Is Mass Gainer Good For Gaining Muscle?

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Does mass gainer work? Is mass gainer good for gaining muscle? What determines the quality of your weight gain?

These are the 3 big questions we’re answering today as we discuss the power of mass gainers.

In 3-5 minutes, you’ll be ready to pick a mass gainer – or not – and gain high quality weight…

Is Mass Gainer Good For Gaining Muscle?

Is Mass Gainer Good For Gaining Muscle

Yes – mass gainer is great for gaining muscle. The extra calories and protein promote calorie surplus, which is ideal for building muscle mass. The protein also makes this more likely, as high-protein diets produce more muscle gains.

Most mass gainers use carbohydrates and protein to improve muscle growth – the two compounds most important for short-term muscle building. Some products use more protein, which is even more useful, while others emphasise calories alone.

You can also get extra support from some of the common secondary ingredients in mass gainer:

  • Creatine monohydrate or HCL
  • BCAA enrichment for extra Leucine
  • Electrolytes – like Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium – for muscular recovery and health
  • Citrulline malate or other nitric oxide boosters
  • Beta-alanine or other endurance-buffers

These can all help improve muscular response to exercise, especially combined with the carbs and protein.

How Do You Build Muscle Mass?

You build muscle when you eat more calories than you use, eat plenty of protein, and practise regular strength training. A high protein diet with a calorie surplus is the most effective and reliable way to gain mass – and particularly build muscle (1).

How Do You Build Muscle Mass

This works in 3 stages:

  1. Exercise places stress on the muscles (either from weights or gravity acting on bodyweight)
  2. The muscles stimulate nutrient-uptake and “overcompensate” to strengthen for next time
  3. During rest and recovery, nutrients from diet are converted into new muscle (and other tissues)

This is a bit of a simple view, but it’s all you need to know: train hard, eat well, and make sure you get plenty of rest. The caveat is that this cycle can take 2-10 days, depending on experience – so stay consistent and don’t miss workouts.

Does Mass Gainer Work?

Does Mass Gainer Work

Yes – mass gainer products help you gain weight and build muscle. They cause you to gain mass!

These are the results that you’d take a mass gainer for – though some are more useful than others. Due to the high calorie content, mass gainers will reliably cause weight gain. Unlike protein shakes, they aren’t good for dieting down.

Mass gainers all contain plenty of calories, protein, and some use secondary ingredients. These add up to cause weight gain, muscle gain, and improve post-exercise recovery.

Mass gainer can be used by both elite athletes (as a form of short-term recovery) or skinny guys trying to bulk up. This makes it a more versatile supplement than some people think.

Weight Gain Quality: “Will Mass Gainer Make Me Fat?”

Mass gainer can make you fat if you’re using too much, with too little exercise, or your overall diet isn’t balanced. 

Weight Gain Quality Will Mass Gainer Make Me Fat

The calories from mass gainers can easily cause excessive fat gain. Equally, high-carb and low-protein mass gainers will cause more fat gain and less muscle gain. These low-quality weight gain powders are worth avoiding.

The best mass gainers use a moderate calorie content (500-800) and lots of protein. This promotes high quality weight gain, building more muscle and less fat.

Make sure to check the nutrition label for a mass gainer before buying. Mass includes any kind of weight gain, but you want to build high quality muscle mass.

This is more difficult and requires a small calorie surplus but lots of protein (which is turned into muscle tissue). 

Final Thoughts: Mass Gainer and Muscle

Mass gainer is designed for muscle growth and, if you get it right, it’s great for gaining muscle. It’s a supplement built around the muscles’ needs, and perfect for post workout muscle growth.

Final Thoughts Mass Gainer and Muscle

This is a fantastic way to gain mass, build muscle, and bulk up. It’s especially useful for skinny guys who need to gain weight fast, but either can’t eat enough or don’t have complete control over their food.



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