Do Clif Bars Make You Gain Weight?

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When aiming to gain healthy body mass, one is bombarded with a plethora of such bars. The question that has always come to the fore in such a situation: do clif bars make you gain weight?

For weight gain, remaining on a caloric surplus diet is essential. A workout routine tailor-made for hypertrophy will help you get the best results possible, and most efficiently so.  But to perform your best at the gym, you need energy and stamina.

This is where nutritional supplements and energy snacks such as Clif Bars typically enter the picture. But do Clif Bars actually make you gain weight? 

Quick answer: no. Nuanced answer: yes.

Confused? Let’s put it this way- Clif Bars don’t directly MAKE you gain weight, but rather HELP you gain weight. 

To know more if how Clif Bars help you gain weight, continue reading our blog. In this article, we cover all you need to know about Clif Bars and how they aid weight gain.

What are Clif Bars? 

clif bars

A Clif Bar is the ultimate energy bar. They are crafted with an ideal blend of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to sustain active bodies before and during long-lasting, moderate-intensity activity. 

A Clif Bar is expected to deliver sustained energy before and during activity. These convenient bars are essentially nutrition bars that contain protein levels that are higher than typical snack bars. 

With a mix of fast acting and longer-lasting carbohydrates from sugars and rolled oats, along with smaller amounts of good fats and plant-powered protein, Clif Bars are made to help give your body a nitro boost. 

Do Clif Bars Make You Gain Weight? 

clif bars weight gain

No, clif bars do not make you gain weight. A Clif Bar does not have the capacity to make you gain weight just by itself, but they surely do aid the weight gain process.

Mascha Davis, a Los Angeles-based registered dietitian and creator of Nomadista Nutrition, and Jessica Chon, a registered and board-certified sports dietitian and nutritionist and nutrition scientist state that the bars “born on the bike” have built a reputation for having the right ingredients to fuel your body and aid the weight gaining process. 

Clif Bars offer easy calories and protein, which are the two most important factors in driving up your muscle growth and weight gain results

A recent study suggests that Clif Bars contain high amounts of protein, along with other nutrients. 

These convenient bars are typically nutrition bars that contain protein levels that are significantly higher than ordinary snack bars.

Why Use Clif Bars? 

It only takes one bonk for you to learn how important it is to fuel your rides with the right nutrients. Gaining weight in a healthy way is a common goal for most people who want to build strength. 

Challenges surrounding weight gain do not get as much attention. But people may want to gain weight in a healthy way for a number of reasons. This is why people may turn to foods like Clif Bars for weight gain goals. 

There are a number of reasons that should make you resort to a diet that entails clif bars for healthy weight gain – 

  • They are a popular and convenient way to add more protein to your diet: A great source of vitamins and nutrients and can easily be eaten on the go.
  • Most bars contain dried fruit, dates, nuts and seeds, whole grains, and other sources of protein like yogurt powder and egg whites.
  • They tend to be around 150 to 200 calories each and contain 10 to 20 grams of protein.
  • They act as a great source of calcium, potassium, vitamin B, fiber, and iron.
  • Not only do they help you gain muscle mass, but even promote weight loss. 
  • These bars can be a good meal replacement or post-workout snack.

Things to Look for in a Clif Bar

do clif bars make you gain weight reddit

As discussed earlier, Clif Bars act as an agent that accelerates the entire weight gain process. Eating one bar per day is perfectly fine, especially after a workout.

Since the nutritional composition of these bars varies across different companies and brands, it is a good idea to check the list of ingredients before you make any purchases. 

  • Calories: Some bars contain two servings per package and about 500 calories total. Make sure that if you’re eating a bar as a snack, it actually has a “snack-size” number of calories.
  • Ingredients: The fewer the ingredients the better.
  • Protein: The ideal bar is going to provide at least 10g of protein for every 100 calories.
  • Fat: Be sure to check the fat content and see if more of the calories are coming from fat or protein, as that plays a crucial role in healthy weight gain. 
  • Sugar/Carbohydrates: Look for a bar that has at least 5 grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of added sugars.

A good Clif Bar for weight gain will provide an abundance of calories, lots of protein, and even a high carb content. A combination of these factors are known to spur muscle growth and weight gain, providing the nutrients your body needs for performance, recovery, and growth

How to Use Clif Bars for Weight Gain? 

The best Clif Bars that accelerate weight gain are the ones which provide a high calorie and protein serving per bar. 

Following are the ways in which you can accommodate Clif Bars to facilitate healthy weight gain: 

  • When aiming for substantial gain in body mass, one must avoid weight loss focused bars which are known to satiate the food drive in just a few calories. Instead, take a high-calorie, high-protein, high-carb Clif Bars that typically doesn’t use as many fats.
  • You must remember that just using Clif Bars will not do the work for you. You must add them to your regular diet and focus on the portions and foods in your meals. Clif Bars will not do the trick on their own accord, they will act as an additive to the entire process and accelerate it. 
  • Clif Bars are only one aspect of your wider diet – and it only works when you’re trying to gain high-quality, healthy weight.
  • Eating an adequate number of calories can be challenging for people who are on-the-go. One must focus on high quality proteins and not simple empty calories, high-quality protein can help build muscle, keep people feeling satiated, and give the body the essential fuel it needs to function properly.

In other words, eating a 200-calorie cliff bar is a healthier choice than eating 200 calories worth of fried potato chips, and will help build muscle mass instead of simply gaining weight by putting on fat.

  • You must invest the required time to choose bars that are made with high-quality protein sources like grass-fed whey protein will help make sure that your body will use the important nutrients efficiently.
  • Lastly, relying only on protein bars to get better results may be a short-term solution, especially for daytime snacking when you’re busy with the proceedings of your day. 

Concluding Thoughts

are clif bars good for weight gain

Clif bars alone do not make you gain weight. Clif Bars can be a great addition to a diet plan when the ultimate goal is to gain weight. The key is choosing Clif Bars that provide enough protein and calories made from high-quality ingredients. 


Clif Bars don’t make you gain weight directly, but they can help your weight gain diet in a number of ways. You can use Clif bars in addition to your normal high-calorie diet for extra protein, carbohydrates and overall calories, helping you gain weight.

Having a protein bar before or after aworkout, or as a midday snack is fine. This won’t make you fat as long as you include it as part of a nutritious, balanced diet. 

However, not all protein bars are healthy. You need to choose a Clif Bar with a decent list of ingredients and eat them the right way. 

The aforementioned factors make Clif Bars the perfect choice to help you build more muscle by adding them between meals as snacks, post a hectic workout.  They provide the resources your body needs for healthy weight gain and muscle growth!

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