The Best Greens Powder Review (Updated 2023)

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Greens powders blends offer tons of nutrients in a single scoop – but what’s the best superfood powder in 2023? 

Today we’re going to look at what Greens powders are, what they can offer you, and which is best. I’ve used plenty of these superfood supplements and have compiled my top 5, as well as their ingredients and benefits, so you can choose based on your own needs.

Let’s start with the most important question you might have…

What Are Greens Powders, And Their Benefits?

best green superfood powder reviews

Greens powders are powdered blends of plant extracts and leafy greens that offer a huge portion of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. They are nutrient dense, typically very-low calorie, and they offer some of the best health benefits from plant foods – in a concentrated form.

You’ll typically mix a superfood powder into water for an easy, convenient form of nutrients. This avoids the effort of eating multiple servings of leafy greens with every meal, while providing some of the best benefits.

Superfood supplements aren’t a replacement for vegetables, but they help you top up your nutrient intake in an easy way.

Best Greens Powders 2023

  • Best for Digestion/Bloating

    Detox Organic

    Apart from the flavor, everything about Detox Organics is great, and the powder works well for digestion and bloating.

  • Best Overall Greens Powder

    SuperGreen TONIK

    With transparent ingredients and dosages, SuperGreen TONIK is the best overall super-greens powder.

  • Best for Boosting Immunity

    AG1 – Athletic Greens

    While it’s expensive, it does provide benefits according to the price and works great for athletes and those with busy lives.

These are 5 of the best superfood greens powders I’ve used recently and why I liked them. Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the super green style of supplement is very effective overall and I was impressed with the changes across all products.

Let’s look at my favorite greens powders and why it took the top spot…

1. SuperGreen Tonik

superfood supplements

SuperGreen Tonik is the best superfood powder on the market and the first one I tried. It was a product built on transparency about ingredients and dosages – as well as removing any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. I value these at an ethical level, so I thought I’d try it.

The taste of SuperGreen Tonik was fresher, though it still carried the distinctive green vegetable taste of some of the ingredients. It tastes green. It’s a more natural flavor than others on the market and I appreciate this when so many super green powders have similar taste and texture.

It was also an effective product. I used this supplement for over 6 months and the results were clear over time. I didn’t notice the benefits immediately, but I had better digestion, improved energy levels, and a clear immunity boost.

The ingredients are strong with a focus on spirulina, kale, spinach, chlorella, and a handful of other proven choices. These focus on cell health and overall organ function, but also digestive health, anti-stress protection, and hormone/mood support.

I felt these in the long-term and loved how the combination of ingredients supported basically every area of my life.

Even after all the other superfood greens powders I’ve used – for reviews and for my own purposes – this is still my favorite!


  • Over 35 superfoods and vitamins/minerals
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Tastes natural and fresh
  • Highly effective for energy boost, immunity and digestion
  • 1-year money back guarantee


  • Expensive when compared to other products

The only downside to SuperGreen Tonik is the price. It’s not super expensive, but it’s more pricey than others on this list.

SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen TONIK is a good value investment based on the effects, and you can buy in bulk to get better prices per serving.

2. Detox Organics

greens powder reviews

After using SuperGreen Tonik for 6 months, I also trialed Detox Organics for the same half year period. I felt like the majority of the experience was comparable to SGT, though I did experience a few minor downsides that put Detox Organics second on this list.

First, the taste was not as good. The chocolate taste didn’t quite cover the undertones of the vegetable and it didn’t taste very natural. It’s a greens powders drink but the addition of a rich flavor on top of ‘fresh’ flavors is quite strange. Not for me.

The actual benefits, however, were the same as SuperGreen Tonik. I had the same 6-month benefits that included digestion, metabolism, mood, energy levels, and other improvements. I also noticed a clear improvement to my digestion of foods without bloating or gas, which was a big positive.

