IdealFit Reviews 2023- Supplements for Women

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Every other day that you visit the supermarket, or the drug store, maybe just pass by those gyms on your way to the office, you see those cliche pictures of bulked up men on the e-wallpapers and posters- yes, I get you. I am not trying to pour feminism here, but it is definitely true that the supplement industry primarily focuses on men’s health and fitness.

With the rise in number of women stepping into the fitness world and inspiring women alike to follow along, the supplements to help these women in their way to achieving their comprehensive fitness goals are a few.

idealfit supplements reviews

Today in the article, I will be reviewing IdealFit- a company that is breaking the stereotypes while standing out in the market with its products that are designed for women by women.

The products are quality tested by Labdoor itself, and each of their products is designed in a way that they cater to the needs of the unique build of us women. Let’s dive straight into my IdealFit Review!

About IdealFit- Designed for Women by Women

IdealFit started in 2015 in the U.S. by Ideal, a company helping women stay in shape and feel their best, with a vision to celebrate womanhood in the male-dominant supplement industry.

Since the past 5 years of staying a cut above the rest in the market, IdealFit strives to create and deliver high-quality products to women for achieving optimal health and wellness. It is one of the fastest-growing women’s health and fitness brands in the U.S., with the primary focus to empower women to achieve their goals and be their ideal selves by providing top-notch sports and nutritional supplements, expert information, and performance clothing.

The driving force of this Utah-based company that led to the startup was the sour realization that the supplement industry was dominated by supplements designed for men that weren’t equally as effective for women.

IdealFit started with formulations that were designed and catered to the needs of the women’s unique body type and helped them achieve their goals ranging from burning fat to building muscles. IdealFit formulates unique and highly efficacious products in the BCAAs, Proteins, Pre-Workouts segments.

IdealFit also brings fitness gears and clothing for women to put the final nail in the metaphorical coffin of women’s fitness and general health.

IdealFit Supplements Reviews

Here are some of my favorite IdealFit supplements reviewed:

IdealFit Probiotic Reviews

As a woman, I think I can speak for all others- bloating and the uncomfort that comes with it is always unwelcome by our body, especially when they hit at the most inconvenient times, thus, a probiotic supplement is a true knight in shining armour to keep your gut healthy and in the ‘pink’ state.

idealfit probiotic reviews

IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic is a highly efficacious probiotic blend that isn’t just another new age health gimmick but a genuine and powerful formula of all the good bacteria to give your digestive system a boost.

The IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic has an incredible A-plus formula with about 32 million CFUs (Colony Forming Units) that will tell you straight away that IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic definitely has more of the good bacteria than most other blends in the market, however it’s not a magic bullet and you still need enough grees and fibre in your diet.

Ingredient Profile

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum: Helps fight against food borne bacteria and microorganisms while supporting the immune system.
  • Lactobacillus Gasseri: Increases fat loss and helps in promoting a healthy microflora in the vagina.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus: One of the most important bacteria that promotes the overall health of the gut and nutrient absorption. It also helps ward off diseases caused by bad bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococcus and Listeria.
  • Lactobacillus Fermentum: Produces antioxidants that fight inflammation in the gut while also fighting against foodborne pathogens.
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: Highly helpful in promoting vaginal health and produces CLA that aids immune function and weight loss by fighting fat accumulation.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum: Neutralizes everyday toxins that accumulate in the digestive system and helps break down carbohydrates.
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum: Also helps breakdown of carbohydrates, promotes bacterial balance and helps in fat and protein synthesis.

Other Ingredients:

  • Valerian Root, Chamomile Flower Extract and L-Theanine: These are three powerful sleep aids that induce calmness and help fight anxiety for a goodnight sleep.
  • Dandelion Root, Hawthorn Berry, and Horsetail Extract: These carefully selected ingredients support the body’s natural immune response, have anti-inflammatory properties and also keep the pesky UTI’s at bay.

