does magnesium make you gain weight

Does Magnesium Make You Gain Weight?

Does Magnesium make you gain weight? Or, even more importantly, should you take it for weight gain diets? Magnesium is a versatile and important mineral that most people ignore, but it may be hiding underrated benefits to muscle growth and … Read more

milk shakes to gain weight

How to Use Milk Shakes to Gain Weight

You know about protein shakes – but today you’ll learn how to use milk shakes to gain weight. It’s all about taking the best of both worlds – nutritious and delicious – to gain high-quality weight, and it’s healthier than … Read more

How to Use Mass Gainer

How to Use Mass Gainer and Build Muscle

While most people find mass gainers to be a waste and full of sugars, a lot of what’s in there depends on the brand and product you’re going for.

The idea of getting extra calories through supplements may not seem a good idea to some, but when you’re an ectomorph with low appetite and an extremely high metabolism, investing in mass gainers is actually helpful.

In this article, I cover the best methods on how to use mass gainer to build muscle mass, along with the instructions on avoiding side effects and getting the most benefits out of the product.


  1. 53g of Protein and 109g of Carbohydrates
  2. No Artificial Sweeteners or Harmful Additives
  3. 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

Before we dive into the main topic of finding the best way to take a mass gainer, the question arises why should you even consider taking a mass gainer. If your goal is to build muscle or gain healthy weight, most of it depends on the type of nutrition and workout program you focus on.

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Dairy Free Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

Dairy Free Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

What’s the best Dairy Free Protein Shake for Weight Gain? That’s our focus today, as we unpack how to gain weight without lactose or animal-derived proteins. To get to the bottom of this question, we’re going to look at what … Read more