Does Mass Gainer Work Without Working Out?

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Mass gainer is a great supplement for bulking up and building muscle – but does mass gainer work without working out?

Today we’re looking at the way it works, answering this important question, and looking at the most important factors in using mass gainer supplements.

How Does Mass Gainer Work?

drinking mass gainer

Mass gainer supplements are designed to provide you with the energy and protein you need to build muscle.

The body uses these two important resources (energy in the form of carbs) to build more muscle mass. You have to convince your body to build more by providing it with these resources so that the proper signaling routes can produce more muscle proteins.

These proteins are then produced to repair damaged muscle tissue and add more mass to those muscles

Mass Gainers are typically used by guys who work out as post-workout drinks to improve the uptake of carb-energy and essential proteins into the body, getting them to work on recovery and growth right away.

Does Mass Gainer Work Without Working Out?

mass gainer without workout

No, mass gainer does not work without exercise – it will still increase your body weight but it won’t build muscle in the same way. If you consume mass gainer without working out, you are most commonly going to gain fat instead of muscle

The muscle-building process mentioned above is only activated when your body is given a reason to build muscle. 

Exercise is a type of stress that tells your body it needs to be more prepared for more exercise in the future, which leads it to prepare by building muscle and increasing nervous system efficiency in the muscles (1).


If you don’t exercise, there’s no stimulus. You’ve put all the resources in the body from a mass gainer but your body doesn’t have anything to do with them. The extra protein may be useful for some tissue-repair and metabolic support, but the carbs are mostly wasted – or stored as fat.

This is the real result of using mass gainers without exercise: you’ll just turn all those extra calories into fat if you’re going over your daily calorie needs.

Of course, that can be useful if you’re really struggling to gain weight and are underweight or too skinny.

Mass gainer can also be useful as a quick pick-me-up if you don’t have time for a meal – but you’d be better with a meal replacement shake.

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Conclusion: Should You Use Mass Gainer?

can you take mass gainer without working out

Mass gainers just aren’t very good without working out. If you are planning to take a mass gainer without workout, you are most likely going to gain just fat and no muscle.

They’re not useful for most people – they’re a specifically designed supplement to help skinny guys gain weight and build muscle. 

These are people who are already exercising with a deliberate goal and mass gainer can be a convenient, economical way for them to achieve it.

For anyone not working out, mass gainer is just a way to tip the scales towards overeating unless they’re used as part of a calorie-controlled and balanced diet. 

However, there’s no real reason to drink a mass gainer shake instead of eating food unless you’re really pushed for time or simply don’t have any other options!

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