Best Gluten-Free Mass Gainer – 2023

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Gaining weight with gluten intolerance is a challenge: many mass gainers are packed with gluten.

Finding the best gluten free mass gainer is a huge boost to your growth potential. We’re listing 5 of the best mass gainers without gluten, using carbs from sources like Tapioca and Maltodextrin – which are free from gluten.

Let’s look at the best mass gainers around for gluten intolerant people, or just those trying to improve gut health!

1. Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

on pro gainer

Pro Gainer is the best gluten free mass gainers on the market. It has amazing macronutrients, is super versatile, and the best vitamin and mineral profile we’ve seen on a mass gainer.

This is a lean mass gainer with a high ratio of protein to carbs. This makes it a great choice throughout the day, with less carbs and a more sustained energy release. This is a lower calorie count per serving, but maximum muscle growth.

You’ll get 650 calories, which includes:

  • 60g Protein
  • 81g Carbohydrates
  • 9g Fats

These are perfect macronutrients for all-purpose mass gainer use, and it’s completely gluten free. But that’s not all – you get a huge boost of vitamins and minerals, among the best on the market.

Even better, these fats are MCTs – the fast absorbing kind that boost your total fat metabolism.


  • The best macronutrient profile for everyday, non-workout use
  • Outstanding vitamin and mineral content – may be the best on the market
  • Source of key nutrients are gluten free and high quality


  • Premium product with a premium price tag
  • Not the best specific-use option (e.g. post-workout high-carb needs)


We found out that Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer may not be Gluten-free, as the website doesn’t state that. Hence, please take precautions while taking this product.

2. Naked Mass

Naked Mass is the best gluten free mass gainer on the market for post-workout use. It offers huge calorie content, a good balance of protein and carbs, and plenty of secondary nutrients,

Naked is a great brand with a focus on supplement honesty, clarity, and removing unnecessary “fluff”. Their mass gainer is completely gluten free, using clean carbs from organic Tapioca maltodextrin.

This is a huge mass gainer with a single serving containing:

  • 1250 Calories
  • 50g Protein
  • 252g Carbs

You’ll also get extra BCAAs, supporting better muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown. This helps you train better, repair muscles after a hard workout, and refill your “spent” carb stores.

This makes Naked Mass perfect as a post-workout mass gainer for growth.

I like using naked mass in half-servings to get a more reasonable calorie content for daily use. I used full servings after workouts, which felt like the best balance.


  • Massive calorie content to make weight gain easy
  • Works as a meal-replacement if you can’t get to real food
  • High carb content is perfect for post-workout use


  • A little more expensive than some competitors

3. IronVegan

Ironvegan mass gainer

IronVegan is the best plant-based gluten-free mass gainer. It’s a near-perfect product that only takes second place because the plant proteins simply aren’t as bioavailable as milk proteins.

This is perfect for Coeliac or intolerant vegans, as well as anyone trying to use plant proteins. The 

With a balance of carbs, protein, and fats, this is also a complete macronutrient product. It’s not lacking anything. You’ll get 53g of protein per serving, 790 calories, and 114g of carbs – this is a powerful muscle growth supplement.

With extra vitamin D and potassium, you’re going to get extra support for hormonal health, mental energy, and muscular recovery (1). This makes naked mass a fantastic choice for anyone – gluten intolerant or not.

This is a perfect gluten-free vegan mass gainer.


  • Gluten free ‘clean’ carbs with sustained energy release
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Excellent calorie and macronutrient content
  • Versatile: perfect after workout or during the day
  • Additional nutrients support health and wellbeing


  • Bioavailability of proteins isn’t as good as dairy proteins

4. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

transparent labs mass gainer

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is a maltodextrin-based mass gainer with great macronutrients. This makes it not only gluten-free, but also a powerful mass gainer supplement for bulking up.

This is a great mass gainer with 740 calories per serving – the sweet spot for health weight gainer supplements.
With a gluten-free carbohydrate source (maltodextrin) and Transparent Labs’ 3rd party testing, you have peace of mind that this product is free from harmful contaminants.

It’s also a great all-rounder with a profile that suits any diet.

It contains carbs to boost post-workout absorption, perfect for the speed of absorption that maltodextrin offers. With a great carb-to-protein ratio, it’s a perfect choice to kickstart your recovery as soon as your workout is over.


  • Great macronutrient spread
  • Excellent protein-carb ratios for post-workout use
  • 3rd party testing to ensure there are no contaminants
  • Excellent vitamin and mineral profile


  • One of the more expensive options on the market

5. Less Naked Mass

A different take on the naked mass formula, Less Naked Mass expands on the all-natural focus of Naked Mass. It is gluten-free, but also free from GMOs and all other highly-processed nutrients.

This is a simple, no-frills mass gainer with a focus on the natural ingredients that get you the best results.
It comes with mixed whey and casein to get the best all-purpose protein profile, and uses the same gluten free tapioca maltodextrin as the original Naked Mass.

It comes with 1360 calories per serving, which includes 50g protein and 251g of carbs. These are huge, so I do still prefer this product in half-servings, where it’s the perfect all-natural post-workout mass gainer shake.

You also get an enriched amino acid profile, which is going to help your muscles perform at peak availability. This also prevents muscle damage and improves recovery, driving up muscle growth potential.


  • 5 ingredients – all of which are natural and healthy
  • Great protein profile for better absorption and consistency
  • Perfect post-workout option 


  • Single serving is too big for peak performance
  • A little expensive

Final Thoughts: The Best Gluten Free Mass Gainer

gluten free mass gainer

The best gluten free mass gainer is Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer; a lean mass gainer that is free from gluten, and delivers powerful benefits. It’s a simple but powerful supplement with the best micronutrient profile on the market.

You’ll also find other great options – like Naked Mass and IronVegan – which cater to specific diets.

Whatever you need, the mass gainer supplement market has a wide range of options and these are simply our top 5 gluten-free mass gainers.



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