BodyTech Prime Mass High-Protein Weight Gainer Review

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Body tech high protein offers a large carb content, plenty of protein, and more. But does that make it the right mass gainer for you?

Let’s look at the specifics and – in this Bodytech Prime Mass Gainer review – see what this product really offers you…

Bodytech Prime Overview

Bodytech Prime Overview

BodyTech Prime Mass Gainer is a high-protein weight gainer powder that combines a huge carb content with 55g of protein per serving, making it a strong choice for accelerated weight gain – and muscle growth.

It’s not a complicated product, but we like the calorie content (1160): more than most, but it maintains a reasonable ratio of protein to carbs. You get around 4.5g carbs to each gram of protein.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in it…

Bodytech Prime Ingredients

Just like most mass gainers, the 2 main ingredients in BodyTech prime mass high-protein weight gainer are whey and casein proteins and a carb complex. 

Bodytech Prime Ingredients

These provide the carbs and protein required to recover from workouts, boost recovery, and drive up muscle growth. The addition of casein is nice for sustained release protein for better muscle growth and repair.

You’re also going to get a well-rounded micronutrient profile. BodyTech have a broad, rich range of vitamins and minerals to help prevent deficiency when you’re taking in so many calories from a non-food source.

You also get extra BCAAs and Glutamine. These support muscle growth, boosting the effect of those 55g of protein, and boost immune function after a workout. They’re great secondary ingredients to double down on health and performance benefits.

Bodytech Prime Mass Gainer Macros

For each of the 17 servings in this product, you’re going to get:

  • 1160 calories
  • 55g protein
  • 228g carbs
  • 8g fats

This is a pretty high-purity product and you’re not going to get too many fats, while the ratio of carbs to protein is also good. 

Bodytech Prime Mass Gainer Macros

These are definitely the macronutrients of a post-workout mass gainer shake. We don’t recommend taking this mass gainer shake any other time of day, unless you use half servings, as it’s thick and heavy.

You’re also getting 8g+ of BCAAs, which help that protein content work harder to boost muscle gains and prevent muscle damage from hard training.

Here’s a visual idea of what you’re getting: 

bodytech prime mass high-protein weight gainer reviews

Bodytech Prime Benefits

Bodytech Prime Benefits

The main benefit of BodyTech Prime Mass is the post-workout power of increasing muscle growth, promoting recovery, and helping muscles refuel.

The protein and BCAAs do a great job of improving muscle growth, especially if you take it soon after a workout. The carbs refuel the muscles while the protein is used to heal and rebuild, spurring growth.

Obviously, it’s also an easy 1160 calories you can add to your diet – making BodyTech Prime a great choice for skinny guys who just can’t eat enough to gain weight.

This is supported with some secondary benefits like more vitamin and mineral intake, and the health-protecting effect of Glutamine.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

BodyTech Prime is a good high-calorie, high-protein mass gainer compared to a lot of the competition. It’s not our favourite product ever, but it puts up a strong fight with anything on the market.

It’s definitely not a lean mass gainer, and 1160 calories all at once can be too much for some people. However, it makes a great half-serving shake twice a day, where it really performs well.

This is a great mass gainer on the basics, but it’s not trying to do anything too special. We like it, it does its job well, but it’s not revolutionary for the mass gainer market!

Boosts weight gain speed and amount? Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?No
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Somewhat
More calories than most competitors?Yes
Good protein to carb ratio?Yes

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