Is Mass Gainer Bad For Your Liver?

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Mass gainers are controversial – are they worth it? Are they healthy? Do they damage your liver?

We’re discussing ‘is mass gainer bad for your liver?’, as well as where this question came from, and why. 

Let’s get straight into it, before we get to the interesting questions…

Is Mass Gainer Bad For Your Liver?

Is Mass Gainer Bad For Your Liver

No – mass gainers are not bad for your liver. Most mass gainers are completely safe and healthy for everyday use, as long as you’re not using them to over-eat.

The concerns about liver health with mass gainers comes from a few low-quality products which are either contaminated with bacteria, or contain heavy metals. Most mass gainers on the market, especially the good ones, simply don’t have these problems.


Because these are possible and historic problems, we always look out for third party testing of mass gainers. This is the best way to know your mass gainer is safe, as an independent and impartial company will review the production process and batch-test, making sure they’re safe.

Most mass gainers are not a problem for the liver, and you shouldn’t be worried just because some products are lower in quality.

This is also true of other supplements like whey protein and – if you use good brands with good products – you’ll not have any problems.

Is Mass Gainer Harmful For Health

Is Mass Gainer Harmful For Health

No – mass gainers are not harmful for health by themselves. Some old examples of low-quality mass gainers may have caused harm, but these are outliers and contaminated with harmful compounds.

Modern, well-made mass gainers are not likely to cause harm.

This is even more true of products that have been third party tested, such as those by companies like Transparent Labs, which are batch-tested to ensure healthy, contaminant-free profiles. 

Mass gainers are not definitively bad for health, but they can be if you misuse them, choose poor products, or ignore the rest of your diet. A supplement isn’t a replacement for a whole diet, so make sure you’re not expecting too much, or trying to fit 1200 calories from mass gainer into the wrong diet.

Can Mass Gainer Cause Kidney Stones?

Can Mass Gainer Cause Kidney Stones

Mass Gainer will not directly cause kidney stones – there are many different factors that go into developing kidney stones. The real risk is too much mass gainer, but with a poor quality of product, excessive heavy metals, or poor hydration.

These are all factors in kidney stone development, and you need to be aware of what you’re putting into your body (1).

Make sure you maintain good habits elsewhere and balance the intake of mass gainer with real foods, water, and plant-based whole foods to keep your kidneys healthy.

Overall, you want to focus on the benefits of mass gainers, as the drawbacks and risks are small. You should consult your doctor if you experience regular kidney problems, or if you have any preconditions that may interact with mass gainers.

Typically, mass gainers are healthy and don’t cause major problems, and you can balance them out well with other aspects of lifestyle. Just remember they’re not a band-aid to bad habits or lifestyle, but a way of improving a good one.

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