Jacked Factory Build XT Review

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Today, we’re doing a quick and thorough Jacked Factory Build XT review to discuss what it does and whether or not it’s good.

We’ll be looking at the main categories: What is it? What’s in it? What are the benefits? Is it actually good? 

Jacked Factory Build XT

Build XT
  • Improves mental performance
  • Helps with pumps and workout performance

Build XT Overview: What Is It?

Build XT Overview - What Is It

Build XT is a muscle building capsule based supplement from Jacked Factory. It has a low price point but premium design, and the ingredients themselves are effective. 

This is a ‘one stop’ supplement for benefits from better pumps to improved mental performance to cell health. The key, however, is improving muscle nutrient uptake, workout performance, and pumps, to elevate your existing, natural processes. 

Overall, you’re getting comprehensive muscle support with a host of secondary, healthful benefits.

Build XT Ingredients: What’s In It? 

Build XT Ingredients - What’s In It

Jacked Factory Build XT contains 3 proprietary blends: PEAK02 mushroom blend for oxygen uptake and mental performance, ElevATP extracts from peat and apple, and AstraGin

AstraGin is a mixture of ginseng and astragalus (rocket) for absorption and cell health.

These give Build XT a nutrient profile that is mostly indirect. The ElevATP matrix does provide some direct muscle support, but it’s not as powerful as other options like ALCAR, beta-alanine, citrulline, creatine, or others.

These matrices also rely on ingredients whose benefits to muscle itself are either indirect, speculative (with weak research), or both. The benefits are mostly to health and mental performance for ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Cordyceps Militaris.

Build XT Benefits: What Does It Do?

Build XT Benefits - What Does It Do

The main noticeable benefit of Build XT is actually likely to be mental energy. The ingredients in this product are great for clarity and stimulant-free energy and focus. These have made them popular in mushroom teas, for example, which are often used with or instead of coffee.

The added AstraGin is also great for health, as well as nutrient absorption. This is a secondary ingredient, but offers added benefits to the mushroom blend.

ElevATP: What Does It Do In Build XT?

ElevATP - What Does It Do In Build XT

ElevATP is a good phosphagen booster, but this doesn’t seem to be as reliable as some other mechanisms. It’s also a mineral-dense supplement, but these benefits are going to be significant primarily in people who are missing minerals already.

ElevATP is primarily a magnesium-sulfur compound, but added high-dose electrolytes like sodium, calcium, and phosphorus do make it a good all-round mineral supplement. 

The real problem for Build XT is that you can just get these minerals from other sources. Food and direct supplementation are both fine.


  • Great value for money
  • Good recovery aid
  • Pairs well with Jacked Factory Products
  • Supports health and wellbeing


  • Missing some key ingredients
  • May rely on other Jacked Factory Products
  • Good, but a low priority for beginners

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Build XT?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Build XT

Build XT is good – especially for the price – but it’s not a “must buy”. It’s a good balance of price and power, but we want to see some more potent active ingredients.

The nitric oxide boost is a good way to increase nutrient uptake, but this is also in Jacked Factory’s own pre-workout and post-workout supplements. The AstraGin is a good absorption and health aid, but isn’t a huge step up on other products.

Jacked Factory Build XT

Build XT
  • Improves mental performance
  • Helps with pumps and workout performance

The problem with Build XT is that it’s trying to fill a role in your diet that doesn’t exist. It’s a mental and physical health booster, but you probably just don’t need it if you’re taking – for example – Jacked Factory’s post-workout recovery supplement.

It’s a good supplement, but not a necessary one.

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