Hunter Test Vs Prime Male: Better Testosterone Booster

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Today we’re battling 2 giants of testosterone booster supplements: Hunter Test Vs Prime Male.

These are two of the best quality options around and have slightly different focuses. These are going to play a huge role in our comparison and figuring out which suits you best.

Let’s get started with the reliable benefits of Hunter Test vs Prime Male and its specific niche powers…

  • Best All-Purpose Testosterone Booster
    hunter test

    Hunter Test

    Hunter Test is a highly effective testosterone booster with a good combination of ingredients.

  • Best for Men Over 40
    prime male

    Prime Male

    A great supplement for men over 40 to boost testosterone and improve sexual health.

Hunter Test: What is it?

hunter test

Hunter Test is an all-purpose testosterone boosting supplement that lacks the clarity of some more-specific options on the market. It tries to give everything for everyone, focusing on improving testosterone.

It’s very clear that it’s doing what it says on the bottle but it doesn’t narrow down to a niche. This is one of the main things that puts it into competition with Prime Male, as we’ll see later.

This product focuses on high doses of the most popular and effective testosterone booster ingredients. This is its greatest strength and weakness.

Hunter test is quite streamlined but offers great doses of a few key ingredients.

Hunter Test Ingredients: What’s in it?

The main ingredients in Hunter Test are what you might expect: DAA, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Indole-3-Carbinol, and Boron. These are popular choices on the market and offer quite a predictable but incredibly potent testosterone booster (1). 

You can definitely rely on this product to get the job done – but with quite a generic set of benefits. Here’s the complete ingredient list:

hunter test ingredients

These are all good ingredients and the dosages are among some of the best on the market and not cut to make room for filler. Hunter test is singular – it boosts testosterone and then keeps it high.

It has regulatory and testosterone-boosting ingredients, like DAA, boron, and ginseng. Then it has protective effects from Ashwagandha, Ginseng, I3C, and Boron.

Each ingredient has a role in both to provide a reliable testosterone booster every time.

Why Do We Like It?

Why Do We Like It

We like Hunter Test because it does exactly what it says on the tub. It provides the benefits of better testosterone levels and total hormonal health for men.

The end-result is that Hunter Test works. It boosts testosterone and with a reliability and power that few items on the market offer.

It’s hard not to like a supplement that does what it says and is effective without any needless bunk or filler!

We like it because it’s a good example of how the supplement market should be!

What Could Improve? 

There’s not much to improve here; Hunter Test is perfect for all-purpose testosterone and hormonal support. It doesn’t have a niche like Prime Male, opting for wider appeal.

What Could Improve

This is a difficult thing to sell when you’re looking at your personal needs. While Prime Male is the best testosterone booster for men over 40, Hunter Test doesn’t zero in on any group that it can give specific benefits.

This is a benefit – wide appeal – but also limits it for some comparisons for some people!

Who is it For?

Who is it For

This is a perfect single-purpose testosterone booster for any man who is under 40, or doesn’t want the sexual or fertility benefits of Prime Male. It’s a perfect testosterone booster in its own right and doesn’t lack anything.

However, with the wide appeal, it is good for everyone but maybe not perfect for anyone. It’s a great choice but not closely tailored to any group in particular.


  • Incredibly powerful combination of ingredients
  • One of the most consistent hormone support options on the market
  • Offers amazing benefits for men of all ages and many health goals


  • Doesn’t specialize for the men who need T-Boosters most
  • May not be as effective for men over 40

Our Verdict: Hunter Test

Our Verdict- Hunter Test

Hunter Test is an amazing testosterone booster with a very limited set of other benefits. It does what it claims to directly and doesn’t mess around with secondary benefits or any filler.

We love this – it’s what supplements should be, though it’s quite limited. It doesn’t expand on testosterone boosting or hormonal support.

On the one hand, that’s completely fine if that’s all you want. However, as we’re about to see, some testosterone boosters are a little closer to what users need…

Hunter Test

hunter test
  • Consistent hormone support
  • Works for men of all ages
  • Great for overall hormonal health

Prime Male: What is it?

prime male

Prime Male is a men’s health supplement for men over 40 – boosting testosterone, supporting sexual health, and providing energy and mood support. It’s a powerful supplement with a great sense of focus. Everything in this product is about men over 40 and their needs!

This focus pays off in making it one of the best supplements on the market for testosterone boosting and hormonal support. In these areas, it’s unbeaten and contributes overlapping synergies of different ingredients.

