Can Mass Gainer Increase Height?

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There’s more to getting big than just growing wider – especially if you were a small kid.

Today, we’re looking at the question, ‘can mass gainer increase height?’ – and everything you need to know about it. Let’s dive in…

Can Mass Gainer Increase Height?

No – mass gainer won’t help you get taller unless you’re in a stage of growth that is already happening. For most users of mass gainers, and anyone over the age of 18, it’s not likely to have any effect on height.

In those who have not finished puberty, it is still unlikely that mass gainer will increase height. It is, however, possible that it may have some positive effect.

Nutrient availability, especially nutrients like protein, are useful in promoting height during growth spurts. Remember that height gain happens in the development of bones, which are made up of minerals and protein, primarily.

Mass gainer may help teens grow, but it is also possible to get those effects from dietary sources – like eating lots of meat and vegetables. There are also countless other factors like genetics, hormone balance, sleep, and more.

Can Mass Gainer Increase Height

While there are definitely some effects of diet on growth, mass gainer is not likely to cause a teen to grow significantly. It’s basically impossible for the rest of us.

Do Protein Shakes Make You Taller?

No – protein shakes are not going to make you taller unless you happen to take them during a growth spurt in your teen years. Even then, the odds of significantly increasing height are very slim.


Most people’s height is determined by long-term dietary patterns during puberty, as well as other factors like sleep and genetics. There are some ways diet interacts with growth, but they’re not typically changed by the 25-30g protein per day you get from a protein shake.

Meal quality, energy sufficiency, and nutrient sufficiency are likely to be the main factors. Make sure you’re eating well, and getting plenty of sleep, and use protein shakes for workout recovery and growth. 

Do Protein Shakes Make You Taller

Their effect on your height isn’t going to be worth fixating on, so just worry about the rest of your good habits.

Does Mass Gainer Make You Bigger?

Mass gainer makes you bigger by increasing muscle mass or – if you use more than you need – building fat mass. Mass gainers are a high-calorie food source and they can cause you to grow in muscle or fat just like any other high calorie food.

Does Mass Gainer Make You Bigger

Mass gainers are typically more effective and less risky when they have more protein relative to carbs. Super mass gainers often have 5:1 carb-to-protein ratios and they’re easy to over-use and cause fat gains.

Lean mass gainers, by contrast, typically have 1-2g of carbs per gram of protein, and fewer overall calories. These are better for health and lean gains, and are typically more closely associated with things like growth quality and health.

The job of mass gainer is to make you bigger, but you have to note that you’ll get bigger in width, and not height. Causing increases in height is very hard to measure and prove, and mass gainer alone won’t cut it.

Does Mass Gainer Stunt Growth?

No – mass gainer definitely will not stunt growth. It’s a simple food product and doesn’t have anything near the complex powers required to stunt growth. Equally, it’s more likely to support and improve growth, if it’s a good mass gainer supplement.

Does Mass Gainer Stunt Growth

Having adequate carb and protein intake will never stunt growth, and the only negative to excessive mass gainer intake is likely to be excess fat gain.

There is no mechanism for a healthy, normal mass gainer to cause stunted growth in a normal, healthy person. 

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