Benefits of IdealFit Probiotic

  • Keeps the Gut Healthy: IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic contains a blend of seven different strains that have been chosen for their abilities to keep your gut healthy. A healthy and properly functioning digestive system ultimately translates to superior health and less problems and that is now possible with IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic. 
  • Promotes Weight Loss: I have always worked to lean out and stay in shape, thus, finding a weight loss solution just got better with IdealLean. Losing weight gets easier with IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic that helps shape a slim you with Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Gasseri. 
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System: Okay, I know most probiotic supplements help in proper functioning of the immune system but IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic probably does it better with the carefully chosen bacteria strains. 
  • Maintains Vaginal Health: If you’ve been experiencing alternative bouts between vaginal inflammation and an unbalanced pH, IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic brilliantly tackles these issues to support healthy lady-parts. A healthy microflora in vagina is the key facet to a healthy woman- with Nighttime Probiotic you take your vaginal health game to a whole new level.
  • Induces Calmness and Fights Anxiety: Chamomile, Valerian Root and L-Theanine are three all-natural sleep aids that calm down the brain to promote healthy sleep. IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic has an ingredient profile selectively chosen to fight anxiety and naturally induce calmness and serenity.
  • Nighttime Formula is a Powerful Sleeptime Aid: Practically speaking, sleep deprivation is all about wreaking havoc on your metabolism and digestive system, thus, the unique ingredient profile of IdealLean was designed to induce natural sleep rhythms while inducing calmness.

Final Review:

I can completely trust IdealLean Nighttime Probiotic for my gut and consumption over the past few months has truly brought changes to my life and it definitely did curb a lot of my digestive problems and greatly reduced bloating.

With so many good bacteria all stacked into Nighttime Probiotic, you sure are choosing the best probiotic blend in the market. With every angle to scrutinise, I guess I did not find any such downsides to the supplement other than a minor issue that made me experience gas for the first few weeks, loose stools.

There were a few other bowel problems but as soon as my body adjusted to the supplement, I had no such problems coming at me. The sleep aids will calm you and the complete stack helps in digestion and metabolism while you catch up on your valuable zzz’s. 

For optimum results you are suggested to take the supplement at least 2 hours after dinner and the supplement costs about $16.49 for 30 servings that is absolutely reasonable for an ingredient list as supreme as IdealLean’s Nighttime Probiotic.


  • Variety of good bacteria present
  • Reduces bloating
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Nighttime formula calms the mind and body


  • Minor bowel problems at the beginning
  • A little costlier in comparison to other probiotics and Less servings

Idealfit BCAA Reviews

IdealLean BCAA for women works best to help you build a lean and toned out body and help you sweat out longer in the gym. Why women? Considering the goal of many women, including me, to build toned muscles, and most significantly increase strength, IdealLean BCAA are a stack that you may want to rely on.

idealfit bcaa reviews

I am not so sure if it’s efficacious enough to burn a notable amount of fat even after proper workout. However, as a pre-workout supplement, IdealLean BCAA won’t alone magically transform you into a bikini model (if that’s what you want to be) and you’ll still need a properly balanced diet with enough macronutrients and protein.

Ingredient Profile

  • Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine (2:1:1): Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are stacked in the blend in 2:1:1 ratio respectively and IdealLean BCAA has an impressive 7 grams of these branched amino acids per serving with zero calories.

    These amino acids are the key to muscle repair and recovery, regulation of homeostasis, activation of mTOR and uptake of protein by muscles. IdealLean BCAA also provides an instantaneous boost to the body which you can feel oozing if it’s taken as an intra-workout supplement.

Other Ingredients:

  • IdealLean Fat Loss Blend: The proprietary blend of IdealLean BCAA is said to be specifically designed for women to cut down on fat. The blend has a branded upgrade of CLA, Tonalin® CLA which helps your body burn fat while preventing fat cells from refilling and storing again in your body.

    Tonalin® is the highest quality CLA available in the market sourced from the best safflower oil which helps block the enzymes that cells use to absorb unused fat, and instead uses it to produce energy in your muscles. Green Tea Extract EGCG.
  • Coconut Water Powder and L-Arginine: Coconut water is a great source of nutrients that are constantly lost during workout through sweat. The natural electrolyte has a high amount of potassium that is used to replenish and support your body during intense cardio sessions. L-Arginine along with L-Glutamine is used for enhanced recovery. It enhances the effect of coconut water powder.

    IdealLean also contains Vitamin B6, B9, and B12, Magnesium Oxide, L-Citrulline and L-Glutamine in smaller amounts.

Benefits of IdealFit BCAA

  • Improved Recovery: IdealLean BCAAs are supplemented with L-Arginine and L-Glutamine that aid in muscle recovery through increased protein synthesis and also increase the blood flow in muscle to avoid post-workout soreness and pain. 7 grams of BCAAs in IdealLean help you recover faster from intense workout so that you workout better the next day without worrying about fatigue or pain. 

