BSN True Mass Gainer Review (2023)

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In this BSN True-Mass Gainer Review, I shall thoroughly analyze one of the highly-raved mass gainers by BSN. This review should help you understand if the supplement is worth the investment or not and if it really works.

Is BSN True Mass Gainer just like every other supplement out there? Well, I would say not. I have been using this product for a month. 

The results, to put it mildly, were good enough. But was it a good surprise? Will I continue using the product? What do the manufacturers of BSN Mass Gainer have to say about the product? Let’s go through the review!

BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer

BSN True Mass Gainer is brought to you by a company that focuses on two things primarily: aesthetics and athletics. 

Their products have been created following thorough research. BSN backs its products (including the BSN True Mass) with plenty of scientific data. This is what drew me towards checking out the product, to be frank. The products by this company are being sold in over 100 countries. 

While putting together this comprehensive BSN TrueMass review, I knew that this is the only thing you care about. But we will get to that. Before you obtain insights into my verdict, you must understand the product better. 

Ultimately, your body = your choice. 

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Why Did I Try BSN True-Mass?

The most honest answer to this question would be curiosity.

It has been one endless search for the one weight gain supplement. The ingredients, other BSN True Mass reviews and the company’s claims prompted me further.

But the following are the main reasons why I decided to give BSN Weight Gainer a fair chance:

1. I wanted to try a clean mass gainer that is lower in calories.

It is high time that we stop expecting good mass gainers to be extremely calorie-dense. For me, lean muscle mass is what I am here for.

When I came across BSN True Mass Gainer, it stuck out to me as a hardgainer. Compared to other calorie-rich gainers I have reviewed before; this gives you quite less- 700 per serving.

Yet, the ingredients impressed me. Every BSN True Mass review (reliable ones) claimed that the formula worked for them. I just had to check it out.

The product appears to be clean and natural. The protein content appeared to be more than adequate, even though the calories per serving were on the lower side. 

The 2:1 carb: protein ratio appeared to be as good as it gets. It struck me that BSN Weight Gainer must be doing something different. Most probably right because the BSN True Mass before and after results did quite impress me. 

2. I was busy and could not eat enough to maintain a sufficient calorie surplus.

Sustained calorie surplus equals effective weight gain. For a picky eater and hardgainer like myself, it never was easy to meet my calorie requirements for the day. Maintaining a surplus was always out of question. 

A busy schedule takes quite a toll on you. I was so caught up with work and my daily chores, meal planning was the last thing on my mind. Because I eat well and train hard, I figured the right supplement was all I needed. 

With my diet plan and workout routine in mind, I calculated how many calories I would need to keep gaining. 

3. Back to ‘curiosity’- I wanted to compare this BSN with other mass gainers I have tried earlier.

bsn true mass gainer

For me, it has always been about finding gainers that are not overloaded with calories. No bloating and certainly no fat. I want lean muscle and the focus is on proteins- not calories.

I have tried products like Naked Mass, Serious Mass and Mutant Mass (half-servings). 

Just like other mass gainers, BSN has its pros and cons. We will get to that. Let us first dive further into the facts in hand- the ingredients and what the company has to say about BSN True Mass.

BSN True-Mass: Ingredients and Company Claims

What I love about the ingredients is that the protein is sourced from eight ingredients. BSN gives the blend a cool enough name: Protein Matrix. These include Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Whites, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Glutamine Peptides, and Micellar Casein. 

Now the great thing about having different sources of protein is, you get all kinds simultaneously. You have the slow-digesting for muscle building over a period. 

You have the fast-digesting protein as well, making this an excellent pre-workout muscle mass gainer. BSN True Mass can be consumed throughout the day, anytime. 

Before moving on from the ingredients, did I mention Medium Chain Triglycerides? It brings in great nutritional value and helps improve energy. 

According to the company website, it is also responsible for the delicious flavor in some capacity. Did I use the word delicious? I sure did. 

I selected Chocolate Milkshake flavor (a safe bet, paid off well).

Let us now see what the company has to say about the benefits:

  • Ideal Carb: Protein Ratio of (2:1). No arguments here.
  • Up to 90 grams of carbohydrates/serving. 
  • MCTs to bring about comprehensive nutrition.
  • Great taste.
  • Muscle Building through persistent usage.
  • Up to 50 g of protein, 700 calories.
  • Muscle Recovery.

The chocolate milkshake flavor I selected also doubled as a source of dietary fiber (14%). Dietary fiber is not your enemy, even if you wish to gain weight. Since I avoided all other sources, this was helpful for me. 

And finally. What you are here for.

MY BSN True-Mass Review: (After Using It For A Month)

bsn true mass gainer review
BSN True Mass Gainer review
Ingredient Profile/ Macronutrient Ratio
Low calorie mass gainer for lean muscle
2-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein for optimum muscle building
High protein content despite low calories
Chocolate and Cookies & Cream are the best flavors
Expensive when compared to other mass gainers

Overall Score

BSN True Mass is an excellent mass gainer because of the diverse ingredient profile and the higher macronutrient ratio. In fact, the 8-ingredient protein blend is wonderful. The ingredients have been carefully chosen and this is evident. 

