Does Mass Gainer Make You Sleepy?

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Everyone knows mass gainer makes you bigger, but does mass gainer make you sleepy?

Today, we’re looking at this rumour and if there’s any truth to it. We’ll also be looking at how mass gainer relates to sleep, and when you should take mass gainer for the best results!

Does Mass Gainer Make You Sleepy?

Does Mass Gainer Make You Sleepy

No – mass gainer will not make most people sleepy, at least not more than any other food source. Some people claim the insulin response will make you sleepy, but that’s not clear, since that depends on many things:

  • Your personal tolerance to carbs (based on dietary carb content)
  • The carb to protein to fat ratios of your mass gainer
  • The dose of mass gainer you take at one time
  • The type of protein found in your mass gainer – whey, milk, casein, or plant proteins!

This means that the insulin-driven tiredness isn’t clearly going to happen. It’s also something you could get from other foods, like pasta or rice, and especially since these are more filling

Does Mass Gainer Make You Sleepy

Fullness is one of the fastest ways to cause sleepiness. Mass gainer is actually less tiring in that regard than other foods.

I have experienced some tiredness after mass gainer before, but this is associated with just being full and needing to sit down to digest. These changes can be great later in the evening, and especially post workout, where they promote more rest and muscle growth.

Mass gainer itself doesn’t cause this – it’s something you could experience with any food. This makes mass gainer a reasonable supplement to use at any time of day.

Is It Okay To Take Mass Gainer Before Bed?

Yes – it is okay to take mass gainer before bed, especially if your mass gainer supplement contains lots of casein. Casein and milk protein mass gainers are great before bed as a slow-absorbing form of protein that increases total muscle growth overnight (1).

It’s a great way to provide the energy and protein your body needs to repair and grow. This is a perfect choice if you can find a high-casein or milk protein based mass gainer. 

Is It Okay To Take Mass Gainer Before Bed

The slow absorption of protein is more closely associated with muscle growth and strength gains compared to fast-absorbing protein like whey.

Be careful not to cause stomach discomfort before bed, however. Typically, the best time for a casein-rich mass gainer is still around 1-2 hours before bed.

When Should You Take Mass Gainer?

You should take mass gainer after workout for the best results, but can also use smaller shakes throughout the day. 

This gives you the best chance of building more muscle mass and less fat. After a workout, your body is more nutrient sensitive. You can get more from your carbs and protein, and the muscles soak them up to promote faster – and better – recovery and growth.

When Should You Take Mass Gainer

This is perfect for a mass gainer. Mass gainers’ high carb and protein content drive up muscle growth, muscle carb replenishment rates, and are less likely to build fat. This is why the post-workout mass gainer shake is the best way to use this high-calorie supplement.

Final Thoughts

Mass gainer doesn’t make you more tired than any other supplement – or even other foods. It’s a liquid and this can make for a relatively non-filling snack or ‘meal’.

Final Thoughts

Mass gainer might make you sleepy, but it’s not normally a major problem. Fullness and carb content can both make you sleepy, and milk or casein proteins can be great ways to improve sleep quality.

Combine food and sleep to get the best from both. It’s the route to the very best results.



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