How To Take Serious Mass Gainer?

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Optimum Nutrition Serious mass gainer is an extreme mass gainer it has a lot of calories and carbs.

That leaves one big question: how to take serious mass gainer? 

With the servings and macronutrients, it can be hard to fit it into your diet. I’m going to discuss 3 ways you can use serious mass gainer to get the best results – and gain muscle mass:

  1. Full send: extreme mass gainer servings.
  2. Half servings: a more reasonable shake.
  3. More shakes: boost your frequency, reduce your shake-thickness!

Quick Answer: How to Take Serious Mass Gainer?

Quick Answer - How to Take Serious Mass Gainer

To take serious mass gainer, mix 1 scoop of serious mass with 24oz (650-700ml) of water or milk and shake vigorously. You can also blend serious mass in a hand or upright blender with other ingredients, such as fruit, or high calorie foods like peanut butter or cream.

New users should use 1 scoop, but more experienced users can take 2 scoops. Larger people can do larger servings, but the average person should start with 1 scoop of serious mass gainer.

Personally, I like taking serious mass gainer in half servings with a focus on the post-workout shake. It’s a perfect fit for the high carb content.

Serious mass gainer’s ample protein and carbs are great here. The extra calories are needed, and studies show that the extra carbs immediately after a workout are super powerful. They help boost your muscle carb levels to recover and grow (1).

I like to take a half-serving (1 scoop) after a workout, providing:

  • Calories: ~621
  • Protein: 25g (100cals)
  • Carbs:  125g (500cals)
  • Fats: 2.3g (21cals) 

This is the right balance of extra calories and speedy digestion for me. It also prevents over-fullness so I can eat more later!

How To Take Serious Mass Gainer: 3 Strategies

These are my favourite ways to take serious mass gainer for better results: 1 scoop, 2 scoops, or twice a day.

1. Serious mass gainer recommended servings: 2 scoops

Serious mass gainer recommended servings - 2 scoops

You can take serious mass gainer the ‘normal’, recommended way: 2 scoops mixed into milk. This is a huge shake and very thick.

It’s basically a meal in a cup, due to the huge calorie and carb content.

  • Calories: ~1242
  • Protein: 50g 
  • Carbs: 250g
  • Fats: 4.6g 

This is a ridiculous amount – I think this is too much. That’s around 1/3 of a normal bulking diet in a single cup. It’s also completely inferior to 1250 calories of real food: where are the micro-nutrients?!

If you’re really struggling – or using a super high calorie diet – it’s fine. I just found this would cause digestive distress and bloating. It would also kill my appetite for real food later in the day!

2. Moderate Calorie Mass Gainer: 1 Scoop

Moderate Calorie Mass Gainer - 1 Scoop

This is my preferred option: take 1 scoop. It provides half as many calories and macros as the previous choice. However, it let me stay comfortable and eat more real food throughout the day.

It’s a simple hack to get more value from your purchase, too. You’ll get twice as many servings, and the ratio of carbs to protein is great. 25g of protein is about as much as a normal scoop of whey protein. 

1 scoop provides 125g of carbs, which feels like the ‘sweet spot’ for the best results. It felt like my muscles were energised but also like it could be used at any point during the day.

3. Optimal: Twice A Day 

This is the final choice and – arguably – the best “according to the science”. You simply take two shakes a day but only use a single scoop (a half serving).

It’s perfect for gaining muscle mass quickly – especially on a very high calorie diet. You still get the full 1250 calorie boost, but without the negative side effects.

Optimal - Twice A Day

I found this was perfect when using a daytime shake – during a busy day – and a post-workout shake. This let me consume 1000s of extra calories while still fitting in 3 reasonable sized meals.

I feel like this is the best of both worlds: 

  1. More calories, protein, and carbs 
  2. Plenty of vitamins and minerals from real food

Try it if you’re struggling to eat enough to build muscle and gain weight!

Is Serious Mass A Good Post-Workout Mass Gainer Shake? 

Is Serious Mass A Good Post-Workout Mass Gainer Shake

Yes – Serious Mass is one of the best post-workout mass gainer shakes. It has plenty of protein and carbs, which are the most important post-workout nutrients.

I like a single scoop – a half serving – as a post-workout shake. You can also use the full, huge serving of two scoops if you’re not able to eat for a long time after your workout.

This flexibility is something most people overlook with mass gainers. You can be flexible with servings to change the results and make them fit your lifestyle and schedule.



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