EatUP Appetite Stimulant Pills Review

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There are tons of products in the market for effectively losing weight and there’s a lot of awareness about body positivity. However, most of these products are meant for people looking to shed a couple of pounds. But what about those of us who struggle with gaining weight? 

If you are tired of experimenting with products to help you along your weight gain journey, but still haven’t managed to lock down on the one right for you… fret not! You are at the right place.

In this article, I’m going to review a whole range of weight gain products that show reasonable results and give you my honest opinions on them. 

Weight Gain and Weight Gainers

To understand how to successfully gain weight, we need to go deeper and learn about the root cause behind why you are underweight.

It could be genetic, due to some illness and poor nutrition, or because of an extremely fast metabolism. Once you know the exact requirements of your body, you’ll find gaining weight comparatively easier. 

Typically, if you are struggling to gain weight despite a healthy calorie-packed diet and a sufficiently active lifestyle, it is likely that you are an “ectomorph”.

The ectomorph body type is characterized by a lean bone structure and a very active metabolism that makes it difficult to pack on muscles and fat.

eat em up pills

While a nutrient-dense calorie-heavy diet and a good workout routine are indispensable for successful and healthy weight gain, good weight gain supplements can definitely help augment your results. 

This brings me to discuss today’s product (or rather, range of products), EatUP, which is a range of supplements targeting weight gain. The EatUP range may be divided into 3 categories of supplements- appetite stimulants, weight gainers, and weight management supplements. 

Why Consider Weight Gain Supplements?

Why should you consider weight gain supplements at all? Well, anyone who tells you that you absolutely need to pump a certain amount of weight gain supplements into your body if you want to see tangible results, is misleading you. You can very well rely solely on your diet and workout routine to gain weight healthily. 


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

But here’s the thing. Our modern lifestyle is incredibly fast-paced, constantly juggling our careers and social lives, dictated by FOMO. To take out enough time to plan your weight gain meals, consume the amount of calories and nutrients you truly need, and to put in the amount of time into training for hypertrophy that you should… is difficult.

That is where weight gain supplements come in. They are a tool which can help accelerate your weight gain journey, and fill up the gaps in your fitness routine. 

EatUP Pills Review

EatUP offers a variety of supplements, and each has its own function. The brand gives their consumers the liberty to choose the best product for themselves based on their individual preferences.

eat up pills

While some EatUP supplements are simply appetite enhancers to allow you to eat more than you typically do, others help you to gain and regulate your body weight by meeting your nutrient and calorific needs. 

Something that caught my eye when looking through the products was their “weight gain quiz.” You can take part in this interesting quiz to figure out which product your body really needs before investing in a supplement. 

About the Makers

Developed over the past 6 years, the EatUP supplements are ‘weight gain made easy’. There isn’t much information about the brand though, which bothers me a bit.

I appreciate knowing about the brand and manufacturing process of the supplements I invest in. 

EatUP Weight Gain Supplements Review

With the availability of so many options, choosing your ideal EatUP supplement can get a little confusing. So here’s a complete breakdown of the many variants of EatUP supplements and the way each product works. 

1. EatUP Appetite Enhancers

The secret to healthy weight gain is simply ‘eating’. Extra calorie intake and eating larger portions become very crucial if you want to put on weight.

However, a lot of us battle low appetites. Sometimes you don’t feel like eating or maybe you are full after eating relatively less amounts of food. Forcing yourself to gobble down food when you don’t want to can make you feel sick and definitely takes all the joy out of eating.

EatUP appetite stimulants work best in these cases. EatUP Original and SuperBody are the best EatUP supplements that tangibly promotes hunger and allows you to eat more. 

Benefits of EatUP Appetite Enhancers

  •  Stimulates Appetite: People with a weak appetite will benefit from these EatUP supplements. These appetite enhancers send hunger signals to your brain which encourages a robust appetite. With EatUP appetite enhancers, you will be able to successfully increase your daily calorie intake just by eating more, therefore promoting healthy weight gain. 
  • Slows Metabolism: Metabolism plays a vital role in your weight gain journey. If you are someone with a very high metabolism, you tend to burn calories at a faster rate, which could have otherwise been stored as muscle or fat. EatUP appetite enhancers not only promote hunger but also slows down your metabolism to help you bulk up faster. 
  • Boosts Energy Levels: If you’ve already tried out other weight gainers, you might already know about the drowsy feeling that is often experienced after consuming certain supplements. You may feel sleepy and fatigued while your body is getting accustomed to the product. The EatUP dietary supplements have a non-drowsy formula that will prevent you from feeling lethargic and drained. Instead, it will give you that energy boost that you need for the healthy functioning of your body and to go about your daily activities undeterred. 

