Body Fuel Mass Gainer Review

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Today’s article is a Body Fuel Mass Gainer review. Does this ‘hardcore’ supplement beat the competition?

We’re breaking down the contents and effects of this popular weight gainer supplement to as is this a good mass gainer for bulking up, building muscle, and boosting strength?

Body Fuel Overview

Body Fuel Overview

Body Fuel Hardcore mass gainer is a powerful mass gainer that helps skinny guys prioritise weight gain and build muscle more easily.

It uses a combination of protein and carbs with creatine to help you gain weight more easily and effectively. Adding 1 to 1.5 servings of Body Fuel Mass Gainer to a normal maintenance diet is enough to kickstart high-quality weight gain and muscle growth. 

Body Fuel Mass Gainer Ingredients

Body Fuel Mass Gainer Ingredients

Body Fuel Mass Gainer is built around a protein matrix of milk protein, soy protein, and whey protein – as well as carbs from maltodextrin and starch. 

While these nutrients provide the backbone of the product – and its ability to cause weight gain – it also packs creatine and calcium. These provide a more powerful recovery process, ensuring that the weight you gain and the extra calories you consume go towards supporting workouts and driving results.

This is great because it means Body Fuel not only makes weight gain easier, but improves quality, too. More muscle and strength gains, with less unwanted fat.

Carbohydrate Blend

Carbohydrate Blend

The basic carbs in this product come from a mix of maltodextrin and ‘starch’. Usually, we get a description of where the starch came from, but the fact it’s starch is still a good thing.

These aren’t the best carbs on ther market, without an identifiable source, but you’re going to get 70g per serving. A good amount without being excessive, and at a ratio or 3:1 with protein.

Protein Blend

The protein in this product is a great mix of whey, milk protein, and soy. It offers a well-balanced digestive profile as well as consistent protein delivery. This is perfect for medium- and long-term muscle repair and growth. 

Protein Blend

It provides a great background for your growth and development, and you’ll get a decent amount per serving. It’s definitely around market normal per 100g, and is roughly as potent as a protein shake when it comes to protein-per-shake. 

Secondary Ingredients: Creatine and Calcium

Creatine is a huge addition to this mass gainer, improving the power of Body Fuel to fuel, repair, and grow muscle mass. It’s a high-energy compound that is crucial in muscle energy metabolism – making it essential for both recovery and growth.

Secondary Ingredients - Creatine and Calcium

You get 2.5g of creatine – a clinically effective dose – in only 100g of Body Fuel. While technically one serving, most users go for 1-2 per shake. This means you’re getting enough creatine in your mass gainer no matter how you choose to mix it.

Calcium is an electrolyte – a type of important, essential mineral. It’s got roles in both health and performance, making it a great choice.

Calcium’s main role in this product is supporting muscle health, as well as helping regulate muscle soreness.

These pair perfectly with the energy-boosting and muscle-stimulating powers of a high carb and protein count, and the creatine mentioned above.

Body Fuel Mass Gainer Macronutrients

The macronutrients in a single 100g serving of body fuel mass gainer include:

  • 363 calories
  • 22.5g protein
  • 70g carbs
  • 3g fats

This is a good overall profile and can – of course – be double served if you’re looking for something more intense. These are great overall macros and the 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein is a great way to improve the speed of weight gain.

Body Fuel Hardcore: Benefits

The main benefit of body fuel mass gainer is a single dedicated muscle growth and recovery – with protein, carbs, creatine, and electrolytes all in one place. It’s moderate calories per serving, which means even 1 normal serving of Body Fuel Hardcore is a great way to support growth.

Body Fuel Hardcore - Benefits

These are the typical benefits for a mass gainer, but the advanced protein blend and added secondary supplements make it more powerful. This is just a premium take on the traditional mass gainer formula.

Expect better recovery, additional muscle growth, and boosts to your strength and power performance. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, these are enormous benefits to your training experience and you’re going to be glad you added it to your diet.

Body Fuel Mass Gainer Review: Our Verdict

Body Fuel Mass Gainer Review - Our Verdict

Body Fuel Mass Gainer is a great all-rounder with a really well balanced nutrient profile and a recommended serving size that makes it super versatile. It has tons of creatine, while the protein and carb content are strong in their own right.

It’s not a revolutionary product, but it does all of the basics well, and adds creatine and calcium to fine tune the benefits. A strong product that shows that basic ideas – executed well – are always a good choice.

Boosts weight gain speed and amount? Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?Yes
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Somewhat
Better calories than most competitors?Somewhat
Good protein to carb ratio?Somewhat

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