Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review

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Today, we’re getting into the Dymatize Super Mass Gainer review to help you educate what the product is all about, and how it can help you gain weight!

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is a very high calorie mass gainer shake with high carb content. This makes it one of the best choices on the market as a post-workout weight gainer shake. It’s a great supplement to help skinny guys gain weight.

Dymatize Mass Gainer Ingredients

Dymatize mass gainer ingredients include maltodextrin, milk protein, and creatine monohydrate, and BCAA fortification. You’ll also get all the other normal stuff: emulsifiers, flavorings, sweeteners, and anti-caking agents.

This is a surprisingly simple ingredient profile compared to some competitors. Milk protein is a great choice, in particular, since it has both fast- and slow-absorbing proteins.

These ensure consistently higher protein availability for muscle growth.

Super Mass Gainer Macronutrients

Dymatize Super Mass gainer offers you 247g of carbohydrates, 52g of protein, and 11g of fat per serving. This produces a whopping 1280 calorie content per serving. 

The real magic is in the supplementation of additional BCAAs, specifically Leucine, and Creatine. These provide a boost to the already-powerful mass gainer (1). It’s a product that drives muscular recovery and growth, letting you start building immediately after exercise.

But how do these macronutrients compare to others on the market? Dymatize mass gainer is higher in carbs than most mass gainers, has comparable protein, and more total calories. This makes it a heavy duty option, but less lean than some competitors.

Dymatize super mass gainer review

These macronutrient values are also estimates – with servings this big, you might see variation in the specifics, especially with the carbs. Make sure to shake your mass gainer regularly to ensure reasonable distribution.

Dymatize Mass Gainer Review: FAQs

As a very high calorie weight gainer shake, Dymatize super mass gainer raises a lot of questions. We’re going to look at some of the most common – and quickly answer them so you know if it’s right for you.

What Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Flavors Are Available?

 Dymatize Super Mass Gainer comes in 2 flavors: rich chocolate and gourmet vanilla.

These are simple flavors that go with all kinds of ingredients. They’re reliably good to use, and the choice of milk protein improves taste, mixability, and digestion. These make the taste and consistency really good for such a thick shake.

Notice Title

My favorite thing about Dymatize’s mass gainer flavors is how versatile they are. You can mix either of them with coffee, with fruits, and high-calorie ingredients like nut butter or Nutella. These are blending half-servings into homemade mass gainer shakes.
If you’re looking for more delicious options, checkout the article on best testing mass gainers.

Are Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Results Good?

Yes – Dymatize Super Mass Gainer reliably increases weight gain, making it an effective weight gainer. 

The results themselves often include muscle growth and weight gain, as well as strength improvements. These are the main things most guys are looking for from a mass gainer. 

The added BCAAs and creatine ensure extra benefits on top of the protein and carbs.

Is Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Good?

Dymatize super mass gainer is good if you want to gain weight quickly. It has very high calorie content and can boost weight gain, especially for skinny guys. It’s not as high in protein as some competitors, however, which limits how effective it can be.

Lower calorie mass gainers have a higher ratio of protein to carbs, which can be useful for more control over diet. Dymatize’s lower protein content makes it a great post-workout shake but less useful throughout the day.

This is because the carb content is less useful without exercise. The carb intake can be very high and cause “crashing” as your insulin levels spike and drop quickly.

How to Get The Best Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Results?

You can get the best results from Dymatize super mass gainer by using it as a post-workout shake, or using smaller servings.

These allow you to get the best muscle growth results while reducing the potential downsides of a super mass gainer.

Post Workout Dymatize Mass Gainer

As a post-workout shake, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is a powerful choice. It has a high carb-to-protein ratio to help replenish muscle glycogen. Combined with the protein content (which is plenty), this can be a great way to boost recovery and growth.

Studies show that post workout nutrient intake is more powerful than other times during the day. Both carbs and protein boost your muscle growth at these times, making it the best time for such a high calorie shake (2).

Can You Use Dymatize Super Mass Gainer During The Day?

Yes – you can use super mass gainer at any time of day, but you should use half servings. This produces a smaller insulin response and lets you boost total dietary intake with less risk of side effects. 

Using mass gainers without exercise is a risky business. You may run into side effects like bloating, nausea, inconsistent energy levels, and irregular appetite. By using half servings, you more than halve the risk of these problems.

Smaller shakes, more often, is usually the best way to improve your results.

Final Thoughts: Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Verdict

Dymatize Mass Gainer is a huge calorie content with some extras that make it more powerful. This high calorie content can be divisive; it’s not going to be the right choice for everyone. Leaner mass gainers produce more muscle growth and have less risk of fat gains.

Boosts weight gain speed and amount? Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Decent
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?No
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Decent
More calories than most competitors?Yes

Dymatize’s mass gainer will definitely help you gain weight – but it’s specifically for skinny guys. It’s a whole meal in a cup and it can easily be too much, if you’re looking for lean muscle growth.

This makes it amazing or terrible for your goals, depending on what you need.

You can get the best of this product by either using it as a post-workout shake and/or halving the serving. This produces a fantastic all-rounder with a protein shake’s worth of protein and a 5:1 carb to protein ratio. Perfect for replenishing carb stores and building muscle mass.

Dymatize’s added ingredients are great, but it all depends on whether you can fit a super mass gainer into your diet!


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