best apps to gain weight

The Best Apps to Gain Weight in 2023

Apps for weight gain are not as popular as their weight-loss counterparts, but they still offer great value. They can help clear up the challenges of making a plan of your own. Today, we’ll be taking you through the best … Read more

best time to workout for weight gain

Best Time to Workout for Weight Gain

One of the trickiest questions for gaining weight is this: is there a connection between training time and weight gain? If yes, what is the best time to workout for weight gain? The way you exercise is key to the … Read more

how to get abs while bulking

How to Get Abs While Bulking in 2023

Almost every hardgainer while bulking has got this question: how to get abs while bulking? Keeping abs while bulking can be stressful – you worked so hard to get 6-pack abs and now you’re worried they’re going to disappear the … Read more

how to get rid of chicken legs

How to Get Rid of Chicken Legs: A Comprehensive Guide

Every gym has its resident chicken legs, and you may, unfortunately, be one of them. We have a tendency to focus on our upper bodies when working out. While that’s all great, we do end up overlooking our lower bodies. The result? Skinny Chicken Legs. Here in this article we’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done to get rid of chicken legs.

Especially if you are a hardgainer training for hypertrophy, when you beef up waist-up, the contrast is even more stark  with your naturally skinny bony legs. 

how to cure chicken legs

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