Do Green Supplements Increase Nitric Oxide?

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What is nitric oxide? Do green supplements increase nitric oxide? Why should you be happy about that?

Let’s find out the hidden benefits of green supplements that you might not have considered…

Do Green Supplements Increase Nitric Oxide?

Do Green Supplements Increase Nitric Oxide

Yes – green supplements can increase nitric oxide levels, especially those with cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and arugula. These are well known NO2 boosters that significantly improve your circulatory health and performance.

This can be a great way to improve your health, but also supports exercise performance and athleticism. NO2 levels can increase blood flow into muscles during and after exercise, improving endurance, recovery, and post-workout healing.

These add another layer of benefit to the health and wellbeing you’d normally expect from green supplements. However, this does vary significantly from product to product, and you should check the ingredients label first to see what you’re getting.

What Is Nitric Oxide – And Why Should You Care?

What Is Nitric Oxide – And Why Should You Care

Nitric oxide – or NO2 – is a compound that is created and used by the body to control circulatory function. It is made from arginine in the body, which is often found in large quantities in foods like dark leafy greens, or citrulline from watermelon.

Nitric Oxide is a popular supplement in sports and exercise performance, where it boosts blood flow to muscle. This is mostly popular because it increases muscle pumps and vascularity, but also endurance and post-exercise recovery.

What Is Nitric Oxide – And Why Should You Care

The increased blood flow to muscles increases nutrient delivery, and is also relevant in other tissues. NO2 improves both health and performance, making it a popular target. Green supplements can promote NO2 levels through different types of plant extracts:

  • Cocoa
  • Cherry 
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Astragalus
  • Citrulline from watermelon
  • Grape seed
  • Garlic
  • Schisandra
  • And more

These make for a great mixed health and performance supplement, especially with synergists like piperine or ginger.

Can Green Powders Improve Exercise Performance?

Yes – green powders will indirectly improve exercise performance through better nitric oxide levels, improved metabolism, hormonal regulation, mental performance, and more. These provide a wide range of benefits that will show up in almost any sport, at every level.

The sheer variety of these benefits make it hard to clearly define the differences. However, improvements in every field of performance contribute to significantly better overall performance, especially in multi-demand sports (like field sports, such as football).

Can Green Powders Improve Exercise Performance

The benefits are indirect, and harder to show than a single-target supplement. However, they remain popular and consistently effective in athletes. This provides both direct health benefits and a buffer against performance loss, in particular, while fatigued or stressed.

If you’re a serious athlete, these few-percentage improvements are a huge deal when multiplied by months of training!

Conclusion: Do Green Supplements Increase Nitric Oxide?

Conclusion - Do Green Supplements Increase Nitric Oxide

Yes – some green supplements can increase nitric oxide production. However, it depends on the ingredient in each product, and the overall design of the green powder itself.

Our best green powders review covers this and more,  discussing which products have the best benefits and suit your needs. Read that before making your decision on a green supplement powder.

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