Best Protein Sources For Your Muscles

Every body builder should know that nutrition can make a difference; it is the secret to bodybuilding coupled with proper training. In order to gain strength and build more muscles it is important that you use the best protein sources for your muscles. Proteins are useful not only for muscle growth but also for repair. This article covers some of the best sources of protein for muscle growth readily available in the market.

Protein Powders

protein powder for muscle growth

Protein powder is a very common supplement that is used for nutrition in training programs and are one of the top sources of protein for muscle growth. One of the best cheap protein powders available in the market is whey protein. Every bodybuilder should use this protein source to improve their physical health. It is easily absorbed in the body and fitness zealots who want to build muscle should line up in their supplement stores and purchase whey protein. However, not any whey is convenient. Below is a list of the best whey powders that will benefit you in achieving your goal.

1. Whey isolate

This has 90% and above protein concentration and less bio-active compounds. They have very minimal carbs and fat content. Most fitness gurus prefer them because they are in the purest forms and they are a wise option. They include: Whey Gold Standard, Super Advanced Whey Isolate among others. They avail the benefits of acquiring lean muscle and building a great physique that will leave your gym mates envious of the remarkable progress in your muscle definition and growth.

2. Whey concentrate

This is the most common type of whey protein found and offered in the market of supplements. Whey concentrate is a by-product of the process of manufacturing cheese and is among the best cheap protein powder available. When put into comparison with other whey protein types, this powder has low fat and cholesterol. With regard to weight, whey concentrate is 29-89% protein

3. Whey hydro lysate

This type of protein powder is not close to concentrate and isolate when it comes to popularity. However, whey hydrolysate has an expanding market. In simple words, whey hydrolysate is a hydrolysed type of concentrate and isolate and thus, it is a more broken down version of the popular whet protein powders. Some of the amino acids attaching concentrates and isolates are broken using heat, enzymes or acid. Even though the end product is bitterer, it is a protein power that digests fast. Basically, whey hydrolysate is also among the best cheap protein powder available and as you would expect, it is solely for individuals who find it hard digesting full whey proteins.

Other Protein Sources for your Muscles:

4. Cottage cheese

cheese for muscle building

Most people are aware that cottage cheese is a good source of protein. However, is cottage cheese good for you? The answer is an astounding yes because its muscle-growth ability is derived from two main components. It is known to have a high ratio of both casein and live cultures. Casein helps in the digestion of dairy protein. Upon intake of casein, your body raises its blood amino acid capacity which keeps you elevated for a longer period. Additionally, the live cultures, which are commonly referred to as good bacteria,help one to break down nutrients as well as their subsequent absorption which makes your muscles stronger and bigger. What are you waiting for, go get cottage cheese and if anybody ever asks you again “is cottage cheese good for you?” look them straight in their eyes and show off your muscles. They will get their answer!

5. Casein

casein for building muscle

Similar to whey protein, casein is a milk protein by-product. The thing with casein is that it absorbs more gently and firmly when whey proteins have fast digestion. Casein has the same characteristics as whey protein in that it is inherently tasteless.

6. Soy protein

soy protein for muscles

Without a shred of doubt, soy proteins are the most common protein source that is vegetable based. Unsurprisingly, those who are not allergic to soy settle in a mixture of lots of soy with protein powder. If you don’t know, it is because soy has all vital amino acids. It is a soya bean by-product and has everything the body needs for muscle growth comprising is flavones and fibres. Even though it is not the best cheap protein powder, it is a good choice for you if you can’t absorb gluten or lactose.

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