Jacked Factory Growth Surge Review

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Growth Surge is a muscle growth aid, combining highly effective ingredients into a metabolism, muscular energy, and recovery supplement. These all contribute to your muscles’ recovery and growth signaling processes, letting you perform better from workout to workout.

Improving your recovery directly improves your growth, providing your muscles with the energy and nutrients they need to grow.

Jacked Factory Growth Surge

Growth Surge
  • Improves muscles access to nutrients
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Helps stay energized

Jacked Factory Growth Surge Ingredients

Jacked Factory Growth Surge Ingredients

The main ingredients in Growth Surge are Creatine, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT), Green tea extract, and piperine.

Creatine: a high-energy support compound to boost your muscle cell resources and health, while also boosting carb and water uptake (independent factors for growth).

Betaine: a powerful osmolyte that reinforces the benefits of creatine and makes it more effective – as well as being a great way to support muscle recovery.

LCLT: a direct exercise recovery and growth supplement, increasing concentration of recovery resources in the muscle itself.

Green tea extract: an EGCG rich extract, which increases fat metabolism and energy status – perfect for recovery and muscle energetics.

Piperine: an absorption aid that boosts your gut permeability for better overall nutrient uptake – making other ingredients more powerful. 

Jacked Factory Growth Surge Benefits

Jacked Factory Growth Surge Benefits

The main benefit of Growth Surge is improving your muscles’ access to nutrients and energy. The energy is required to promote muscle growth, even when you’re low on total calorie intake. This helps you stay energized and maintain or boost workout performance.

Jacked Factory Growth Surge

The addition of osmolytes like betaine and creatine also helps draw nutrients like carbohydrates into the muscle, supporting energy status. Meanwhile, L-Car-L-Tar is a direct muscular recovery compound that’s been shown to work in all populations.

These benefits directly fuel muscles’ recovery, while also promoting greater growth intermediaries like:

  • Cell volume
  • Cell hydration status
  • Resting energy levels and ATP pool depth
  • Lower overall AMPk circulation (a breakdown and tiredness signal)
  • Immense antioxidant effect from multiple ingredients
  • Reduced cell damage and persistent illness risk
  • Metabolic health, especially in the brain and muscles

This means not only a quantitative improvement in things like muscle gains and strength output, but total work done in workouts, and being able to push harder. These aren’t so obvious, but they are the long-term engine for progress that come from better recovery nutrition.

EGCG also helps support whole-body energy status by improving fat metabolism. This is great for inter-workout recovery, driving up your resting ATP levels and supporting the consistent energy availability that muscles thrive on.


  • Potent choice with good ingredients
  • Smart design with overlapping benefits
  • Perfect for bodybuilding workout recovery
  • All-round metabolism and health support
  • Great stacking supplement with versatile uses
  • Excellent value for money


  • Relies on good training and recovery habits

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Growth Surge?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Growth Surge

You should buy and use Growth Surge if you can. It’s a versatile and potent product that fits into all kinds of gaps in your diet. It can be used by itself, but also as part of a pre- or post-workout supplement with ease.

This is great considering the variety of benefits it provides and its affinity for all things recovery and growth.

This is a great addition to any diet to get the best from your creatine, too, since it is clinically dosed by itself – saving you money on other supplements.

Jacked Factory Growth Surge

Growth Surge
  • Improves muscles access to nutrients
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Helps stay energized

Growth surge offers great value for money and a serious boost to your performance and growth that can be fit into most training and diet regimens easily. It’s cheap, powerful, and super stackable.

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