The ingredient list isn’t as transparent as SuperGreen Tonik and splits active ingredients are split into 3 major blends:

  • Digestive Aid Blend: Organic wheatgrass powder, organic barley grass powder, organic alfalfa leaf powder, organic horseradish tree leaf powder, organic chlorella cracked cell wall powder, organic peppermint leaf powder.
  • Alkalizing and Energy Boosting Blend: organic spinach leaf powder, organic spirulina powder, organic broccoli leaf and stem powder, organic kale collards (leaf) powder, organic kelp powder, organic coconut water complex.


  • Contains 25 certified organic ingredients
  • Effective in improving digestion and bloating
  • Cheaper when bought in discount
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Chocolate flavor does not feel natural
  • Is not as effective as SuperGreen Tonik

These are effective ingredients that have a stronger focus on variety while some of the doses are likely lower than in SGT. The 3 blends are effective combinations of ingredients and there are some choices – like beet root powder and cayenne extract – that support exercise performance and fat loss, respectively.

The price is better than SuperGreens Tonik, however, which is a major trade-off with the taste.

Detox Organics

Detox Organics and SuperGreen TONIK are pretty much comparable but I feel like the taste is worth the price if I’m drinking a superfood smoothie or shake every morning.

3. AG1 by Athletic Greens

best green superfood powder

Athletic greens is an effective greens powders choice if you’re looking for a performance-focused superfood supplement powder.

It’s a super greens powder that has comparable effects to the other choices on this list, and is focused on improved energy levels and availability. It also supports better recovery post-exercise.

The taste was very ‘normal’ for the field with a green, vegetable set of flavors. It definitely tasted better than the Detox Organics, but less natural and fresh than SuperGreens Tonik – a very middle of the road flavor.

There are 3 blends in this product, just like Detox Organics:

  • Nutrient-dense Alkaline Raw Superfood Complex (7388 mg): includes star ingredients such as organic spirulina, organic apple powder, organic wheatgrass juice powder, organic chlorella powder, organic alfalfa powder, broccoli flower powder, beet root powder, etc.
  • Nutrient-dense Antioxidants, Herbs and Natural Extracts (2732 mg): includes ingredients such as alkaline pea protein isolate, artichoke leaf extract, Rhodiola rosea root dry extract, milk thistle seed extract, rosemary leaf extract, ashwagandha root extract, etc.
  • Digestive Enzyme and Super Mushroom Complex (154 mg): contains bromelain, burdock root powder, astragalus root powder extract, reishi mushroom powder, and shiitake mushroom powder.

These are effective in their own areas – and they all have interesting ingredient choices. There’s a clear smattering of performance-boosting compounds across all 3 areas.

The main focuses are on stress-protection and improving your overall health and cell-level recovery. They also prevent hormonal damage to keep you healthy, engaged, and recovering.


  • Over 70 nutrients including vitamins and minerals
  • Better for athletes and people with busy schedules
  • Effective in boosting immunity and promoting recovery due to adaptogens


  • Most Expensive Option
  • Not 100% transparent in terms of ingredients

The additional health benefits come from ingredients like pea protein to provide extra recovery impetus. You’ll also get liver support, testosterone protection, and more.

The final complex helps boost your nutrient uptake and the mushrooms are great for caffeine-free mental clarity and post-exercise recovery.

Athletic greens really struggle with pricing, as one of the most expensive choices on the market compared to other greens powders.

AG1 by Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens are not as cost-effective as Detox Organics which does make their appeal niche – if you want to buy Athletic Greens (or AG1 as they’re now branded), you should be sure that this is the product for you. You can also save a lot of cash if you order in subscriptions to save around 20% per serving.

4. Kylea Health And Energy Total Life Drink

Kylea Health And Energy Total Life Drink

Kylea Health and Energy Total Living is a full nutritional support choice that includes super greens, but also 12g of plant based protein.

This makes it a whole-body support greens powder that covers you in more ways than some others on this list. This does come at the cost of a wider range of plant extracts, but still packs 10 green vegetables in a single scoop.

The health benefits here are centered around how the protein and other ingredients work together.

The benefits are specific to workout recovery and better total dietary protein intake – which helps with digestive and metabolic regularity, supports muscle health, improves the quality of bones and connective tissue, and even helps you burn fat or build muscle.

