Huel vs Mass Gainer: Can It Help Build Muscle?

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Huel Vs Mass Gainer: What’s the best use of your money, your calories, and your shaker cup?

Today we’re discussing how Huel stacks up with mass gainers on the market, and if it offers a reasonable alternative to weight gain shakes.

Let’s get into it…

Huel Vs Mass Gainer

Huel Vs Mass Gainer

Huel is not as effective as most mass gainers in promoting weight gain or muscle growth, due to the different macronutrient balance. It provides fewer calories, less protein, and more fiber than a premium mass gainer supplement.

Mass gainers, on the other hand, are packed with energy and protein. They have a faster absorption rate and less fiber, helping you eat more in total throughout the day. 

There’s no question: mass gainer is better for weight gain and muscle growth than Huel. However, it’s also clear that Huel is a better meal replacement shake.

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It can also be used as a mass gainer if you’re more concerned with healthy weight gain than sheer calorie or protein intake.

Can I Use Huel As A Mass Gainer? 

Can I Use Huel As A Mass Gainer

Yes – you can use huel as a mass gainer since it’s designed to be a complete meal replacement shake. This means it contains the calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals to make an effective mass gainer shake.

While this is possible, Huel is likely to be a lot more filling than most mass gainers. It contains more fiber than your typical weight gainer shake, and this can squash appetite for the rest of the day.

Huel has its pros and cons – it’s stronger than mass gainers in some areas, but less good in others:


  • Better micronutrient content for better health effects
  • Great balanced absorption profile for sustained energy release
  • Excellent macronutrient content and sources


  • Lower calorie content than many mass gainers
  • Fiber does reduce appetite more than most mass gainers

Can You Use Huel to Build Muscle?

Huel Black edition is not a great mass gainer due to the relatively low calorie and carb content. It’s a more effective alternative to normal huel – with a higher protein content and lower total volume, however.

Can You Use Huel to Build Muscle

Huel Black has the same problems as traditional huel powder: it’s a low calorie option that is very filling. This means that using Huel Black is likely to decrease your total daily calorie intake. It’s a very filling, fiber-rich powder.

While this is great for health, it’s a poor mass gainer – this is more like a protein and micronutrient shake. The lower carb content and higher fat content also slows down absorption. This makes Huel Black a worse post-workout mass gainer supplement.

Final Thoughts: Huel Vs Mass Gainer

Huel is better than mass gainer for health, but is harder to gain weight with. It’s a lean and filling supplement or meal replacement shake. The extra vitamins and minerals are great for health, but the fiber only slows down daily eating.

Final Thoughts - Huel Vs Mass Gainer

Mass gainer is better for weight gain, Huel is better for health. This means that Huel shakes can be added for healthy, slow weight gain.

For most skinny guys, however, a high-calorie mass gainer shake is going to make muscle growth easier. (Which reminds me, here’s an article on the best mass gainer reviews covered on this website)

Be true to your own goals and timescale, and you’ll get the best results. These supplements both have their merits – you just need to choose the one that supports your goals.

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