Best Protein Powder for Skinny Guys

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The best protein powder for skinny guys needs to balance calories and protein – and going too heavy in each direction has major problems for your muscle growth.

Today, we’re going to look at what we think is the best protein powder for skinny guys looking to bulk up. We’ll cover why you need one, what they’re for, and all the most common questions around using protein powder to gain weight.

Let’s get started with the most important question: why should you, a skinny guy or hardgainer, care about protein powder?

Why Do Skinny Guys Need Protein Powder?

best protein powder for skinny guys to gain weight

Skinny guys need protein powder to keep their daily protein intake up with a smaller appetite, as a fast way to repair muscles after exercise (1), and as a basis for a homemade mass gainer. These all help skinny guys – who typically don’t eat much – consume more food and more grams of protein.

Protein is important because it’s the most important macronutrient in building muscle: it’s the signaling nutrient that tells your body to build more muscle (2).

This is because muscles themselves are made from proteins, so your body needs more to repair muscles and then build more.

High protein diets are important for gaining weight, where they allow you to get the best quality weight gain. Calories determine your total weight change, but the protein content is important to make sure you’re not just adding fat mass. 

This is the key for weight gain that helps you build muscle and bulk up – instead of just getting chubby.

What Are The Benefits Of Protein Powder?

There are 4 key benefits to protein powder: they’re easy, they’re versatile and have many uses, they’re liquids and so fast and digestible, and they keep your appetite intact.

For skinny guys and hardgainers, these are the best practical benefits that make protein powders a great supplement to use. They’re simply going to give you the best return and be the easiest supplement to get started with!

Let’s get some detail so you can see what we mean – and why they’re so useful for putting on weight and breaking plateaus.

1. They’re Easy

Protein powders are the easiest and most convenient source of protein in your diet. Even if you love eating lean proteins – like chicken breast – you still need something on-the-go.

Whey protein and plant-based protein powder supplements are far easier to carry, prepare, and use.

This is helpful if you’re a skinny guy with a busy schedule. It can be easy to get distracted and miss out on your nutrition when you’re busy with work, studies, moving house, have a lot of intense travel, or other time commitments.

Protein powder can go in a shaker cup and stay there until you have time for it. Some shakers have a compartment to store extra protein powder, too, which means you’ll always have a quick boost available to you!

2. They Are Versatile: E.G. Mass Gainer

taking protein

I love the versatility of protein powders because they let you make high-protein shakes, high-calorie smoothies, and homemade mass gainers. They also work for homemade protein bars and no-bake treats, as well as in some baking (especially plant based protein powders).

Even adding a scoop of protein to your oatmeal or low-fat Greek yogurt is a fantastic snacking choice.

The value of protein supplements comes from this versatility when you’re able to prep it into something delicious, or use it on-the-go as a shake. These are more uses than you’re going to get from turkey mince or a protein bar, for example.

3. Liquids Are Fast

Because they’re typically used in liquids, protein powders and whey protein shakes (in particular) are great for fast protein. This is great for skinny guys looking to repair their muscles after a workout, or elite athletes trying to keep up protein levels with regular intense training.

Whether you’re the world’s best triathlete or a complete beginner to the gym trying to bulk up, the mid-to-fast absorption of protein shakes is perfect for topping you up when you need it most.

The one exception is Casein powder, which is a very slow absorbing protein powder – and mostly used before bed.

The speed of protein powders is perfect for post-workout shakes, where they’re most effective and just about the only reliable choice for protein.

If you want a convenient post-workout feed, a protein powder shake is the best choice, and you can combine it with carb powders or blend other ingredients to get the best total result.

4. Less Appetite-Squashing

Protein powders are also great for skinny guys because they help you eat fewer solid meals. This sounds like an odd benefit, but it keeps your appetite up compared to a chicken breast or slab of beef.

Skinny guys typically need help with appetite, and a protein powder offers nutrients and calories at very little ‘appetite cost’. You’ll still be hungry enough to eat a full meal later after a workout, giving you access to more total nutrients without eating more meals.

This nutrient-density relative to food volume is important for skinny guys. You need to eat more, and protein shakes are a great way to start doing that without dumping too much food volume into your diet.

What is the Best Protein Powder For Skinny Guys?

protein for weight gain

The best protein powder for skinny guys is BSN Syntha-6 because it offers some of the most calories per serving of any protein powder. This is a perfect choice because it’s also very digestible, delicious, and offers a well-rounded nutrient profile.

This is one of the most well-respected brands on the market and it’s good that it’s less lean because it offers more calories to support weight gain.

This is a great choice when you’re looking to add calories to your diet to try and build muscle and gain high-quality, healthy weight. The difference that using Syntha-6 can make is huge, with 50% more calories than some options on the market.

This is usually not the best choice for maintenance or bulking, but it’s perfect for skinny guys gaining weight.