The main health benefits of the green vegetable extracts include a huge vitamin and mineral content that makes for better whole-body health.


  • 11g of Vegan Protein Blend per serving
  • Can help with recovery and digestive health
  • Effective in boosting immunity and promoting recovery due to adaptogens
  • Contains essentials herbs, vitamins and minerals


  • Expensive

This also includes plenty of electrolytes to support physical health, performance, and recovery. Kylea’s benefits come from well-rounded support – it doesn’t stand out in any area but the higher protein content makes it a great all-purpose choice for health.

The taste isn’t amazing but the added protein does add a creamier texture that can be a nice change after a darker, earthier flavor like Detox Organics.

This was one of my favorite aspects while using this product – it felt like a good combination between a light protein shake and the fresh flavors of a normal super green powder.

Kylea Health And Energy Total Life Drink

Kylea Total Life Drink’s price is relatively high, but it’s cheaper than some others on the market and the value per serving is better in larger bags or bulk buys.

5. Daily Detox Greens+

green powder drink

I tried Daily Detox Greens+ because I’d run out of greens powders and the store near me sold this product.

I didn’t want to order and had to wait, but I was quite attached to the general health and energy benefits that I’d gotten used to with the previous products.

I used this product for 30 days, unlike the 3-6 months I gave the others, but didn’t feel convinced. The health benefits were similar to others, though the taste was a little tart. It was intended to taste like green apple – and that’s the only flavor I tried – because I didn’t really like it.

The green apple was not the best, but perhaps the others are better. However, after this experience I didn’t want to spend more money on the product just in case it got better, and ordered online instead.

The effects were similar to other products already discussed on this list.

I felt energized and I had better digestion, but the results weren’t enough to justify the taste. Unlike Detox Organics, this product didn’t have the clear health benefits in my healthy diet and lifestyle for me to commit to another 5 months of use.


  • 23 whole food ingredients
  • Can be effective in improving energy and digestions


  • Green Apple is not the best flavor

On the other hand, this was more expensive than some other supplements which put it at the bottom of the list.

Daily Detox Greens+

The combined issues of taste and price make for an unrewarding spend, and a large one at that I can’t recommend this product over a better choice like SuperGreens Tonik, which I think wins in every area compared to Daily Detox Greens+.

The Best Super Greens Powder

best super greens powder

The Best Greens Powder

After reviewing all the super greens powders – SuperGreen Tonik is the clear winner and the best super greens powder. It maintains some of the vegetable flavors you’d expect, but with a better whole-drink taste and freshness. The actual effects were bold and clear, while the price and taste were balanced against each other.

Overall, I think all of these green powders have something to commend them, but SuperGreen Tonik is the best greens powder.

I would recommend athletic greens (AG1) to anyone looking for sport-specific health support, and Detox Organics if you’re looking to save some money and don’t mind the earthy-chocolate taste!

The Benefits Of Greens Powder

Superfood supplements offer the best benefits of the green vegetables they use extracts from – high vitamin and mineral density, as well as powerful phytochemicals. These are plant-based compounds that support health and have interesting, if small, roles in the body.

Greens powders also help you avoid the worst effects of deficiency by keeping you at healthy levels of some essential nutrients. 

In one sense, greens powders are a far more powerful and effective version of multivitamins, except they rely on whole foods and are more easily absorbed.

1. Antioxidants: Cell Health and Aging

Superfood supplements are very powerful antioxidants. Plant foods and extracts are great at reducing oxidative stress and a superfood supplement is built on these compounds.

The huge variety and concentrated form of antioxidant compounds found in green powders makes them one of the best greens powders for an antioxidant supplement.

This reduces oxidative stress on your cells, which is often the cause of mutation, early cell death, and even some conditions like tumors.

Antioxidants help protect you from the worst of these factors, keeping your cells safe from your environment and damaging influences. They also reduce the worst of aging, which helps you maintain general, full-body health for longer.