2. EatUP Weight Gainers & Weight Management Supplements

appetite enhancer pills

A lot of companies sell appetite stimulants in the name of weight gainers. But there’s a huge difference between the two. While an appetite enhancer helps you eat more but does not directly contribute to weight gain, a weight gainer promotes weight gain by providing necessary calories and macro-nutrients required.

EatUP weight gainers such as the EU Plus, EU Maca Root, EU Gainz, and EU Curves are proven effective in helping you build up by assisting in the bulking phase.

Benefits of EatUP Weight Gainers & Weight Management Supplements

  • Promotes Natural Weight Gain: These supplements are made up of 100% natural ingredients so you need not stress about harmful substances getting into your system. It uses herbal extracts and other natural components that aid in weight gain and stimulate the secretion of saliva thus promoting hunger.  
  • Builds Muscle Fiber: Building muscle fiber can help promote a better immune system and digestion. EatUP weight gainers claims to enhance your curves and make specific areas like the butt look fuller and well-shaped. 
  • Increases Stamina: EatUP dietary supplements claim to give you that “high potency energy support.” It increases your stamina thus charging you up, and at the same time the dosage does not affect your body’s ability to work in any way. 


A blend of natural herbal extracts, EatUP supplements have no known side effects. If you’re still sceptical about its safety, let’s take a quick look at the list of ingredients for each of the EatUP products. 

eatup ingredients

1. Ingredient List of EatUP SuperBody

A powerful combination of superfoods, essential organic minerals and vegetable fibres, SuperBody is a non-drowsy appetite booster for adults who are looking to increase their daily calorie intake. This liquid vitamin and dietary supplement will help you with enhanced weight gain along with maintaining regular eating habits. 

  • Organic Agave Syrup: An ideal low glycemic substitute for traditional sweeteners, Agave Syrup is a high-fructose sweetener that provides more calories than table sugar without compromising your health. Agave syrup is known for its contribution to weight gain. However, agave syrup should NOT be consumed by people with diabetes as the high fructose levels could cause adverse health effects. 
  • Purified Water: You don’t need me to rave about the importance of water, to realize its benefits. Here, not only is it a solvent but also a key ingredient with targeted benefits. By consuming water that is free of microbiological pathogens you can strengthen your muscles and joints. 
  • Prebiotics and Fibre:  Acacia Fibers Bifidogenic BIO 15%  Acacia Fiber is a source of dietary fibre, necessary for proper weight management. Bifidobacteria is a healthy bacteria that helps you digest the fibre and prepares your body to fight diseases. 
  • Hydroglycerined Plant Extracts: 
    • Fenugreek: Belonging to the Fabaceae family, Fenugreek is used for medicinal purposes to treat various health conditions, such as, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.
    • Spirulina: Rich in vitamins and protein, Spirulina is effective in building muscle mass. Athletes often use spirulina infused dietary supplements to accelerate weight gain results. 
    • Turmeric: The fact that turmeric promotes weight gain or loss is debatable, but it does improve your digestion and balances your metabolism. 
    • Ginger: Ginger stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in your stomach and leaves a calming effect in your body to help you relax. 
    • Chicory: Packed with the prebiotic fibre insulin, chicory root is used in various supplements, including EatUP, for improved gut health. 
    • Watercress: Watercress is part of the Brassicaceae family, and contains a plethora of antioxidants. Would you believe it if I told you that watercress has higher Vitamin C content than an orange? Though an underrated ingredient, it helps you regulate your body weight effectively. 
    • Natural Raspberry Concentrate: Raspberry is often used in dietary supplements because it is rich in fructose. Whether it helps to gain weight is questionable, but it promotes healthy weight management for sure. 

2. Ingredient List of EatUP Original

This product is your ultimate appetite booster. It creates a hollow feeling in your stomach and stimulates salivation by sending gentle signals to your subconscious that promotes hunger. 

