Bigger Butt Pills: Booty Enhancer Supplements 2022

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Bigger butts are all the rage. It’s cool to tow around a wagon once again, and women all over the world are working their butts off to pack more booty weight on.

As you can imagine, there’s always someone out there claiming to have the best supplement for everything. Today we’re going to look at the sorry state of the booty enhancer pill market and how one unlikely appetite stimulant may actually hold the key to a bigger butt in a healthy way.

If you’re looking for the best in butt gains without the marketing hype – and a lesson in what to avoid – you’re in the right place. Let’s look at the basics and dive right in…

What are Butt Enhancer Pills?

booty gains

Butt enhancer pills are a type of weight gain pill that are marketed for butt growth. They’re typically aimed at women who want to improve their curves and gain a larger derriere.

There are a few controversial aspects to these pills, however. Can you grow a larger butt with just a pill? How do they work? What’s the best way to make your butt bigger?

Butt enhancer pills are just one controversial part of the weight gain pill market, where they’re actually among the least useful. 

Today we’re going to cover these major questions that surround them and offer some advice on how to grow your butt, the best pill for bigger glutes, and how to gain weight safely.

Can Pills Only Make Your Butt Bigger?

No, pills alone won’t change your muscles. The muscles that produce the shape and mass of the butt require training to change.

Pills that aim to make your butt bigger are about changing the way your metabolism and hormones work. These contribute to the ways that your body can change, but are not likely to produce significant changes by themselves.

The combination of nutrition, exercise, and recovery are most important. It’s the combined use of these booty pills with exercise, sleep, and diet that produce changes. They can be a useful addition to your routine, but you’re not going to change your butt by sitting around on it!

List of Bigger Butt Pills

1. AppetiteMax

butt enhancer pills

If you’re going to take butt gains seriously, you should take your weight gain seriously. AppetiteMax is our #1 choice because it’s a high-quality appetite stimulant. It drives overall weight gain, which is the key to improving the size and shape of your butt.

The ingredients in this product are well-designed and paired up to provide enormous benefits. The synergy between different ingredients makes them more powerful than if they were taken alone. With this method, AppetiteMax offers a powerful weight gain aid that can help  you turn exercise into results.

It drives up appetite to help you eat more healthy food, supports metabolic and hormonal health, and provides key nutrients to drive better change in the body. This makes it our top choice and the most effective booty enhancer on the market.

It might not market itself as a booty-gainer, but that’s not a bad thing. The benefits are wider in scope and offer improvements to health and wellbeing as well as improving your overall weight gain.

If you gain high quality weight, that’s going to include your butt, and this supplement helps with a range of other benefits along the way like hormonal and digestive health.

2. BUTT X-LARGE V-2 Butt Enlargement, Booty Enhancement. Butt enhancer Pills

Butt X-Large V2 is a good example of why people are skeptical about booty enhancer pills.

The actual ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary blend, so they don’t actually tell you what is in the product. You get a healthy dose of vitamins – B, C, and E – as well as calcium. These are great but don’t actually contribute to butt growth.

The proprietary blend includes some interesting ingredients, but we don’t know if they’re used at effective doses. The odds are low, as some of them require more than the whole blend, making them interesting choices but very poor doses.

For example, L-citrulline can be a great muscle-building aid and health supplement. It requires 2-3 grams per day for maximum effect, however, and the whole blend in Butt X-Large is 2.2 grams. The same is true for ingredients like wild yam root and ginseng.

This product has some interesting ingredients but they’re likely all under-dosed and ineffective compared to the scientific doses. It also looks like it’s been designed on Microsoft paint.

3. Booty Magic Ultra Butt Enhancement Pills

While the design and overall idea of this product is better than the last one, it’s blend is very small and doesn’t even include the interesting addition of L-citrulline. It also lacks the vitamin complex that made Butt X-Large an interesting multivitamin.

The ingredient choices are all herbal and generally good for you, but lacking in power. They don’t actually improve any of the factors around butt growth that you’d look for. They don’t improve muscle gains and what they do for your hormonal health is limited by the lack of dosage on important ingredients.

This is a good time to note that many of these supplements are just filled with unimportant ingredients. They might be good for your health in a variety of ways, but they’re not actually doing the thing that they’re marketed as. This also combines with a butt growth cream which – unsurprisingly – also doesn’t work.

This is one to avoid.