2. Super Nutrient Dense: Vitamins and Minerals

mental clarity

The nutrient density of good greens powders helps beat nutrient deficiency. Using a greens powder can add serious vitamin and mineral intake to your healthy diet – topping you up and keeping you safe from deficiency.

There are a wide range of systems that suffer when you’re nutrient-deficient. This includes metabolic damage, hormonal dysregulation, poor energy balance, limited fat loss, limited muscle gains, and poor mental health and performance.

A good nutrient profile is one of the best factors for choosing the best greens powder.

3. Supports Immune Function

Your immune system loves nutrient-dense plant foods and their phytochemicals. Immunity is supported by vitamins and minerals, where it depends on compounds like vitamin A, C, D, E, and K for proper functions.

These are supported through superfoods – and especially super greens powders that are rich in nutrient-dense green vegetables. Immune function prevents disease and illness, as well as protecting you from infection.

On a day to day basis, this also means better control over inflammation levels, which can contribute to a wide range of unhealthy changes in the body – or even metabolic conditions.

Immune support from superfoods is helpful whether you’re fending off infection or supporting daily cell health!

4. Metabolism and Energy

Your metabolism depends on many of the processes that depend on the ingredients in greens powders. It depends on keeping your immune system healthy and making sure you’re getting enough vitamins (like iodine and chromium). 

It also depends on a wide range of minerals that you’re likely to find in a good greens powder.

However, the phytochemicals in many greens powders are directly useful in fighting metabolic conditions. Some of them may be anti-diabetic, others may support healthier cholesterol, and some help control your at rest hunger levels.

The metabolic benefits of a good superfood come in layers, and they contribute to everything from mental performance to workout performance to basic energy levels.

5. Hormonal Health and Balance

Just like the metabolism, your hormones depend on good nutrient intake. This is particularly important for insulin, thyroid hormones, sex hormones like testosterone, and even the hormones regulating sleep and hunger.

Greens powders that are rich in B vitamins and dark green pigments are great for supporting health in these processes.

The power of these hormones can’t be overstated when they control everything from mood to muscle growth, and from sexual health to sleep quality!

6. Mental Performance

super greens powder

Your mental performance is so much more complicated than you know – and superfood supplements can help support it. Mental performance is better when you’ve got plenty of nutrients in your body and nothing is deficient.

Greens powders also help with some direct cognitive performance boosters.

Amino acids like theanine can support mental performance, while tryptophan and tyrosine contribute to better mood, and plant-derived compounds may even control cognitive performance through acetylcholine levels.

These benefits all depend on the ingredients and extracts in a superfood powder, but they’re possible and common on the market, if you know where to look!

7. Exercise Performance

Your workouts depend on everything in your body working together – and superfood supplements do exactly that. By improving energy levels, metabolism, cognitive performance, and sleep, you get a huge range of benefits to the processes that prepare you for a great workout.

Athletic greens is a supplement directly built around this kind of need because athletes love superfood and super green powders.

They’re a powerful source of a wide range of nutrients that we all need – and which only become more important when you push your body in the gym or elsewhere.

Look for magnesium-rich superfood powders and anything with beet or pomegranate extract, as these are some of the best athletic superfood ingredients.

8. Sleep Quality and Recovery

Sleep quality is one of the best ways to improve everything in your life – and superfood powders can help.

Most of it depends on your stress levels, energy levels, hormonal health, and even things like your immune system or gut health. By supporting these processes through better nutrient intake and key phytochemicals, you can drastically boost your sleep quality and support more hours of sleep per night.

This is the number 1 way that most people can improve their mental and physical health and performance with one change.

Greens powders can be a huge help in sleep quality, where they make for more restful sleep and better relaxation. This is especially true in anything with a tea extract or using other anxiolytics, like valerian or chamomile.

9. Digestion and Bloating

Some of the best greens powders support better digestion with the use of astragalus or piperine.

These are powerful digestion support compounds that help you get the absolute most from the food you’re eating. They also support better digestion of other ingredients in your superfood powder.

Other superfoods contain dietary fiber that can support regular digestion and metabolism. Some forms of dietary fiber are even probiotic, supporting the healthy function of gut bacteria to improve everything from digestion to metabolism to stress levels.

