Does Mass Gainer Increase Testosterone?

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If you’re trying to build muscle and gain weight, you may want to increase testosterone levels and take a mass gainer. 

But do the two work together – does mass gainer increase testosterone

That’s our big question today as we look at how these two factors work, and if you can boost testosterone with mass gainers.

Short Version: Does Mass Gainer Increase Testosterone?

Short Version Does Mass Gainer Increase Testosterone

No – mass gainer will not increase testosterone in most people. Mass gainer is just a food supplement and doesn’t usually have hormonally-active ingredients, as these are associated with great expense and side-effects.

However, some mass gainers may be able to increase testosterone in people who are deficient. For example, a mass gainer with testosterone, magnesium, and vitamin D may incidentally increase testosterone. If you’re missing any of these nutrients, it can be a huge help.


Equally, mass gainer may increase testosterone if it helps you beat chronic underfeeding. Most people don’t have this issue, however, so it’s not likely!

Mass Gainer and Testosterone

Many skinny guys want to increase testosterone because it’s the main sex hormone that controls muscle gains (1). Many skinny guys think they have low testosterone – why else would they lack muscle mass?

Mass Gainer and Testosterone

In reality, it’s hard to say who is lacking testosterone. Deficiency is common, but weight gain is mostly controlled by diet. Mass gainers help address under-eating, but they don’t cause an increase in testosterone.

The muscle gains seen in skinny guys using mass gainer is about the added calories, carbs, and proteins (2). These are what are typically missing in their diets, and produce muscle growth.

Testosterone levels are dynamic, but they’re not likely to raise significantly. The only benefit of mass gainer to testosterone levels is combating energy or nutrient deficiencies.

Mass Gainer Ingredients for Testosterone

It’s possible that secondary ingredients in a mass gainer may be able to boost testosterone. However, these are not common: they are typically deliberate test boosters with a focus on hormonal health.

For example, D-Aspartic Acid is a common testosterone booster that may be found in some mass gainers. This compound produces short-term boost in testosterone and is common in testosterone booster supplements, too.

Mass Gainer Ingredients for Testosterone

This is not a common mass gainer ingredient. Some studies have also linked creatine to testosterone levels but – as before – this is usually about solving deficiency.

Conclusion: Should You Take Mass Gainer for Testosterone?

No – mass gainer is not the solution to low testosterone levels. It’s a way to boost calorie and protein intake. 

Your testosterone levels are the result of other factors:

  • Sleep – both quality and quantity
  • Vitamin and mineral intake
  • Regular exercise
  • Dietary balance – not too much, not too little
  • Medications and medical conditions
  • Drug and alcohol use
Conclusion Should You Take Mass Gainer for Testosterone

Improving these lifestyle factors is the fastest route to better testosterone levels. It’s also not clear that dietary supplements increase testosterone in meaningful ways. A boost to testosterone doesn’t necessarily mean noticeable changes.

Focus on good habits, and get your testosterone levels checked by a doctor if you think you might be deficient.



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