4. Booty Enhancer Pills by Gluteboost™ – BootyDream™

This product has a lot of ingredient similarities with the previous product. They’re both designed around a variety of herbal extracts that have some modest health benefits but no actual scientific relationship with the size, strength, or composition or your butt.

Compounds like fenugreek, maca, and soy are important in women’s health for their hormonal effects. Again, the problem is that this product underdoses them by necessity, since the actual effective dose is only small. These ingredients are also not powerful enough to outperform those in even Butt X-Large, which includes L-Citrulline on top of all the ingredients present in BootyDream.

The science behind these ingredients is also deeply confusing as it typically focuses on the storage of fat and water in the layer of fat under the skin. This is also highlighted in the BootyDream cream – where ingredients like volufiline are center-stage.

The problem is that glute growth is a muscular change. It’s not about adding fat on top of the muscle. That reduces shape and occurs in very small levels in these compounds. Muscle-growth is the key to a shapely butt, as well as the large increases in size that most women are chasing.

Ingredients that make you gain fat on the butt, without muscle, are not a solution. This is the complete opposite of the approach that is healthy and good for you. Gain muscle, not just fat. All of these reasons make this supplement a not so great bigger butt pills. 

5. Pure & Potent Butt Enhancer + Breast Enhancement Pills With Horny Goat Weed For Libido + Improve Breast Shape and Size as well as Increasing the Size Of Your Buttocks With Big Booty Pills

This booty growth pills supplement is trying to do too many things at once. It’s attempting to offer butt growth and libido enhancement at the same time. This would make a lot of sense if it was all about hormonal health, which drives both, but it’s not.

Rather, G curve acts on the libido alone while neglecting the growth of the glutes in any effective way. Its ingredients are healthy on their own – with notable inclusions like ginseng and maca – but doesn’t actually improve glute growth.

Further, the actual compounds that would improve women’s hormonal health, like B1 or calcium, are nowhere to be found. The focus on horny goat weed is something of a marketing tactic: it’s a useful compound for heart health and erectile quality, but any other benefits are completely speculative.

The addition of Tribulus may have some benefits to hormonal regulation but – like so many other booty growth pills on the market – this is underdosed to levels below clinical effectiveness.

The proprietary blend makes it impossible to say exactly how much of anything is in this product, but the complete blend only makes up 590mg – which is nowhere near enough for the 8 ingredients it includes.

Frequently Asked Questions

AppetiteMax: For Butt and Overall Weight Gain

butt enlargement pills

AppetiteMax is our go-to bigger butt pills and for overall weight gain. These processes are closely related, as the weight you gain can be focused on the butt by proper exercise. When you combine the two, the results are much more effective, and pack a real punch.

One of the major themes we’ve seen with the other products on the market that underperform compared to AppetiteMax is the weakness of ingredients.

They typically focus on health, while the vitamin supplements in AppetiteMax like vitamin D and B1 are powerful hormonal regulators that also improve women’s health and support better muscle growth.

Many lower-quality butt growth pills ignore muscle growth but it’s essential. The muscles in the butt – such as the gluteus maximus – are there to provide the majority of the mass in your butt while they also add shape. This is the difference between a large butt and a large, toned, shapely one. It’s the difference between fat and phat (if you know, you know).

The fact it works with your body on the processes that you already use – like appetite, craving high-quality foods, and boosting metabolism – are also important.

This support is a huge deal to the quality of your health, while boosting your intake of high-quality nutrients and supporting better dietary habits. These are the keys to long-term results, not just short-term change.


butt growth pills

The booty pill market is full of conflicting ideas about what to do with ingredients. Many of the butt growth pills we’ve looked at today are cautionary tales about what to look out for and avoid. There are a number of problems – from ineffective ingredients to underdosing to simply not offering results in line with the marketing materials.

AppetiteMax comes out as our number one choice for a few obvious and important reasons:

  1. It’s actually effective in driving high-quality weight gain as muscle mass – perfect for a bigger butt in a healthy way
  2. It supports health, metabolism, and wellbeing as a secondary benefit after improving results
  3. It offers hormonal support with compounds that are scientifically proven, like B1
  4. There are no proprietary blends so you can see what is in the product and how much
  5. The focus on weight gain and appetite work with your body to produce better results

When we look at other booty growth pills, it’s clear that these are the things that separate a low-quality booty enhancer pill from a good one.

AppetiteMax doesn’t advertise itself as a booty enhancer supplement, but these scientifically proven benefits are a huge step up on the competition. If you gain high-quality weight, your butt will grow, and the shape will improve as muscle drives the change!

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