Keep your eye out for these powerful compounds and any kind of fiber from a high-quality plant source.

How I Select & Why Did I Use Superfood Powders?

I select supplements for review based on a number of factors, including brand reputation, ingredients listed, the role they play in diet, user reviews, and simply how interesting I find them.

I used superfood powders because they represent an easy chance to boost nutrient intake. They’re also a popular supplement, but not a staple for everyone’s diet. I chose these 5 supplements based on their popularity, their brand reputations, and their effectiveness in boosting health and wellbeing.

I use greens powders personally because of the convenience and to ensure that I know I can get enough plant-based nutrients.

These support a wide range of processes and are far more effective than a simple multivitamin. This means I’m never worried about nutrient deficiency and I am constantly supporting the best mood, energy levels, and performance.

Picking the Best Greens Powders for You

You should pick a superfood supplement based on how well it focuses on your specific health and fitness goal. For example, I didn’t like athletic greens as much because I was paying for athletic benefits that I didn’t need.

Recommended: Checkout if greens powders expire or not, and whether or not you should consumed an expired greens supplement.

There are a few categories that are most important that we all need to focus on.

These are the most important decision-making factors that I’ve used to build this list – and which you should use to find the best superfood supplement on the market for you.

1. Ingredients and Effectiveness

The ingredients in a greens powder or supplement are the most important factor – because they determine the results you get. If you choose a superfood with the right ingredients, you’ll get the best benefits associated with your goal – like athletic performance or better mental clarity.

Ingredient choices really change the ‘direction’ that each supplement has for you. Focus on the ingredients that are most closely aligned with your goals so that you can get the best value for money greens powder.

2. Background Research and Synergies

The more research behind a supplement, its ingredients, or their interactions, the better! Background research ensures that you’re getting something that works and that is based on accurate study, rather than just a bunch of ingredients thrown together.

Research should be there to explain why an ingredient was chosen, as well as any synergies between ingredients. These are combinations – like Huperzine and Alpha-GPC – that are more effective together than they would be separately.

A well-researched and well-designed product combines the right ingredients in clinically effective amounts to give you the best results.

3. User Reviews And Reputation

The people who are already using a supplement typically have something you need to know: how does a supergreen powder taste? How does SuperGreen Tonik mix with water? Does your Daily Detox Greens+ smell weird?

These are the kind of real-use perspectives you get from reviews. It’s one of the factors I’ve used to choose products to review, and it’s why you’re reading this article.

Good, legitimate user reviews always speak well of a product – and even offer some useful tips along the way.

4. Certifications And Clean Label

The addition of a certification of independent inspection of a brand’s facilities or product is a fantastic way to know you’re getting what it says on the tub. This is a huge benefit if you’re concerned about the quality or reliability of a product.

The FDA offers a good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification (cGMP) to companies, products, and laboratories. These are the best places to go for reliable supplements and any brand or product that has them is worth your time – you know what you’re getting and that it isn’t cross-contaminated!

5. Heavy Metals and Testing

Some low-quality greens powder contain more heavy metals than is healthy. This is a similar problem that I’ve discussed before with low-quality whey protein supplements.

Good brands ensure that there are no unnecessary heavy metals included in their products. These can be checked against independent 3rd party testing, something that we’ve seen with manufacturers like Transparent Labs, who test for common contaminants like lead and mercury.

6. Artificial Ingredients: Are They Bad?

Some people want to avoid artificial sweeteners, flavors and ingredients – and a company that makes this easy or clear may be preferable. Artificial flavors and colors aren’t typically dangerous, but many companies will offer a proud seal of no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

If you’re trying to simplify your diet and reduce unnecessary additions, a company or product with an all-natural approach may be right for you.

7. Brand Rep And Value

The reputation and value of a brand are important for getting the best from any supplement. It speaks to the peace of mind you will experience with their product. High-quality brands are reliable and typically have a customer service experience that keeps people coming back.

