mindset of a champion

The Mindset of a Champion

Over the years, I’ve gone through countless articles, videos, blogs, and even people and I noticed something that has only become more and more prominent over the years. The notion of “being fit” and “getting ripped” seems to be something that goes in and out of “style” each year, rather than being treated as a way of life.

Let me explain…

In my experience so many people today seem to be short-sighted. In May, they want that dream body and they want it tomorrow, but once October hits, they don’t think about it again until next May. I take that back, they think about it again in January, forget by March, then start up again in May trying to achieve that all too elusive “beach bod.”

Now you may be wondering why this is a problem. Afterall, it’s every person’s right to live their life however they want. True, except that it’s starting to have an effect on the fitness industry as a whole.

Whether it’s bodybuilding, powerlifting, burning fat, or performance related, it all takes a ridiculous amount of time, energy, and commitment. You can’t expect to start exercising and eating right in May and expect to look amazing by the end of June. And when people do, they end up getting frustrating, thinking “this isn’t working” and usually give up.

Even for those who do fully commit and give it their all, a month is simply not enough! You see, too many people, myself included at one point in my life, try to go from 0-100 mph all at once and wonder why they blow their engine and burnout.

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