What’s the Best Time to Take Greens Powder?

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You know you should take greens powder for health, but when?

What is the best time to take greens powder? Where should it fit into your day and diet?

We’re answering all your burning questions in around 500 words, so you can get on with getting healthier. Let’s go…

What is the Best Time To Take Greens Powder?

The best time to take greens powder is between breakfast and lunch, with plenty of water!

What is the Best Time To Take Greens Powder

Greens powders are best used after a meal to reduce digestive burden, but most effective earlier in the day. This lets you feel the benefit for more waking hours, getting more value from each serving. This makes mid-morning perfect for green powder drinks.

This can also be perfect if you’re using a green powder smoothie to keep energy levels up in the late-morning lull. Consider blending with nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and even protein powder to get better effects from your greens.


Green powder use has to fit your schedule, but between the first and second meal of the day is best for most people, most of the time. 

Does It Matter When You Take Green Powders?

Does It Matter When You Take Green Powders

For most people, it doesn’t matter what time you take green powders, as long as you’re not taking them on an empty stomach. It’s important to make sure you’re at least partially fed, and use plenty of water with your green powder for gut health.

It’s usually more effective to drink green powders earlier in the day for more waking hours.

This is because the changes to how you feel and perform mentally are big benefits. Getting more value from these benefits – by simply being awake to experience them – is worth planning around.

Scheduling your green powder should be around your own life, challenges, and daily routine. Consider adding your green powder a few hours before your lowest energy levels, and you’ll do fine. Combine with other habits as appropriate for your lifestyle.

Should I Take Greens Before Or After A Workout?

Should I Take Greens Before Or After A Workout

No – you should not take greens before or after a workout. Greens are a low-calorie, high-fiber supplement and will work best further from a workout.

Pre and post workout drinks should focus on carbs and protein. The goal is to get nutrients into muscles as fast as possible to support workout performance and/or recovery – which greens don’t really do.

Because they’re low in calories – especially carbs – and rich in fiber, greens slow digestion down. They primarily improve health, not performance, and are better taken in the morning or evenings when you’re not working out.

Take greens before your pre-workout drinks, or after your post-workout drinks, to get the best effects.

Is Drinking Greens Every Day Good For You?

Yes – drinking greens every day is a good way to keep nutrient intake high, and greens are designed for daily use. Greens are designed to be healthy and safe for daily use.

Is Drinking Greens Every Day Good For You

The great thing about greens is that you can drink them every day, or use them as a top up. This gives you flexibility, and lets you control your diet more closely. 

You do still need to stay within manufacturer recommended servings and usage, but greens are healthy enough for everyday use, or whenever you want them.

Conclusion: Best Time To Take Greens

Conclusion - Best Time To Take Greens

The best time to take your greens is mid-morning, after breakfast but before lunch. But which greens?

Getting a good greens supplement is the most important factor, far more than when you use it. Get it right from the start. 

We’ve written a full review of the most popular greens on the market in our best green powders review

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