    The high amount of leucine in IdealLean BCAA repairs damaged muscle which builds back the new muscle faster and stronger. IdealLean BCAAs are a cut above the rest because that help women reach their goals faster with faster and improved recovery.
  • Lean Muscle Building: Another additional benefit of improved muscle recovery and reduced muscle soreness is the building of lean muscle mass. With consistent use of IdealLean BCAAs, you are sure to notice significant improvement in your endurance levels that translates to building lean muscle mass in women without any impediments coming in forms of fatigue, soreness, pain and demotivation.
  • Helps overcome Muscle Soreness and Fatigue: IdealLean BCAAs increase protein synthesis, which means they also quicken the process of tearing and gaining muscles, so the muscle soreness that greatly deters you from working harder the next day flies out of the window with IdealLean. 

    Cortisol and testosterone are two hormones (also found in nootropics) that reduce muscle soreness, and IdealLean BCAAs help increase the secretion of these hormones, ultimately leading to the quicker gaining of damaged tissues. With less muscle soreness comes less fatigue induced from a grueling workout regime. 
  • Claims to Burn Fat and Boost Energy Level: Combining IdealLean BCAAs with an intensive workout regime helps heighten the weight loss results. Also,  it helps you work the right amount by reducing muscle soreness and exercise fatigue, so you can exercise better and burn fat faster.

    Green Tea Extract and caffeine (less than what you’ll find in an energy bar) will help you boost your energy levels to get you going for longer in the gym. However, the caffeine is low in amount so I highly doubt it’s going to have any positive effect on the energy levels. 
  • Has Additional Beauty Benefits: IdealLean BCAAs have a high quantity of vitamins that provide not only an improved muscle look but also have additional beauty benefits such as skin replenishment. The vitamins in IdealLean BCAAs also help your skin look better, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dryness.

Final Review:

The serving time is flexible and you can take it as both a pre-workout or intra-workout supplement. The suggested serving as per the nutritionists at IdealFit is one scoop of about 10 grams of the powder mixed thoroughly in 8-16 oz of water.

My final take on the supplement is mixed, even for me. I am pretty impressed with the whopping 7 grams of instantized BCAAs that IdealLean BCAA stuffs into each serving of 10 grams , however, I’d say the other ingredients (green tea extract and L-citrulline) are a little underdosed. ThermoDiamine has only been tested on rodents and hasn’t proved to be an efficacious fat burner yet.

At the same time, IdealLean is a great source of B-vitamins and magnesium. It has 7 delicious flavours- I tried the Dragon fruit and the Blueberry Pomegranate that were less sweet and more tangy and tropical and I absolutely fell in love with both. It’s hard to tell which one I liked better.

As a pre and intra-workout supplement, it’s great for faster recovery. It’s delicious as well, but I wouldn’t really recommend it as a great fat burner.


  • BCAAs have great potential and good applications
  • No calories or sugar
  • Very affordable
  • Hefty dose of B-vitamins


  • Has artificial sweeteners (sucralose)
  • Some ingredients are underdosed in the supplement

IdealFit CLA Reviews

This dietary supplement is one of the best CLA supplements available in the market- it doesn’t promise you tons of fat burning, waist slimming, metabolism-revving, or the moon itself, at least not until you do your part and help the supplement do its job.

idealfit cla reviews

There’s pretty much a lot of scepticism that follows the relationship between CLA and weight loss. However, IdealLean CLA, unlike all other phoney supplements, actually works to help you lose weight and get toned and sculpted muscles. There’s plenty of CLA available in natural sources in meat and dairy products, but the catch is negative health effects that come with the consumption of red meat in a large amount.

Thus, IdealLean synthetic CLA soft gels can be a great option for vegans and people who are especially avoiding red meat (since it shortens lifespan) or allergic to dairy products and have lactose intolerance.

Ingredient Profile

CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is one of the most comprehensively studied weight loss supplements in the world that piqued the interest of researchers worldwide as obesity increased globally. Not all fats are created equal, and CLA is the one on the healthy and helpful side of fats in the nutritional chart.

It is a trans-fatty acid (like a cousin of omega-3s) that is more than just good fat- it has way more benefits that aren’t limited to boosting energy. CLA has been proven to evidently reduce food intake, curb the appetite, increase fat burning, and stimulate the breakdown of fat.

Benefits of IdealFit CLA

  • Helps Shed Fat: CLA does help you shed fat, but it won’t do all the work for you. You’d have to include CLA to your weight loss regime to help you get the most out of it, and there is absolutely no substitute to exercise and a good diet when you want to turn up the heat and increase your fat burn. IdealLean CLA decreases the number and size of fat cells, lowering your body fat mass. It also increases the rate at which fat cells disintegrate, thus lowering the number of fat cells in the body.
  • Sculpts Toned, Lean Muscles: With increasing fat burn, IdealLean CLA also helps you achieve those toned and sculpted muscles for that perfect bikini look or just feeling good about yourself. With the reduction of fat, the supplement aids in sculpting the lean muscles left after losing fat. IdealLean CLA increases the activity of the enzyme CPT, so fat is burned up faster, leaving less of it in your body, which promotes lean muscle growth.