After trying the product for a month, I found that the BSN-True Mass Gainer delivers satisfactory results in terms of muscle gain and increase in energy levels.

What impressed me the most was the low-calorie content.

It tallies with my long-standing principle that a good mass gainer does not have to be overloaded with calories. With just 700 calories per serving, BSN True Mass provides the perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins. There is no chance of unwanted fat accumulation, just pure lean muscle building.

Let me breakdown what I loved about the product best:

The Ingredient Profile

What struck me first about the list of ingredients was that it was clean. I browsed through the ingredient profiles of different flavors.

All of them have minor differences. But the primary ingredients, including the protein matrix, remain the same. The other ingredients vary for flavor. The total sugar content ranges between 4 to 7g.  

As I mentioned earlier, the wonderful thing about having different sources of protein is that you experience several different benefits. 

I chose the Chocolate Milkshake flavor because of the lower sugar content and dietary fiber. I was torn between the options of Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Milkshake as well. They both offer 50g of protein per serving. Chocolate won for me though. 

Moreover, the ingredients provide you with 10g of BCAAs per serving. This helps enhance recovery and helps the muscles heal quicker.

Macronutrient Ratio

mass gainer recovery

The diverse protein blend won me over and is one of the significant highlights of BSN True-Mass. The amount of protein per serving is also very good, between 46-50g. The sources of protein are balanced. 

Coming to carbohydrates, True Mass packs 87g per serving. All of this is present in the form of Maltodextrin. This is great news because it is digested quite quickly. It gets absorbed fast as well. After your workouts, your energy depletion is dealt with quickly and you don’t feel quite as tired.

BSN Weight Gainer has a carb: protein ratio of 2:1 which is perfect. It is widely recognized as the ideal amount for those looking to gain mass and build muscle.

My favorite part? All of this and just 700 calories per serving.  


Ah. My only concern. Sadly, it is quite significant too. This product ticked too many boxes. It had to be too good to be true I suppose. BSN True Mass sells for $69 on amazon for one container. 

Each box has 16 servings. So this would be roughly $4.32 per serving. Which let us face it, is expensive. 

When compared to several other products, the price is rather unreasonable. It is not a budget-friendly option. 

drinking true mass

BSN True-Mass Results: What You Can Expect (Week-by Week Review)

I tried the BSN True-Mass for a month, or let’s say four weeks. At the end of each week, I noted down the results of the week. 

Summarizing the experience I had with BSN-True Mass in these four weeks, here is what my review on the results BSN True-Mass provided:

Week One

The first week of consuming mass gainer supplements is always the hardest. This was my experience with BSN True Mass Weight Gainer as well. I have been off supplements for a while. 

It has been ages since I have acquired such a high-calorie surplus. I found it pretty difficult to consume the recommended serving. 

I was overwhelmed and left feeling too full, too soon.

At best, I was consuming half of the recommended serving every day. The outcome of this was- nothing. I did not notice any change during the first week. 

Weeks Two and Three

mass gainer true mass

I decided that it was time to get serious and amp it up.

Towards the end of the second week, I was steadily consuming 3200 calories per day. This is the net calorie amount from my diet and the supplement. I was able to consume the recommended serving per day without much difficulty. Slowly, but surely, I began noticing changes.

No, I did not bulk up overnight. I had put on a few pounds. I discovered that I was performing better at the gym. I could lift better and complete all my reps without much difficulty. 

I found my energy levels to be more stable. The gym started becoming less tiring compared to earlier.

Notably, I was also recovering better after workouts and so much quicker. I was not at all disappointed with the results. I was not gaining fat, just lean mass.

These two weeks were when I realized that BSN had released a worthwhile product.

Week Four

The servings are not supposed to last into week four, ideally. But I was not exactly following the recommended dosage during the first week.

As a result, I had a whole week’s supply left. The fourth week could be described best as uneventful.

My body was now accustomed to being in the 3200 calories per day range. There was nothing new here now. 

The results I experienced during the past few weeks were notable because it was a leap. By now things had become more stable. I was expecting the same, so I was not disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions


true mass

I realized during the BSN TrueMass review that I might have even listed it as one of the best mass gainers in the market but for one thing. It is too pricey. If you can afford to look beyond the price tag and focus on the benefits, go for it. It does work.

As for me, I would definitely try BSN True-Mass for short term goals.

However, when it comes to anything beyond using it for over two to three months, spending such a premium price on one supplement, no matter how good, does not make much sense to me. 

Besides, there are a few other mass gainers that are aligned with BSN True-Mass in terms of benefits, but come off cheaper in price.

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