How Fitness Affects The Brain – Everything You Need To Know

The human brain is the most complex thing in the entire universe. All advances of humanity have their origins in this complex mass inside our head called the brain. The brain is the central controller of the body and when taken care of all will operate well. Until recent discoveries, the brain and the body of human were known as separate and distinct things. It was divided between physical world and the world of ideas or mental world. The advances in the recent studies made it clear that the separation was only artificial and does not exist in reality.

Fitness and our brains are more interrelated than it really seems to us. This is because both are involved in the general well being of the body and you should therefore work on both of them in order to achieve optimum or maximum cognitive performance. This helps the body to remain active, hardworking and focused.

Benefits of Exercise

Usually people, who are involved in physical exercise regularly, live longer as compared to those who do not do any physical exercise. Research has shown that if you are involved in physical exercise three more year are likely to add to your total number of years to live.

Physical exercise can affect the way our brain think and the general feeling. It affects the learning process of an individual at whichever age. It can also help in controlling the mood of an individual, where to focus and what to focus on can all be altered by physical exercise and the reduces anxiety


Physical exercise can also help in controlling our anxiety level. This is done in a positive way and can help reduce anxiety. This can be to the advantage of an individual suffering from anxiety attacks or any other related effect. Physical activity or exercise has the ability of lowering stress in the brain and the whole body, making us immune to certain diseases or alleviate them.

Some of the most striking and important benefits resulting from performing any kind of physical activity is the creation of neurons and the decrease of neuronal cell deaths. Exercise also makes the connection between the neurons efficient and stronger causing them to last for a longer period hence promoting learning and memory abilities among others.

It can also act as anti depressant, exercising can change an individual mood making him or her happier. After completing a workout or any other physical exercise the feeling is always too different. There comes an internal satisfaction both in the brain and the body and the satisfaction is priceless. It makes one feel more secure and contented within themselves making stress and depression to disappear or reduce.

 Exercise Can Make You Live Longer

A recent study conducted indicated some of the benefits of physical exercise on old people. Study reinforces the benefits of a moderate type of any physical exercise, if it is practiced regularly older people brains will be protected and even there may be a reverse in mental decline.

People who do not do regular exercise are likely to get sick as compared to those who are involved in regular exercise. This may increase the family spending on health matters making it very expensive to maintain an individual. If family members are not willing to do exercise on their own it is advisable that you identify a place where it is done or start if as a family.benefits of exercise

Our live is in our hands, our choices today in terms of fitness defines our future tomorrow. A healthy lifestyle is the key of well being and having a life full of peace, joy and love. We can chose to live a life free from any kind of disease of depression at zero cost. A full day has 24 hours it is important that you slot around 3-4% of your time to do some physical exercise. This will add a lot of benefits to your life. Realizing what is best to your body and brain is the best and the first step of choosing the right path to follow. A healthy life is equivalent to a healthy brain and a healthy body. Try it today and experience all the benefits. If you are a doctor, here are the best shoes for nurses available for you.

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