Final Review:

IdealLean CLA worked wonders on my body- it was easy to digest, and although I saw no result in the first month (most supplements start working by then), the results were visible by the end of the second month. The pills are easy to digest, and it helped me a lot with the inflammation alongside IdealLean Probiotic.

The only downside to the supplement is that it works slow, and I’d never suggest you overdose on CLA or any supplement for that matter. All I can say is, with consistency, you’d definitely see about 20% of your fat gone ‘poof’ by the second month with a religious workout regime and a healthy low-calorie diet.

The suggested serving is up to 3 pills a day, either morning, noon or night with about 8 oz of water for maximum efficiency and is priced at $29.99 for 120 servings. You can save on the cost when buying in bulk since it saves you of the shipping charges.


  • Efficiently burns fat and sculpts muscles
  • Comes in pills and easy to digest
  • Reduces Inflammation and Regulates High Blood Pressure


  • Works slow
  • Pricey when buying a single bottle

IdealFit Protein Reviews

The best part about the IdealLean Protein is the fact that instead of the whey protein concentrate, it packs 20 grams of protein isolate in each serving. The product truly stands out amongst its competitors by providing a solution to women for effectively building lean muscle mass and losing weight.

idealfit protein reviews

Recovering the muscles from their depleted state after a tough workout is important and IdealLean Protein for Women hits at just the right point, smoothing the post-workout recovery. It also supported my satiety, curbing my appetite for sugary products and consumption during my workouts in the morning did not make me feel hungry till late in the noon.

Besides the addition of Vitamin D in IdealLean Protein, it’s impressively designed to incorporate no fat or cholesterol.

Ingredient Profile

Whey Protein Isolate: Whey Protein Isolate is the key ingredient that makes IdealLean Protein more effective, to help improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean muscle mass. It is more satiating than any other protein and also has lower lactose content which makes it a better choice for those who are lactose intolerant.

Whey Protein helps to lower cholesterol more effectively than casein protein, containing anti-cancer properties, and also helps to regulate blood pressure which is beneficial for the individuals with hypertension.

Benefits of IdealFit Protein

  • Promotes Muscle Growth: Protein and amino acids, both serve as the building blocks for increased muscle growth and preventing their breakdown. IdealLean Protein has a large content of protein with less fat, carbs and lactose, and it’s high in the amino acid leucine, which is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the molecular and genetic level.

    IdealLean Protein Isolate helps to increase the release of anabolic hormones(insulin) which stimulate muscle growth. IdealLean Protein Isolate is not only advised for people who do a heavy workout, but also for people with mild activity levels for meeting their daily protein needs.
  • Aiding Weight Loss: IdealLean Protein Isolate is highly satiating and keeps you feeling full longer. It saves you from hunger pangs and eating unhealthy snacks.

    People consuming whey protein on a regular basis have shown to consume less calories from food. It shifts your calorie requirements from high-carb and high-fat food to a lean protein source which helps in maintaining a balanced diet. There are very few vegetarian foods that offer a lean protein, and whey protein is a boon, for vegetarians.
  • Post-Workout Recovery: Consuming IdealLean Protein before and after a workout session, speeds up recovery from resistance and endurance training.

    IdealLean Protein is absorbed faster than any other protein source, which helps in faster muscle repair post-workout, and this is the most important aspect of improving strength. In order to be consistent with your workout and body leaning goals, it is necessary to recover your body from fatigue as quickly as possible, and IdealLean Protein helps you to do so.

Final Review:

When most of the protein supplements may manage to be fat-free, they usually still house a hell load of cholesterol that reverses all the positive effects of the protein on your body. IdealLean Protein has a cut above the rest with its ingredient profile that has absolutely no cholesterol.

It comes in so many delicious flavors that you’re sure to find the one flavor you’ll absolutely love (my personal favorite was the mint chocolate flavor). The one feat that this protein powder has achieved is that you can consume it with water, and it will still taste just as good and thick.

Considering that it has sunflower lecithin and also doubles as a Vitamin D supplement, makes IdealLean Protein worth the price of $49.99 for 30 servings. However, the addition of synthetic additives is a huge downside which negates the efficacy of the supplement to some extent.


