support
  • Supports better energy levels

Between the simplicity and the affordability, this is at least a good product, and potentially a great one.

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