The taste and digestion are genuinely enjoyable, while the calorie content is higher and you still get plenty of protein due to the larger serving sizes – which you won’t notice because it’s genuinely a great mixer and produces a smooth, creamy shake.


  • Higher calorie content supports weight gain
  • The extra fats and carbs really show up in the taste, which is excellent
  • One of the most digestible and comfortable protein powders on the market
  • Serving size ensures good protein content


  • Doesn’t have the best protein-per-serving compared to leaner choices
  • A little more expensive than some choices on the market


We think Syntha-6 is the best protein powder for skinny guys, it’s one of the most enjoyable protein powders to use on the market, as well as the best balance of calories and protein for skinny guys.

With the extra nutrients and the great taste and digestibility, this makes weight gain easier. This is more useful than most protein powders, and it’s one of the cases where more protein per calorie just isn’t as important.

You can also use all of the basic Syntha-6 flavors in shakes, homemade gainers, and more. It’s the best choice if you’re ready to commit to weight gain and all the benefits to strength, muscle, and workout performance that come with bulking up.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a skinny guy trying to gain weight, these are the most important questions you probably have – beyond just ‘what is the best protein powder for skinny guys?’ These burning questions come from the discussions we’ve had with tons of skinny guys and hardgainers.

They’ll clear up a few things and leave you ready to start pushing the numbers and gaining quality weight!

Which Protein Is Best For Skinny Guys?

Whey protein is the best for skinny guys due to the versatility, cost, and fast action. It helps boost protein intake and muscle gain without taking up too much of your appetite, as well as being a perfect post-workout protein source.

You’ll get more protein for your dollar with whey than any other choice, and there are options – like Syntha-6 – which offer more calories, too. This is a great way to boost your weight gain quality and quantity at the same time.

Milk protein is a close second for sustained release and high-quality absorption. Plant protein alternatives are available, and blended protein powders are best for plant sources.

Then you could also consider specialist protein sources like slow-digesting casein, or the super-high-calorie mass gainers that some athletes and skinny guys use to bulk up rapidly.

Which Supplement Is Best For Skinny Guys?

workout protein

Protein powder is probably the best supplement for skinny guys: mass gainers are easier, but protein powder is far more versatile.

You can make your own mass gainer by blending protein powder with steel-cut oats, bananas, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

Protein powder and mass gainers are the most effective ways to gain muscle, where whey protein is more versatile but mass gainer offers more calories.

How Can A Skinny Guy Bulk Up?

Skinny guys can bulk up by eating more – both in calories and protein. More calories prompt weight gain, while protein intake controls the amount of muscle that is being built. This only applies if you’re using strength training with weights, machines, or bodyweight.

By combining exercise, high calorie dieting, and a higher protein intake, skinny guys can build muscle. It can be challenging to eat enough, which is why some skinny guys use protein powders and other supplements to gain weight.

Bulking up requires commitment to eating more, and more often. Protein shakes support these goals with a quick burst of protein to keep you topped up, especially after exercise.

However, the rest of your diet needs to be rich in protein and carbs, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Is Protein Good For Skinny Guys?

Yes – protein is good for skinny guys because it supports protein intake without requiring too much appetite. You can get more protein, keep eating food, and put together a diet that nourishes the body with the calories and protein it needs to build high-quality muscle mass.

Protein is good for everyone: it supports metabolism, stabilizes digestion, improves muscle growth, allows you to recover from exercise and activity, and prevents a range of health problems.

Protein shakes are one way of increasing protein intake, but real foods should be the foundation for a good diet.

High protein foods include poultry, red meats, fish and seafood, certain types of beans and legumes, seeds, and cultured dairy (like low-fat Greek yogurt). Prioritize these to boost muscle growth.

How Should Skinny Guys Use Protein Powder?

First, skinny guys should use protein powder 1-2 times a day as a supporting protein source to add calories and protein without eating more. These protein shakes should be used after exercise first, where they’re most effective to support muscle recovery and growth.

Then, you can use protein powder in homemade milkshake by blending protein powder, oats, bananas, and milk for extra nutrients and calories.

You can also use these high-protein supplements to make homemade protein bars or other no-bake foods. These are easy to prepare and eat, offering a high-calorie, high-protein snack throughout the day.


drinking protein

We think the best protein powder for skinny guys is Syntha-6 because it perfectly balances the needs of calories and protein. It offers a delicious and digestible option that is easier to use than some leaner products, and helps boost total daily calorie intake to stimulate consistent growth.

Make sure you’re using protein shakes and homemade mass gainer as a supplement to a good diet.

It’s not the answer to all your weight-gain problems, but it’s an amazing tool to have in your toolkit when you’re trying to get bigger and stronger. Especially if you’ve hit a plateau and need something to kickstart your new muscle growth.

Syntha-6 is an excellent choice but it’s not the only one. Look into the options you have, the budget you’ve got, and what you’re using it for.

Put time into your diet and make sure you’re using protein as a supplement, and that the rest of your diet is getting the thought and effort it deserves!



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