Jacked Factory Androsurge Review

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Androsurge is an affordable product, but is it good?

Today, we’re covering all the most important factors of this supplement and what it can do for you. In this Jacked Factory Androsurge Review, we’re looking at all the most important factors for this supplement and its performance.  

Jacked Factory AndroSurge

Andro Surge
  • Great for hormonal balance and wellbeing
  • Helps protect testosterone levels

Androsurge Overview: What Is It?

Androsurge Overview - What Is It

Androsurge is a hormone balance and male wellbeing supplement, focusing on reducing aromatization and better protection against stress.

It packs a punch with a mixture of effective herbal ingredients and health-supporting vitamins and minerals. The result is a supplement that targets your hormonal health from numerous angles to give you the best consistency and balance possible.

Androsurge Ingredients: What’s In It?

Androsurge Ingredients - What’s In It

Androsurge is made up of Vitamin D3, Zinc, Grape seed extract, DIM, Rhodiola Rosea, Longjack, and Bioperine. These are split into micronutrients, active ingredients, and then piperine (an absorption aid).

Vitamin D3: the most common nutrient deficiency, and one we should all supplement. Has important roles in hormonal and mental health.

Zinc: an important metabolic coenzyme, involved in over 100 processes in the body, especially around food and growth.

Grape seed extract: a catechin support compound to improve fat metabolism, while also reducing inflammation and cell damage.

DIM: a powerful anti-aromatase compound that reduces the conversion of testosterone, supporting free testosterone levels and a more desirable hormonal environment.

Rhodiola Rosea: anti-fatigue adaptogenic compound with mental benefits, as well as supporting cell health and reducing inflammation. Stress-protective.

Longjack: aphrodisiac and fertility support compound that can also support energy levels and overall subjective well being. A great choice for the feeling of improved potency.

Bioperine: a good choice to boost the absorption – and thus effectiveness – of other ingredients it’s paired with.

This mixture prioritizes stress-resilience and health support, with only a few major ‘active ingredients’ for its core functions.

Androsurge Benefits: What Does It Do?

Androsurge Benefits - What Does It Do

Androsurge helps protect your testosterone levels from internal and external reduction. It reduces the damage that is done to your hormones by external stressors (like work stress or workouts), while also reducing the aromatisation of testosterone into Estrogens.

The ingredients both regulate testosterone levels on the positive side – supporting healthy function with Vitamin D and Zinc – but also protect it once it’s there.

This is the main power of testosterone support supplements, and the combination of DIM and Longjack is a great choice.

Rhodiola and Grape seed are great support compounds for this main duo, providing better cell health, doubling up the anti-aromatizing, and boosting blood flow.

The only thing this product is missing is Ashwagandha, which we think would be an auto-include as a way of offsetting stress and its damage on the hormones.


  • Strong regulatory effects
  • Reduces negative impacts of stress
  • Supports mental and physical wellbeing
  • Perfect beginner’s hormone support supplement


  • No Ashwagandha
  • Aphrodisiac ingredients don’t boost T levels

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Androsurge?

Our Verdict - Should You Buy Androsurge

Yes – Androsurge is strong and offers fantastic value for money. At a lower price point, this is one of the best ways for beginners to try a ‘testosterone booster’, with comprehensive hormonal and wellbeing support.

The choice of ingredients is backed by good research, it all works together well, and it’s available in 60-serving containers as standard.

Jacked Factory AndroSurge

Andro Surge
  • Great for hormonal balance and wellbeing
  • Helps protect testosterone levels

This is particularly useful in hormonal regulating supplements, because the best benefits do take a while to become more obvious (e.g. muscle growth or fat loss).

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Missing the addition of Ashwagandha or a major anxiolytic does limit this product’s power, however.

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