CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews and Results

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Are you someone with an awfully fast metabolism? Are you saddled with a skinny build no matter how much you eat or work out? There is a veritable craze around weight loss- workouts, diets and weight-loss products, there is no dearth of aid if you’re looking to shed a few pounds.

However, when it comes to bulking up, there is a severe lack of products, but this article will cover our CB1 Weight Gainer reviews, a product intended for healthy weight gain.

In a world that considers Instagram models as the pinnacle of aspirational fitness, being scrawny and underweight can definitely take a hefty toll on your mental health and self-esteem. You can spend all your hard-earned money on nebulous products and programs that “guarantee” results but ultimately they’d just end up ripping you off. 

Of course, eating a healthy nutrition-packed diet is a step forward in the right direction, but it is may be difficult if you have an extremely busy schedule. There may be times where you do not have the time to prepare calorie dense meals throughout the day, or may not have the appetite throughout the day to keep eating.

Here is where weight gainer supplements come in. In this article, I will be sharing the CB1 reviews, a safe and effective product to help you along your weight gain journey. 

What is CB1 Weight Gainer?

cb1 reviews

CB 1 Weight Gainer, designed for both men and women across age groups, is a pill that helps you gain weight without any hassle. With a patent-pending natural formula, CB1 Weight Gainer claims it has been derived from natural ingredients with no harsh components or chemicals.

Apart from the weight gaining bit, the product helps to promote a balanced metabolism and better appetite. If you are someone who does not need heavy weight gain, you can still use the product for enhancing targeted areas of your body and maintaining a healthy physique.

About the Makers 


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

Established in Utah back in 2010, Supragenix (the makers of CB1 Weight Gainer) gained quick popularity for its natural and high-quality products related to health and beauty. Not much is known about the company because it does not have a sizable internet presence, which strikes me as a bit odd. I would love to know more about what goes on behind the scenes with the brand and the manufacturing process.

The company is primarily recognized for its weight gain supplements. Being a customer-centric organization, Supragenix promises you 100% safe and standardized capsules for CB1 Weight Gainer, delivered to your doorstep within 2-4 days.

Benefits of CB 1 Weight Gainer

is cb 1 weight gainer safe

Although there are plenty of weight gaining products available in the market today, choosing the right product for your body type can get tricky, and time-consuming. There are harmful or filler ingredients to look out for, side effects to be wary of, and so on. 

CB1 Weight Gainer is quite safe to use, given its relatively simple ingredient list, reasonable claims of benefits, and negligible side effects.

Here are the benefits for CB1 Weight Gainer as claimed on the packaging: 

1. Improved Appetite

If you’re skinny and looking to pack on a few pounds, the most common advice to come your way would be the suggestion to “eat more”. But that is easier said than done. Not everyone is blessed with a great appetite. 

Being underweight can pose serious threats like malnutrition and falling easily susceptible to other diseases. It is therefore necessary to overcome your appetite restrictions and try to eat more to remain in a calorific surplus when it comes to your diet.

Luckily, CB 1 Weight Gainer increases and improves your appetite so that you can intake more calories.

2. Balanced Metabolism

People with an extremely high metabolism, or Ectomorphs, are saddled with the difficulty in gaining weight (fat as well as muscle mass). If your metabolism is really high, your body will break down your calorie intake really fast instead of storing it by building muscle or fat.

CB1 Weight Gainer balances out your metabolism so you can gradually and effectively gain weight.

3. Convenience

When it comes to weight gain supplements, you would obviously veer towards a product that is handy and less cumbersome to use. CB 1 Weight Gainer is manufactured in a capsule form and packaged in safe boxes. The product also comes with an eating guide so you have the most hassle-free experience.

4. 100% Natural

This supplement boasts that it is free of chemicals that might harm your body. Extracted from natural ingredients, it is a perfect blend of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and Isobutyl amides. 

Although there are a lot of benefits if used correctly, Supragenix provides a disclaimer that the results from consuming CB1 Weight Gainer may vary from person to person as everybody is built differently. 

However, I would like to add, despite thorough research and digging on the product, I noticed that there is a dearth of CB 1 Weight Gainer reviews that properly dwell on the benefits of this supplement.  

