Does Mass Gainer Cause Hair Loss?

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Does mass gainer cause hair loss – and are you likely to see negative side effects?

These are concerns we hear all the time from young guys trying to build muscle mass while staying healthy.

Does Mass Gainer Cause Hair Loss?

No – most people will not experience hair loss using mass gainer supplements. They are a food extract supplement with protein and carbohydrates, neither of which will cause hair loss in healthy people.

Does Mass Gainer Cause Hair Loss

The combination of carbs and protein is completely safe. Depending on the source, it may be just like eating normal food.

For example, some mass gainers use sweet potato powder and whey protein. These are two foods (sweet potatoes and dairy) that don’t cause hair loss. 

It’s easy to worry about supplements, but mass gainers are usually just food in powdered form. It’s easier to eat or drink, and no major risk.

Why Are Mass Gainers Associated With Hair Loss?

Why Are Mass Gainers Associated With Hair Loss

The rumour that mass gainers cause hair loss may come from the use of tainted supplements: where some manufacturers’ products contain contaminants. 

Both heavy metals (like lead) and Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) can cause hair loss (1). The former are common contaminants from poor processing – which you may find in “bargain bin” products. These may come from poor dairy sources or filtration.

Anabolic steroids are included in some supplements – secretly – to increase sales. This is why we recommend using brands with 3rd party testing or a good reputation.

Did you know? was sued by the FDA for lacing products with steroids. Popularity doesn’t mean safety – check the labels!

Do Mass Gainers Have Side Effects

Some mass gainers may have side effects depending on their ingredients. 

Do Mass Gainers Have Side Effects

Mass gainers are very safe supplements. They’re made up of simple compounds and usually have good scientific evidence. For reference, you’re probably just as unlikely to have side effects with a good mass gainer as with a meal.

Always look for extra reassurance: 3rd party testing, open and honest ingredient labels, and anti-doping testing. These give you the best chance of staying safe while you build muscle.

It’s always possible for a product to be safe, but for individuals to have poor responses. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any pre-conditions.

Can Protein Powder Cause Hair Loss?

No – there is no link between protein powder use and hair loss. Any case studies where this has happened are associated with medical conditions of contaminants.

Can Protein Powder Cause Hair Loss

A normal, high-quality protein powder is just a form of milk powder. It’s high in protein, but it’s just a food extract. There’s no reason to think this would cause hair loss.

Protein powders are typically well made, and there are good practices around filtration. If you’re worried, be sure to get a product with 3rd party testing. The same goes for mass gainers, which use protein powder for muscle gain.

Closing Thoughts: Does Mass Gainer Cause Hair Loss?

Closing Thoughts Does Mass Gainer Cause Hair Loss

Mass gainer does not cause hair loss, and the only cases that show this are tied into tainted supplements. A mass gainer that combines protein and carbs, even with things like creatine, will not cause hair loss.

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Hair loss is only reliably produced through things like steroid use, which you won’t find in any high-quality mass gainer.



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