How Many Servings of Mass Gainer Per Day?

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What’s the best way to take mass gainer – and how many servings of mass gainer per day is optimal?

We’re going to cover the manufacturer recommendations, some alternatives, and the best mass gainer schedule for growth.

Let’s start with the basics…

How Many Servings Of Mass Gainer Should I Take Per Day?

You should typically take one serving of mass gainer per day – and around 500-800 calories of mass gainer – with 500-700ml of water or milk. 

This is the ideal amount to boost muscle growth without ruining your appetite or causing excessive fat gain. However, this number can vary depending on the mass gainer.

How Many Servings Of Mass Gainer Should I Take Per Day

For example, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer has a huge calorie content of around 1350 per serving. For this kind of product, the ideal is half a serving. Meanwhile, other products are relatively low calorie, and may require 1.5 to 2 servings per day.

Focus on calorie, carb, and protein content – not just servings. Different mass gainers have different serving sizes, so you need to focus on what you get from each serving.

How Many Times Should I Take Mass Gainer A Day?

How Many Times Should I Take Mass Gainer A Day

You should take mass gainer 1- 2 times per day, ideally once during a lull in the midday, and once post-workout.

This is perfect for most mass gainers, especially using half-servings. You can take 1 total serving, split into 2 shakes, for the best results. 

This schedule will improve your daytime energy availability and energy levels. The post-workout shake will also improve post-workout recovery and muscle growth.

This 2-halves approach is also perfect for high-carb, very-high-calorie mass gainers. As mentioned above, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is a perfect choice for this.
Using 2 half-servings improves metabolic health, provides perfect post-workout energy, and is much easier to drink!

Can I Take Mass Gainer 3 Times A Day?

You can take mass gainer 3 times a day, you just shouldn’t – as you’re likely to consume too many calories from mass gainer. This is a risk because mass gainer is low in nutrients, and you may end up deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Mass gainer should be used sparingly as a way to reduce total calorie intake from supplements. Your diet quality is better when you focus on real foods. Real foods are better for healthy weight gain, so try to keep them as top priority.

Can I Take Mass Gainer 3 Times A Day

You can take small servings of mass gainer 3 times a day, if it fits your schedule. Check the total calorie and carb content from these supplements.

For example, you might use small shakes with 1/3 serving of mass gainer 3 times a day:

  • Morning shake to replace breakfast
  • Afternoon shake to keep energy up (or with a light lunch)
  • Post-workout shake to boost recovery and growth

This is probably the best way to take mass gainer 3 times a day.

Do You Drink Mass Gainer Everyday?

Yes – you should drink mass gainer every day if you’re trying to bulk up. You can adjust the servings or number of shakes per day, but you need consistent calorie surplus.

Do You Drink Mass Gainer Everyday

You should make sure you’re eating more calories than you use every day. This helps you recover, build muscle, and gain weight consistently. Remember: your muscles aren’t just growing on the days when you work out.


Muscle repair and growth can take 36-48 hours, so keep protein and energy levels up. This gives you the best chance of the best results.

Final Thoughts: How Many Servings of Mass Gainer Per Day?

Final Thoughts How Many Servings of Mass Gainer Per Day

The average person should get 1 serving of mass gainer per day, either as 1 or 2 shakes. Any more servings or shakes than this will miss the point of the supplement.

It’s important to focus on calorie intake from mass gainers, not just servings, to get the best results. Overdoing it can cost you money, lead to fart gains, and simply won’t produce more strength or muscle gains.

Mass gainer is a fine balance between serious bulking and over-eating. Start with a single serving, either as one shake or split in two, and increase only if this doesn’t do the trick!

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