Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens: What’s Better?

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Hey there, health enthusiasts and smoothie lovers! Are you prepared to explore a world of supercharged nutrition and wellness? 

Well, get ready to change your perspectives of green thinking because today, we’re going “Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens”! 

That’s right, we’re going to dive into the wonderful world of these two supplements. 

So, buckle up and join us on this exciting tour whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or just someone looking to add a little boost to your daily routine.

Beyond Greens: What is It?

Beyond Greens - What is It

Beyond Greens is a specially planned dietary supplement that aims to provide the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in the form of a convenient green powder. 

Beyond Greens provides a significant amount of antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals, along with an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals, while promoting overall well-being.



Beyond Greens is made with a blend of over 45 organic superfoods, including spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and barley grass with a combination of echinacea, Rhodiola, milk thistle, probiotics, and four potent mushroom varieties, including Lion’s Mane and Reishi

This one-of-a-kind combination works together to boost the immune system, keep the gut balanced, support natural detoxification processes throughout the body, and provide a sustainable source of clean energy.


Beyond greens is beneficial for vast purposes as it acts as a natural detoxification, help boost the immune system and lots more. 


Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Rich source of antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals.
  • Suitable for people of all ages.
  • Easy to mix and drink.
  • Convenient and portable.


  • Effectiveness not fully established.
  • May cause side effects in some people, such as bloating and diarrhoea.
  • Contains some ingredients that may interact with certain medications.
  • Relatively expensive. 

Overall, Beyond Greens has enormous potential and has showed effectiveness in promoting overall health and longevity. 

However, like any product, it has drawbacks. Given its many benefits, trying Beyond Greens is worth the shot.

Athletic Greens: What is It?

Athletic Greens - What is It

Athletic Greens (AG1) is a supplementary powder that is intended to address nutritional deficiencies in your diet. 

AG1 contains 75 essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, plant-based compounds derived from whole foods, and adaptogens. 

This carefully curated combination aims to improve overall well-being and support optimal health in those who use it.

Ingredients & Benefits

Athletic Green combines a variety of elements, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, and mushrooms to help maintain your health and general wellness.

Ingredients & Benefits

Fact: Athletic Greens source its ingredients from around the world and manufacture its product in a (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP-certified facility.

Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee. 


  • May not be suitable for everyone, such as people with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.
  • Some people may experience side effects, such as nausea, diarrhoea, or constipation.

However, it is critical to understand that Athletic Greens is not a miracle cure and should not be used in place of a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens: Which Is Better?

Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens - Which Is Better

While both products provide a wide range of nutrient-dense formulas, Beyond Greens goes a step further by emphasizing organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from regenerative agriculture. 

Athletic Greens, on the other hand, emphasizes comprehensive supplementation with its all-in-one approach, focusing on energy, immunity, and gut health.

Let’s delve deeper into these aspects to help you decide:

Ingredients and Dosage

Ingredients and Dosage

In terms of ingredient count, Athletic Greens has 75 ingredients, which is more than Beyond Greens’ 45. 

Furthermore, Athletic Greens contains higher doses of most ingredients than Beyond Greens, ensuring a sufficient nutrient supply for good health. 

As a result of its greater ingredient variety, higher dosages, and a broader spectrum of nutrients, Athletic Greens emerges as a superior option for individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being.



When compared to Beyond Greens, Athletic Greens stands out for its delicious flavour. Using natural flavourings and sweeteners such as stevia, papaya, cherry powder, natural vanilla, pineapple, and carrots contribute to this distinction. 

Also, Athletic Greens has a smoother texture than Beyond Greens, making it more enjoyable and easier to consume.


Athletic Greens outperform Beyond Greens as the superior choice for individuals looking to improve their overall well-being because of its extensive list of benefits.


Athletic Greens can help with energy levels, immune function, digestion, and more thanks to its comprehensive formulation. 


Beyond Greens has a one-time purchase option of $39.99 or a monthly subscription option of $24.99. 


Athletic Greens, on the other hand, is more expensive, with a price of $89 or a monthly subscription of $79 per 30 servings. 

Although Athletic Greens is more expensive, its value is justified by its greater number of ingredients, higher dosages, and a more diverse array of nutrients.

Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens: Who Wins?

Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens - Who Wins

Athletic Greens triumph in the final battle, surpassing Beyond Greens on multiple fronts. Athletic Greens reign supreme due to its extensive constituents and superior value for consumers money and all-round health.

Additionally, its offer of a money-back guarantee ensures a risk-free experience for those willing to try it.

You can also checkout the full review of Athletic Greens here.

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