Does Mass Gainer Make You Hungry?

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Does mass gainer make you hungry – or is it a good way to gain muscle mass?

Today, we’re looking at a few big questions about mass gainer and appetite:

  1. Does mass gainer make you hungry?
  2. Does mass gainer help you eat more calories?
  3. Will mass gainers make you too full?
  4. Why am I so hungry after a protein shake?

So let’s look at this popular weight gain supplement and its effect on your diet.

Does Mass Gainer Make You Hungry?

No – mass gainer won’t make you hungry. It’s a food source, in liquid form, and that’s still a way of filling yourself up.

Does Mass Gainer Make You Hungry

However, the liquid format is less filling than a food source of similar calorie content. This means that you’ll be less full than if you ate a full meal (1). This can help you eat more throughout the day.

You don’t get hungry when you use a mass gainer. You do stay hungrier than you would with food. The smaller size and faster absorption are also great. They help you get hungry again sooner.

Mass gainer is a much more ‘manageable’ food source. It absorbs fast, is light in the stomach, and lets you get hungry faster. This makes it a powerful choice as a post workout weight gainer shake.

Does Mass Gainer Help You Eat More Calories?

Does Mass Gainer Help You Eat More Calories

Yes – mass gainer is a great way to eat more calories. It fits into your diet in a place where you might not be eating. These include post-workout shakes, during studies, or at work – but not at lunch.

These all help you eat more calories through the day – making it easy to gain weight. You can build extra muscle, recover faster, and be more consistent. You can gain weight even if you have a busy day or poor access to food.

Mass gainers are a great supplement to eat more calories, but also avoid under-eating. They’re a great bulking supplement to have and not need, sometimes.

Will Mass Gainer Make You Too Full?

Mass gainer can be quite thick – but it shouldn’t make you too full. Smaller mass gainers – around 500 calories – are perfect. They provide calories and protein, but don’t ruin your appetite.

Because of the liquid nature of these supplements, you’ll digest and absorb them quickly. This means you can typically eat again in 3-4 hours. 

Will Mass Gainer Make You Too Full

This is a massive boost through a day of work or studies. They’re also great post-workout when you might not want to eat for a few hours. 

Studies say immediate carbs are better for muscle recovery, which makes mass gainer perfect. Getting immediate carbs and protein is perfect for muscle growth.

Why Am I So Hungry After A Protein Shake?

Why Am I So Hungry After A Protein Shake

Protein shakes are very low calorie – and liquid proteins are not very filling. Mass gainers’ carbohydrates typically fix this problem. They cause digestive ‘motion’ but don’t provide much energy or “volume” (food size).

Protein shakes also stimulate the receptors for protein in the body. You’re signalling for protein intake but don’t have any other nutrients – which isn’t how your body likes protein.

Typically, you want to combine protein with carbs. This is even more true after a workout – your muscles need protein for repair, and carbs for energy.

Conclusion: Does Mass Gainer Make You Hungry?

Conclusion Does Mass Gainer Make You Hungry

Mass gainer does not make you hungry, but it can be a less filling alternative to real food. This makes a mass gainer a great choice for building more muscle mass on a smaller appetite.

It’s easier to digest, it’s faster absorbing, and it’s a great way to keep your total hunger a little higher, letting you get into a calorie surplus. This makes mass gainer a great tool for building muscle for skinny guys!



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