Does Mass Gainer Expire? Can You Still Use It?

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Mass gainer is a foodstuff and that means it’s got some extra considerations – you might have wondered before, Does mass gainer expire?

Today we’re going to look at the logistics of buying mass gainers: does it expire? What’s the shelf life of a mass gainer? And does it really matter when you’re buying?

Does Mass Gainer Expire?

when does mass gainer expire

Yes, mass gainers will expire with enough time. The quality of the product degrades over time just like any foodstuff, even though it’s a long-lasting powder.

This is an inevitable part of reacting with the air, and the internal processes that affect the chemistry of the food.

Mass gainer is relatively stable, but it still does have to be sold – and then consumed – within a certain time after production.

This means that you can theoretically get a mass gainer and never use it, only to see it spoil in your cupboard.

However, that’s quite a rare experience – and we’re going to take a quick look at why your mass gainer probably won’t expire.

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How Long Does Mass Gainer Last?

can i drink expired mass gainer

Mass gainer is relatively stable due to the low-hydration status and the simple, pasteurized nature of the product.

It’s a combination of two already-stable powders most of the time (1 for carbs, and 1 for protein), and this often means that mass gainer powders have a long shelf life.

These products are also sealed for freshness, which means a slower degradation before you open them.

This can be a huge help if you’re not planning on using your mass gainer for a little while – either because you have an open bag, or because you’re not going on a bulking diet just yet.

What’s the Shelf Life of Mass Gainer Powders?

Most mass gainers and other forms of powdered supplements are required to be shelf-stable for around 2 years from the point of sale. This is going to depend on where you live – and the food regulation laws in your home territory and where you buy the mass gainer from.

This is a minimum, however, and most mass gainers will be made with more time on their shelf-life than this. 

Typically, it’s also important to look at the difference between best by and use by.

Best by is a recommendation, and use by is a medical or health-related time after which the product may pose some health risk or similar problems.

This also depends on the kind of product. Whey and other milk-derived protein powders have faster degradation since their products are naturally less stable.

Plant proteins are usually more stable, though this depends on the source of protein and carbs, and how they were prepared.

How to Check Expiry Date for Mass Gainers?

In order to properly check the expiry date of mass gainers and see if your mass gainer has expired or not, you can check the product label.

All dietary supplements are required to have a product label with all ingredients listed, along with the manufactured date and expiry date (1).

In case you do not see an expiration date on the product, we recommend reaching out to the store you bought it from to confirm.

Can I Drink Expired Mass Gainer?

If your mass gainer is expired, it is NOT recommended to drink it. Even if the mass gainer appears fine by looking at it, expired mass gainers can cause several side effects.

Conclusion: Does Mass Gainer Expire? Does It Matter?

mass gainer expired

Ultimately, you’re not likely to get your mass gainer out of its best-by date. Most products only provide 1-2 months of supply and are designed to be consumed daily. This makes for a realistic shelf-life of around 1-2 months, even if it has many years of possible storage.

The average mass gainer is not going to ‘go off’ during normal, reasonable usage.

The only time I’ve ever heard of a mass gainer going off is due to not being used, and being stored in moist conditions. If you use your mass gainer and keep it in a cool, dry place, there’s almost no way that it should expire.

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      Most mass gainers have an expiry of 2 years from the date of manufacturing. As it is a nutritional supplement, I suggest not to take the supplement if it’s 2-4 months past it’s expiry date.


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