CB 1 Weight Gainer Ingredients

cb 1 weight gainer ingredients

Here’s a detailed description of the ingredients used in the formulation of CB 1 Weight Gainer: 

  1. Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol USP): 1500 IU

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate in your body. Vitamin D3 contributes towards building a better immune system. Though there are multiple benefits to CB1 Weight Gainer, people with osteoporosis or vitamin D deficiency have seen more noticeable results.

  1. Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate USP): 6 mg

Zinc regulates the optimum functioning of your body, but there is no hardcore evidence that it can actively promote healthy weight gain. Zinc does, however, help regulate your metabolism. 

  1. “Maximum Strength Weight Gain Blend CB-1”: 405 mg
  • Echinacea Purpurea Powder

Belonging to the daisy family, Echinacea is an herbal plant extract often used in tablets, capsules, tea, and other forms of health supplements.

  • Dodeca-2E, 4E, 8Z, 10E/Z-tetraenoic isobutyl amides 

These are the main alkamide or isobutyl amide compounds derived from the Echinacea species. Its role is to stimulate appetite which promotes healthy weight gain. Zinc and other minerals like magnesium are often added to this for better outcomes.

There’s a huge craze for protein shakes and other weight gain shakes amongst youngsters. But these shakes tend to be so filling that it kills the appetite and willingness to have complete meals. The extracts from the Echinacea plant could perfectly substitute these overrated weight gain shakes for improved appetite and more calorie intake.

  • Dodeca-2E, 4Z-diene-8, 10-dynamic isobutyl amides 

Another group of appetite stimulants, these substances stimulate hunger receptors in the brain. However, these ingredients have mixed results and don’t necessarily work every time to help gain weight.

  • Undeca-2Z, 4E-diene-8, 10-dynamic isobutyl amides

This compound is also extracted from the Echinacea species, and is beneficial for a balanced metabolism.

  • Echinacea Angustifolia Powder

Low appetite is a major contributing factor to having trouble gaining weight. Considered superior to the Echinacea Purpurea powder, the Echinacea Angustifolia powder amps up the efficacy of the supplement in improving your appetite. 

  • Undeca-2-ene-8, 10-diynoic isobutyl amides

This compound is derived from the Echinacea plant as well, and is quite popular for its immunostimulatory effects.

  • Dodeca-2E, 4E-dienoic isobutyl amide

This group of alkylamides, extracted from the Echinacea plant, may be useful for treating allergic and inflammatory responses mediated by mast cells.

  • Soy Lecithin

Made up of fatty acids, Soy Lecithin acts as an emulsifier and is required in very small quantities. It is generally used in dietary supplements to aid in better digestion. It has additional benefits of promoting better heart health and regulating cholesterol levels.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is used in health supplements, beneficial for people suffering from Vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E deficiency may cause your bones to thin out as well as muscle dystrophy, which can contribute towards your inability to gain weight. Making sure your body has sufficient Vitamin E may be a key factor towards effectively gaining weight. 

Final Takeaway on Ingredients

CB 1 weight gainer is a unique blend of natural ingredients but unfortunately, not every ingredient is scientifically backed when it comes to the benefits they claim. The ingredients might increase your appetite and improve your metabolism, but there’s no guarantee it will actively help you gain weight.

Some might notice slight changes in body proportions but according to most CB 1 Weight Gainer consumer reviews I came across, the effects vastly depend on the body type and other physiological factors.


CB 1 Weight Gainer claims to have a gentle, all-natural formula that can be consumed by people belonging to any age group, as long as the person can swallow a capsule (so no infants).

The recommended dose is 1 capsule at a time, to be taken 30 to 60 minutes before each meal. This gives time for it to be absorbed, so by the time you start with your meal, the supplement is already active.

It is recommended that you keep little snacks with yourself to munch on in between meals, since this supplement increases your appetite. Maybe you could go for a granola bar or some fresh bananas. It is also important to stay hydrated and increase your fluid intake throughout the day especially if you’re consuming CB1 Weight Gainer.


Each bottle of CB1 Weight Gainer contains 90 capsules, which would last you about a month if you consume a capsule thrice daily (before each meal, as recommended). Each bottle would cost you $49.98 at MRP. 