  • Blessed Thistle: A natural herb that works wonders when it comes to gaining weight, Blessed Thistle increases your appetite and naturally improves your digestion. 
  • Maca Root:  EatUP uses ethically sourced Peruvian black Maca root, a cruciferous vegetable, often used in dietary supplements. Athletes are very fond of Maca infused products because it boosts your appetite. However, it is recommended not to consume Maca if you have thyroid problems. 
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin, that your body itself cannot produce and therefore needs from other sources. Low levels of vitamin B6 are associated with a drop in brain serotonin levels, which leads to a decreased  appetite.
  • Vitamin B5: More commonly known as pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin mainly used for synthesizing Coenzyme A, critical for converting food into fatty acids and cholesterol. 
  • L-Theanine: L-Theanine is an amino acid found in the Camellia Sinensis plant and has a list of nootropic benefits. It cuts excess body fat and helps you procure a leaner and toned physique. 
  • L- Lysine: Another amino acid that the body is unable to produce on its own and derives from other sources, Lysine helps in producing appropriate and sufficient immune cells and hormones. 
  • Creatine HCL: Creatine, an amino acid, is used in a lot of weight gainers. It completely transforms your body if consumed regularly and is popular among athletes solely because it enhances your athletic performance. 
  • Thiamine HCL: Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, is a fat-soluble vitamin your body needs for preventing complications in your nervous system, heart, and intestines. Not sure if it promotes weight gain, but it is a must for your overall health and well-being. 
  • Niacin: B vitamins are considered beneficial in promoting weight gain. Niacin is also a potent stimulator of appetite and may induce insulin resistance at high doses.
  • Fenugreek:  As I have already mentioned earlier, Fenugreek provides an array of benefits when concerned with the treatment of health conditions like diabetes and obesity. 

3. Ingredient List of EatUP Curves

A proprietary blend of natural herbs, EU Curves uses a revolutionary formula that contains double the amount of active ingredients as compared to other brands. With the time-release technology, this supplement works best for the natural growth of your butt and the enhancement of your curves. 

  • Damiana Leaf Powder: Damiana leaf powder is usually consumed as an aphrodisiac and an anxiolytic. In this case, however, it also contributes towards boosting physical stamina. A major drawback of this particular ingredient, however, is that it leaves a laxative effect. 
  • Barrenwort Powder: Barrenwort or Horny Goat Weed is a herb that improves muscle strength, stamina and endurance. It is also beneficial in the treatment of sexual problems such as low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Muira Puama Powder: Muira Puama powder is thought to promote overall weight gain and boost libido. 
  • Wildcrafted Dong Quai Root Powder: Also known as Dang Gui, this is a herb native to China. It is incorporated in supplements and may also be used in the form of powder, pills or tinctures. This ingredient works as a “blood purifier”.
  • Wildcrafter Maca Root Powder: EatUP seems to incorporate maca root in most of their products. It balances out your hormones and ensures the proper delivery of nutrients in your body. 

4. Ingredient List of EatUP Maca Root

The brand claims this supplement uses 100% authentic Peruvian Maca Root Powder that provides a high dose of premium Maca root, more effective than traditional powders. This product is primarily aimed at promoting weight gain by producing certain hormones in your body and balancing them. 

  • High Potency Maca Root Powder (1600 mg): So how does Maca Root work? Maca root acts on the thyroid gland and treats hormonal imbalances in your body. Once the hormones are balanced,  Maca root regulates your energy levels and delivers nutrients to your body. When you burn more energy, your appetite will gradually increase.

5. Ingredient List of EatUP Plus

The new EatUP Plus is a 2-step system that includes both an appetite enhancer and weight gain supplement. These supplements are designed to be consumed before your meals for boosting appetite and after your meals for promoting better metabolism. A vegan alternative for EatUP Original, EatUP+ provides you with maximum strength and also encourages weight gain. 

  • Proprietary Blend of Cyanocobalamin: Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of Vitamin B12 and is great for the overall growth of your body. However, be careful because it can lead to a lot of side effects if not used right. If you are allergic to Cobalt, it’s best not to consume the product. 
  • Proprietary Blend of Lepidium Meyenii Root: Maca, also known as Lepidium Meyenii is an edible plant renowned for its health-promoting and weight management properties. I’ve already discussed how Maca works earlier, so consider giving it a read if you haven’t already. 