I’m also a huge fan of transparency and upfront discussion of ingredients, processes, and science-based marketing claims. These are good signs for any brand since it shows a concern for customer health, wellbeing, and informed decisions.

These aren’t going to show up in the supplement – but your money is best spent in brands that take their customers’ wellbeing seriously.

Greens Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

Best Greens Powder For Bloating 

green superfood powder

The best greens powder for bloating is anything that is rich in potassium and magnesium. These two essential electrolytes help you clear out excess food and water waste, helping you reduce bloating and reduce water retention.

In my experience, Detox Organics has the best set of ingredients for bloating. I felt better digesting food after using this product and had less problems with ‘heavy’ foods sitting uncomfortably. It was the clearest example of a good greens powder for bloating of all the products on my list.

Best Super Greens Powder For Weight Loss

Athletic Greens is the best greens powder for weight loss.

It contains dedicated fat-metabolism and fat-burning compounds, like capsaicin, as well as a wide range of performance and endurance support for better workouts in general.

Super greens can help support weight loss through metabolic and digestive improvements. They’re also closely related to the processes that govern your energy storage, daily activity levels, and even appetite.

Best Greens Powder For Digestion

In my opinion, Detox Organics is the best overall choice for digestion, gut health, reducing bloating, and other related benefits.

It has dedicated ingredients for better gut health, a smart combination of ingredients for overall inflammation control, and I found it to be the most pleasant digesting.

This makes for a good overall product for digestion with a wider range of digestion-related benefits than others. SuperGreen Tonik was also good, but I felt like Detox Organics’ effects were more noticeable immediately when eating a meal.

Best Super Greens Powder For Pregnancy

SuperGreens Tonik Is the best super greens powder for pregnancy. It’s a clean label product that offers complete ingredient transparency and is clear from harmful ingredients.

The benefits of SuperGreens Tonik also come from a strong folate content, which is important for women in general and pregnant women specifically. It’s a powerful blend of ingredients for general health that can support better total health and nutrient availability.

Remember to:

Always check with your doctor before taking any course of supplementation – especially when pregnant, and especially when using prescription medications.

Best Greens Powder For Athletes 

Athletic greens is the best superfood supplement for athletes. It offers a comprehensive suite of nutrients that athletes need, with a focus on the specific performance-enhancing potential of key ingredients.

Athletic greens is tailor-made for athletes to improve recovery, as well as improving your mental and physical performance alike.

Best Greens Powder For Gut Health

green superfood powder

Detox Organics Is the best super greens powder for gut health.

It’s probiotic, as well as reducing bloating and other digestive health problems. I’ve used it with great results and have seen some of these gut health problems completely disappear after heavy meals, for example.

Best Greens Powder For Energy

SuperGreens Tonik Is the best super greens powder for energy. It’s rich in hormone-balancing, energy supporting, mood improving ingredients.

I found that the results to energy levels, focus, and mental and physical performance were clearly improved. This was one of the things I enjoyed the most about SGT, and the whole product seemed to be dedicated to this kind of lifestyle improvement.

Best Greens Powder For Skin

Kylea Total Living Is the best super greens powder for skin. The combination of a large dose of vitamin C with extra protein is one of the best ways to support better skin health.

Collagen is the main elastic protein in skin and gives it both firmness and bounce. Protein and vitamin C are the two most important nutrients that support better collagen synthesis, and Kylea has plenty of both to help your skin stay healthy – and look great.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

best greens supplement

SuperGreens Tonik is the Best Superfood Powder in 2023. It remains at the top of the list due to the balance of ingredients, taste, and effectiveness. I found it was very helpful while also being easier to drink than others on the market and maintaining a fresh taste.

The other products on this list are a little more niche. AG1 is the best greens powder for athletes, while the Kylea Total Living drink is a great choice for mixing protein, vitamins, and minerals in one place.

The most important thing while choosing the best greens powders is to do is stay close to your own needs and make sure you always select for quality, transparency, and the other factors we’ve discussed today.

If you make sure to keep your own goals in mind when choosing, you’ll get the best from your greens powder.

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