In my opinion, the most convenient feature of this supplement is its stackability. The brand confirms that CB1 Weight Gainer can be consumed with any other protein shake or mass gain supplement without causing any interference.  

Dietary Compatibility and Safety

While the ingredients themselves are all vegan, the gelatin coating of the CB1 Weight Gainer may pose an issue for ethical vegans. Additionally, a lot of people are also allergic to gelatin, so if you’re one of them… beware. 

CB1 Weight Gainer is manufactured in the USA. The supplement meets all the relevant FDA regulations, and the manufacturing facility is cGMP certified and FDA inspected. There is no compromise on the safety of the supplement.

The supplement has an impressive shelf life, being safe to use for up to 2 years. 

CB 1 Weight Gainer Side Effects

cb 1 weight gainer side effects

Even though the supplement is made out of completely natural ingredients and has an excellent safety profile, it can lead to some minor side effects or inconveniences. Some consumers have complained about gastrointestinal issues such as an upset stomach, stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. 

If you are allergic to plants in the ragweed family which includes daisies, chrysanthemums, and marigolds, this supplement might not suit you. In very rare cases, active ingredients present in CB1 Weight Gainer may lead to asthma, anaphylaxis, or mild skin rashes. Hence, make sure you are aware about these CB1 weight gainer side effects before taking the supplement.

Does CB1 Weight Gainer Work?

does cb 1 weight gainer work

Now comes the million dollar question: Does CB1 Weight Gainer actually work? Well, gaining weight is a slow and steady process. It requires patience and dedication. You cannot expect to gain weight overnight using this product, or any product really. 

This supplement bolsters your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, stimulates appetite, and helps to slow down your metabolism. While the aim is to help you gain weight, it takes a hot second to actually show. Of course, it is quite normal for health supplements to take some time to show tangible results.

Here’s my tip: If you take this supplement and focus on maintaining a calorie surplus everyday, you should definitely see results. The good this is, this product may improve your appetite, and thus will make you eat more. On the other hand, if you rely on this supplement completely and forget your diet, you are on the wrong path.

Is CB 1 Weight Gainer Safe?

As the product promises, it does improve your appetite and helps balance your metabolism. However, a lot of consumers are not satisfied with the product’s results. While some of them can see an evident increase in body weight, others did not experience any such change even after using it for months. 

To be on the safe side, the company has already mentioned that the changes will vary from person to person because all bodies are different. It also depends on the food habits or lifestyle of the consumer. For instance, if you’re someone who’s very active and works excessively, you might not get the expected results.

What about the non-disclosed composition?

Also, while doing my research on this product, I couldn’t find as much information about the product and its ingredients as I would have liked. Supragenix does not reveal the exact composition of the product, and the majority of the products are blanketed as the “Maximum Strength Weight Gain Blend CB-1”. 

The CEO of Supragenix has promised, however, to invest their resources into coming up with better and advanced formulas for their customers for healthy weight gain, so that may be something to look forward to.

CB1 Weight Gainer Alternative:

If you are looking for a better alternative, and superior all-in-one weight gain pills, you can try taking AppetiteMax.

The supplement targets the root problem for most hardgainers: lack of appetite. Another good point to try AppetiteMax is that since it targets the root cause and not the superficial result, you are more likely to sustain the weight that you have gained.


  1. Stimulates Hunger
  2. Improves Appetite
  3. Supports Healthy Weight Gain

The Bottom Line: Should you go for CB1 Weight Gainer?

While CB1 Weight Gainer is not a bad product by any means, the ambivalent results that consumers have experienced and various other pitfalls of the product leave a lot of room for improvement. It would be safe to say that there are ample better alternatives to CB1 Weight Gainer available in the market today, making cb1 weight gainer reviews somewhat positive.

However, when it comes to the price point, I must say this supplement is quite affordable. But then it strikes me that the recommended dosage is three capsules per day, so you would definitely run out of the bottle quite fast. 

Overall, I would say CB1 Weight Gainer is an average weight gain supplement. The results are not going to be stellar, but the pitfalls aren’t anything harmful either- I’d say you can definitely give it a try if you want to, but don’t set your expectations too high.

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