Let’s take a look at those key ingredients so you can see what Prime Male does

Prime Male Ingredients: What’s In It?

Prime Male Ingredients - What’s In It

Prime Male is built around D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and Ashwagandha. DAA boosts testosterone and Ashwagandha keeps it up by reducing the negative effects of stress and anxiety. This 1-2 combo is perfect for supporting male sex hormones which control everything from erections to muscle gains.

Secondary ingredients like ginseng only improve this process, with vitamins and minerals, nettle root, luteolin, and boron all contributing something unique (2).

The result is a powerful series of overlapping testosterone, sexual health, and even fertility benefits for men over 40.

Here’s the complete list of what you’ll get with Prime Male:

hunter test vs prime male ingredients

What we love is that everything here contributes to the benefits. There’s no filler – you get value in every gram. This is what makes 

Why Do We Like It?

We like Prime Male because it is super focused and every ingredient does something great for you. It’s packed with effective, active ingredients and they’re paired well.

Why Do We Like It -Prime Male

There’s overlapping benefit between things like DAA and Ashwagandha, which also benefit from Ginseng, from Boron, and more.

When you combine these different focuses, you get a massively well-rounded supplement. It does everything a 40+ year old guy might need and the strength in depth is fantastic. It means you’re going to get the most reliable benefits on the market.

It’s a massive name in the field and it’s earned this reputation with quality ingredients.

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What Could Improve?

There’s not much to improve about Prime Male – we mainly see the price point as the hard part for some people.

What Could Improve - Prime Male

Premium products often ask for premium prices – and this is one of the only downsides. You have to pay the price of these high-quality products to get the benefits. Prime Male is well priced but it could be a little much for beginners with no experience in the market

Who Is It For?

Who is It For - Prime Male

Prime Male is for any man over 40 who wants to optimise testosterone to support lifestyle. It’s so well-rounded for the needs of these men that it’s basically the de facto choice.

Obviously, this isn’t as relevant for guys in their 20s. There are still great benefits but the sexual health benefits may not be as relevant when you’re in the peak of your natural testosterone levels!


  • Incredibly potent when used by men over 40 
  • One of the best balances of ingredients for any product on the market
  • Excellent grasp of what men’s health and longevity needs
  • Great quality and reliable results for addressing men’s most pressing concerns


  • A little expensive (as a premium product)
  • Younger guys may not get all the best benefits of Prime Male

Our Verdict: Prime Male

Our Verdict - Prime Male

We love prime male for any man over 40 looking to improve health, confidence, and sexual health. It’s a way to turn around some of the risks of ageing and take better care of a man’s health needs.

If you’re over 40, this is unquestionably one of the best choices for you. It’s hormonal support, helps maintain your body and fitness, and takes care of your cells. If you combine this with good diet, exercise, and sleep – you’re well on your way to successful ageing.

Prime Male has its own spot on the market for exactly this, and it’s the best option for most people.

Prime Male

prime male
  • Great supplement for men over 40
  • Powerful choice of ingredients
  • Well-rounded supplement for testosterone boost

Hunter Test Vs Prime Male: Heads-Up Comparison

Hunter Test Vs Prime Male - Heads-Up Comparison

We think Hunter Test is better as a pure testosterone booster, but Prime Male may be more practically useful. Let us explain…

Hunter Test is the best for boosting testosterone reliably. But is that all there is to it?

Prime Male is better for men over 40 – the ones who most need a testosterone booster. They’re the men who need hormonal support and who are likely to suffer from testosterone deficit or “andropause”!

If you’re a guy under 40 worried about low testosterone levels, go for Hunter Test. However, most guys are going to need long-term support for successful ageing. If you’re in that group, Prime Male is the perfect hormonal support for you.



We love both of these products – they come from the same manufacturer and the quality is obvious. The smart design of both is clear and they are both effective at what they claim.

ParameterPrime MaleHunter Test
Best for?Men over 40Best all-rounder
Main benefitsSexual health
hormonal health
Successful ageing
Energy and mood
Testosterone boosting
CostPremium – $69.00 USDPremium – $80.00 USD
Key ingredientsDAA

For our money, Hunter Test is more useful for more people, but Prime Male is infinitely better for men over 40. The power of wide ranging sexual, hormonal, and longevity support make it a no-brainer for men in that category.

While men under 40 benefit from Hunter Test more, these aren’t typically the guys that need a T-Booster. It’s a great support without a good niche, but it’s potent and reliable.



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