6. Ingredient List of EatUP Gainz

If you’re looking to increase calories throughout the day, this is an amazing product. EatUP Gainz is available in a powdered form that can be added to any liquid to appease your taste buds. Its convenience makes it an easy on-the-go liquid supplement which can be consumed whenever and wherever you want to. 

  • Waxy Maize Corn Starch: Like no other ordinary protein powder, this non-drowsy blend of waxy maize starch will give you 400 calories and over 80 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Pairing this up with any other EatUP supplement will give you great results. 

Who are the EatUP Supplements For? 

I was a little disappointed when I figured EatUP has a very limited internet presence. None of the products specify who these supplements are best suited for, except SuperBody. 

SuperBody can be consumed by adults as well as children, however, the serving size is different for children below 10 years from those above. This appetite enhancer is not intended for children under 2 years of age. 

Due to the lack of information, I assume all the other EatUP supplements are unisex and safe for people who do not suffer from allergies or dietary restrictions. To be on the safe side, avail weight gain supplements if you are over 18. 

Make sure you do not use these products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in its formulation. EatUP supplements such as EU Original and Maca Root should also be avoided by diabetic patients and thyroid patients. 

EatUp Dosage 

For the pills, it is recommended that you take them twice a day with 6 oz. of water, 30 minutes before your scheduled meals. 

For the liquid dietary supplement, that is SuperBody, the serving size is quite different. For those above 10 years, 3 teaspoons (15 ml) of this supplement after breakfast and lunch, is the recommended dosage. If you are feeding it to someone below 10 years of age, 1 teaspoon (5 ml) after breakfast and lunch is sufficient. 

In the case of EatUP Gainz, a powdered supplement, per serving will get you 400 calories and over 80 grams of carbohydrates. It is designed to be paired with other EatUP supplements for rapid weight gain results. 


The EatUP supplements actually pair really well with each other. The brand can start you off with supplement suggestions that you can stack in the weight gain quiz based on your requirements. 

Safety Guidelines

Not much has been mentioned about the safety guidelines which does not sit very well with me. I noticed that EatUP has a very friendly and prompt team that resolves customer queries and issues. However, this does not compensate for the fact that the consumer has to do a hefty amount of research regarding the supplements’ safety before investing in them. 

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the formulation of the supplements, it’s advisable to stay away from them. For instance, agave syrup is rich in fructose which is a big no no for diabetics. Though it says the products have no side effects, it’s always better to consult a doctor before using any dietary supplement. 

The appetite enhancers like SuperBody and EU Original are gluten-free and vegan, but unfortunately, they haven’t revealed much about the other weight gainers. The proprietary blends also do not disclose all its ingredients. 

The dosage must be regulated as instructed, and the products should be kept away from children’s reach. 

Do EatUp Supplements Actually Work? 

hunger up reviews

Based on my experience and other reviews I referred to, the EatUP appetite stimulants and weight gainers work reasonably well if consumed regularly. Some people have gained tangible results after 30 days of usage, while others were blessed with quick results within 7 days. All in all, most people, including myself, were satisfied with the product. 

It is advised that you follow a calorie surplus weight gain meal plan along with working out 3-5 days a week for best results. The overall aim is to encourage better eating habits for promoting natural weight gain. If you continue these eating habits even when you’ve stopped consuming EatUP supplements, the weight gain should stick. 

Concluding Thoughts

The products are very well categorized and designed to cater to the specific needs of its consumers. I was quite satisfied with my experience with the products, right from the purchase to the results I was left with after trying them for a while.

Coming to the price point, I would say there are much better products that are GMP certified and clinically tested at the same price range. The redeeming aspect for the EatUP supplements, however, is that they can be combined and paired with a vast range of other supplements to augment their efficacy. Moreover, there are no binders or fillers used in the formulation.


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

The bottom line being, EatUP supplements are fairly effective products. Like it promises, it will help you gain weight by promoting hunger and increasing your calorie intake.

My only definitive concern is the lack of clinical testing and transparency about manufacturing procedures given the steep price point. However, if that doesn’t bug you as much then this is a great range of supplements to try out along your weight gain journey! 

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