Is Mass Gainer Good for Skinny Guys?

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Mass gainers are popular supplements to help guys gain weight and build muscle – but is a mass gainer good for skinny guys? Can it actually live up to the hype of helping hardgainers grow? 

Today, we’re going to take a brief look at what mass gainers can actually do to help the skinny guys in the audience get bigger, as well as how that convenience and ease of use adds up in the real world!

What Do Skinny Guys Need to Gain Weight

taking mass gainer

The main things skinny guys need to gain weight are more calories – from fat or carbs, usually – and more protein to ensure that it’s mostly muscle gains. These are the main things that a mass gainer does, which is why mass gainer is good for skinny guys!

Mass gainer supplements typically combine carbohydrates and protein, offering plenty of calories in a single and idiot-proof option to gain more weight. 

1. Skinny Guys Need To Eat More Calories (And Drink Them)

Calories are the driving force behind weight gain – the numerical measure of the energy you take in through food.

This causes weight gain (either muscle or fat) when it’s higher than the amount you use in a day for things like exercise, activity, and just maintaining your body’s processes.

You get calories from protein, fats, and carbs – and this is why you eat in the first place. 

Skinny guys don’t get enough calories from food most of the time and need to eat more and/or supplement with mass gainers. Skinny guys need to eat more and/or drink more to boost their calorie intake so that it can out-pace their calorie output, and cause some growth.

2. Skinny Guys Need More Protein, Vitamins, And Minerals: Weight Gain Quality

Weight gain quality is dependent on the amount of protein you get (from meat, eggs, dairy, and some plants), as well as the vitamin and mineral content of your diet (from whole plant foods and high-quality animals or dairy) (1). 

More of any of these is typically a good thing, and will promote more muscle growth and less fat mass.

3. Skinny Guys Need Carbs And Fats

You can get short-term energy from carbs, which is important to manipulate your timings and get the best from your workouts. Post-workout carb and protein content are a great source of extra recovery and growth stimulus – which makes mass gainers the perfect fit.

Healthy fats are a good way to increase your total energy intake (they’re super calorie-dense) but aren’t as important as protein or carbs for weight gain quality.

Prioritize high-quality fats from seafood, natural yoghurt, and vegetables like olives and avocado. An easy calorie-bump if you’re struggling.

Is Mass Gainer Good for Skinny Guys?

are mass gainers good for skinny guys

Yes – mass gainer is good for skinny guys, being specifically designed to make weight gain easier with high calorie and protein content. This ensures that you can add tons of “easy” calories to your diet without worrying about the satiety of eating another meal.

Mass gainer is one of the easiest answers to a high-calorie diet. You can add a mass gainer to a normal, healthy, balanced diet to make it a healthy weight gain diet – making it a great choice for anyone struggling with quantity rather than quality.

Mass gainer is particularly useful as it’s a liquid source of calories – which means it’s versatile based on what you mix it with, but it also doesn’t fill you up like real food.

This is great if you’re a skinny guy trying to eat more but struggling with appetite or fullness.

Benefits of Mass Gainers for Skinny Guys

The main benefits of mass gainers for skinny guys are easy calories, more protein in the diet, a great liquid carb source, and a few performance boosts that you might be ignoring.

They are also beneficial for your lifestyle with convenience, easy use, and saving you tons of prep time compared with cooking food.

1. Driving Muscle Growth: Increased Calorie and Protein Intake

Getting more calories and protein in to your diet is the main benefit of a mass gainer – and the most important thing skinny guys need to do to gain weight.

This makes mass gainers perfect for skinny guys struggling to eat enough to gain weight – taking off some of the challenge of eating so much.

Mass gainers’ nutritional benefits are in the density of its calories and protein. More calories and more protein are the main things people select them for – and more protein, in particular, can really improve muscle gains (2).

Try and get a mass gainer with more protein, even if it has fewer calories – as you’ll get better muscle gain and less fat gains during a calorie-surplus (weight gain) diet.

2. Post-Workout Mass Gainer Shakes: Liquid Calories For Better Gains

mass gainer for skinny guys

Mass gainer is a great source of post-workout carbs and protein – which are delivered faster because of the liquid form.

These are the most important nutrients for building muscle mass and rapid delivery to the muscles after a workout can be really useful for weight gain. 

This helps you get more from less, at a time when your body is going to use the nutrients for recovery of muscle energy and extra growth potential.

It also helps you get more nutrients in at a time when you might not feel very hungry due to the adrenaline of exercise.

Convenience For Easy Growth

Finally, mass gainer is useful to skinny guys because of how easy and convenient it is to use. 

As a powdered source, it can be carried around easily in a shaker or container, and mixed whenever you need it. This makes it a great alternative to real food for anyone working shifts or in a busy office, for students, or for anyone with a busy day.

This can be a huge benefit if you’re the kind of person that forgets to eat through the day or puts it off.

Mass gainer shakes can be good for skinny guys who simply de-prioritize food during busy days – or just for gaining muscle mass on company time!

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

drinking mass gainer

Mass gainers are one of the best supplements for skinny guys, where they take the effort out of eating more food while promoting more weight gain. High protein mass gainers specifically promote muscle growth and are some of the best products on the market for skinny guys looking to bulk up.

Mass gainers are a useful supplement that can be an easy addition to a healthy diet to turn up the total energy intake and boost recovery and growth.

They’re a good way to commit to a weight-gain diet without massively changing your eating habits – and provide perfect post-workout recovery.

Try and select your mass gainer for protein content and slower-digesting carbs (like mixed starches from plant foods) to get the best quality, health, and results!

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