  • A high amount of Vitamin D
  • No fat,cholesterol-free and minimal carbs
  • Added micronutrients to support women’s health
  • Enhances satiety and can be a great replacement for meals


  • A little pricey
  • Contains artificial sweeteners such as sucralose

IdealFit Clear Vegan 

It is a no brainer that vegan protein powder is easier to digest than whey and I could feel that every time I consumed the IdealFit Clear Vegan Isolate. No matter how good and clean whey protein may be (including IdealLean Protein), vegan protein is way cleaner and provides a more ethical approach to supplementation and dietary requirements.

idealfit vegan reviews

The IdealFit vegan protein gets better with the prefix ‘clear’- this simply means that you don’t have to worry about the creamy and milky texture of protein shakes if you’re lactose intolerant.

The IdealFit Clear Vegan Protein Powder is allergen-free and apart from that, it doubles as a Vitamin supplement while also incorporating folic acid (however, the per serving value isn’t established).

Ingredient Profile

  • Hydrolysed Pea Protein: Hydrolysed Pea Protein consists of all nine essential amino acids which our body cannot create. Hydrolysed Pea Protein has a very low content of fat, and carbs. It is a great source of BCAAs which promotes healthy blood flow, and heart health.Hydrolysed Pea Protein has a higher leucine content compared to Whey Protein Isolate.

    Glycogen replenishment is fueled by insulin, hydrolysed pea protein induces a substantially greater insulin response compared to intact proteins ( Isolate or Concentrate), which facilitate superior glycogen replenishment and a greater anabolic response when consumed post-workout.

Other than pea protein in the hydrolysed form, IdealLean Clear Vegan Protein Powder also has Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Magnesium Oxide, and Silicon Dioxide that make it far superior than other vegan protein powders (for women).

Benefits of Idealfit Clear Vegan

  • Muscle Growth: IdealFit Clear Vegan is a complete protein source that contains all amino acids which are building blocks of muscle and helps to recover and repair post-workout. It is not only for dedicated bodybuilders but also for individuals who want to stay lean, strong and feel attractive.
    Pea Protein is also rich in Glutamine, which helps to replenish glycogen ( muscle cell fuel) and increase production of human growth hormone post-workout.
  • Betters Gut Health: Pea Protein is well absorbed by the body and is highly digestible. It’s a great fit for almost all types of diets since it’s naturally vegan. Pea Protein is dairy free, and it won’t irritate your delicate gut lining if you have a sensitivity to dairy and lactose. 
  • Improves Skin Health: Pea protein being a complete source of essential amino acids, gives your skin all the basic materials needed for its better health. IdealFit Clear Vegan is non-allergenic which won’t trigger underlying autoimmune reactions.
    IdealFit Clear Vegan with pea protein is a great source of glutamine, which fights off infections and promotes wound healing, and arginine, which supports healthy circulation.
  • Aids Weight Loss and Post-Workout Recovery: IdealFit Clear Vegan aids weight loss by satiating hunger pangs and also working as a replacement to full meals. The hydrolysed pea protein is great for enhancing the post-workout recovery to help you get back in the game faster.

Final Review: 

The IdealFit Clear Vegan is available in only one flavour, the tropical mango, which is as irresistible in taste as it sounds. IdealFit Clear Vegan isn’t only a great fruity alternative to a normal creamy protein shake but also refreshing with the highest quality pea protein.

Although, if you analyse the ingredient profile, you’d find that the protein per serving is comparatively less in comparison to whey protein which means you’d probably have to consume more of it than the suggested serving in order to fill in the nutritional gap. 


  • Delicious and healthier
  • Great for people with lactose intolerance
  • Easier to digest
  • Great alternative to creamy whey drinks
  • Vegan-Friendly


  • More expensive
  • Less protein per serving

Final Takeaway on IdealFit

My IdealFit reviews as a company that’s worth investing time and money into are clear (to a great extent). I’d definitely recommend IdealFit to women who have been looking for supplements that are personalised specifically for women.

idealfit review

IdealFit is a brand that aims to bridge the gap between the consciousness of men’s and women’s health and having said that, I feel that most of the IdealFit supplements, majorly from the IdealLean series, are worth every penny for the wonders that are packed in. However, the one downside that can not be ignored is that most of the IdealFit supplements have synthetic masking such as artificial sweeteners (sucralose).

This is greatly disappointing in an age where the mainstream fitness conscious people understand and value the importance of natural flavorings and additives.

However, IdealFit is more than just a branch of the Ideal company- it’s a community where you can seek out support and get what you need while striving to reach your fitness goals.

The customer support and the nutritional experts will all guide you through your fitness journey on not just what to buy but what to do to get the best out of the product. For me, connecting with IdealFit and trying out its products was never regretful, even for a moment and the results were quite visible for most of the supplements that are unambiguously the best for women.

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