Can You Take Athletic Greens While Pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a delicate phase in a woman’s life, where taking care of both her and her baby’s health is of utmost importance. So during this journey, it is normal to have questions about supplement safety.

One such supplement that has gained attention is Athletic Greens, also known as AG1. Let’s delve into what AG1 is, and address the question on the minds of many expectant mothers: Can you take Athletic Greens while pregnant?

What is Athletic Greens – AG1?

What is Athletic Greens – AG1

Athletic Greens is a dietary supplement that aims to provide a blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a convenient powder form. It’s created to support your energy, hormones, immunity, mental clarity, cell protection, and overall health. 


While supplements like Athletic Greens offer an array of potential benefits, in this specific situation it’s essential to prioritize caution and seek professional guidance.

Supplementation During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary physiological changes. During this special time, getting the right nutrition is essential, not only for the mother’s well-being but also for the optimal development of the growing baby.

Many women face the common obstacle of not getting all their nutritional needs through their diet alone. Therefore, certain supplements are prescribed, such as folic acid, iron, omega-3 fatty acids (usually DHA), and various vitamins and minerals

These essential nutrients play crucial roles in preventing birth defects, supporting the immune system, and ensuring the health of both the mother and the baby.

However, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin and how to give your body precisely what it needs. 

Pregnancy Supplementation Studies

While the need for certain supplements is well-established, the question arises: Can you take Athletic Greens while pregnant? The answer, as often emphasized by medical experts, is that pregnant women should approach supplements with caution and seek advice from their healthcare providers.

Studies involving pregnant women are ethically complex due to the potential risks to the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy Supplementation Studies

Research involving pregnant and breastfeeding women is not allowed due to laws and ethics, which leads to a lack of research on a wide range of topics concerning these groups. Because of this, researchers rely on other sources of data, like animal studies, historical records, and observational studies, to make informed recommendations about supplement safety during pregnancy.

Can You Take Athletic Greens While Pregnant?

The manufacturer’s official stance is to avoid taking AG1 while pregnant or breastfeeding without first consulting a medical professional.

Certain ingredients found in AG1, such as adaptogens and herbs like Ashwagandha root extract, green tea extract, licorice root powder, Rhodiola root extract, and astragalus root powder, may pose risks to the fetus. Some of these substances can potentially alter hormone levels and possibly harm the baby. As a result, pregnant women are advised to NOT take AG1 during pregnancy.


In the journey of pregnancy, ensuring the health and safety of both the mother and the baby is paramount. While supplements like Athletic Greens offer an array of potential benefits, it’s essential to prioritize caution and seek professional guidance. 


Pregnancy is a special time, and individual needs can vary greatly. Consulting with a healthcare provider, typically an OBGYN, is the best course of action before introducing any new supplement, including AG1, into your pregnancy regimen. 

Please keep in mind that every woman is different, and the doctor will advise you based on your health, pregnancy, and your unique circumstances. It is really important for pregnant women to talk to their healthcare provider before taking any supplements or making big changes to their daily routines.

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