Benefits of Drinking Greens

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What does drinking greens do for you, and why is it so popular? Are you missing out on something big?

That’s our topic as we discuss the benefits of drinking greens – and the most common questions we get about green superfood powders.

Here are the big 8 benefits…

Benefits Of Drinking Greens: What Do Green Superfood Powders Do?

Benefits Of Drinking Greens - What Do Green Superfood Powders Do

The main benefits of drinking greens are energy and metabolism, reducing inflammation and oxidative damage, boosting energy, mental performance, and reducing illness risk.

These are the core benefits of the main ingredients across all green superfood powders. Each product has different ingredients and benefits.

  • Essential micronutrients: greens are rich in vitamins and minerals to make sure you reach healthy daily intake.
  • Reducing inflammation: greens are anti-inflammatory to support healthy recovery in all tissues, and overall health.
  • Antioxidant powers: protect cells from oxidative damage with powerful plant antioxidants.
  • Hormonal regulation: reduce stress symptoms and stabilize your hormones with ingredients like brassica vegetables (DIM).
  • Metabolism and energy: B vitamins, iodine, and more to improve your metabolism and energy throughout the day.
  • Mental performance and health: stay sharp by supporting brain health, longevity, and energy levels.
  • Slowed aging: reduce cell death and the regenerative burden to stay younger for longer.
  • Immune function: give your body a fighting chance with illness and infection, keeping you healthy during cold and flu season.

These are the main benefits of drinking greens and they’re for any health and fitness goals. Crucially, you get all these benefits without having to eat 10+ types of green vegetables every day.

What Makes A Good Greens Powder?

What Makes A Good Greens Powder

Good greens powders have many different plant extracts, strong dosages, and digestive support. This is because some ingredients may be harder to digest – like algae sources or B vitamins.

Greens powders with digestive support – enzymes, ginseng, or piperine – are more powerful per serving. 

You also need a greens powder that focuses on the most powerful greens. These are often Brassica vegetable extracts – kale, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, and mustard greens. These are the most powerful sources for the benefits listed above.

More broadly, all cruciferous vegetables are great ingredients:

  • Arugula (Rocket)
  • Pak Choi.
  • Brussels
  • Chard
  • Radish
  • Collards
  • Rutabaga
  • Turnip
  • Cress

Look out for these. Eating your greens has always been important, and these are the best ones to focus on.

Secondary Benefits

Secondary Benefits

Some people drink greens because it helps them reduce digestive discomfort – like gas and bloating. Others report benefits to existing conditions, mood, healthier skin, and more.

These depend on the individual product, but they’re tied to anecdotal reports in many areas. 

Secondary benefits like these aren’t easy to prove. However, the reports are regular enough that we can trust them. Food based greens are also typically healthy, which means there’s good reward for very little risk.


Athletes and active people should take green powders if possible. They are great for regulating physical and mental stress, promoting recovery and health. Whether it’s elite sport or a very active job, more stressful lives benefit more from drinking greens.

Super Green Powder Aren’t All The Same

The intensity of each – and even secondary benefits – depend on the ingredients in each product.

The 8 most powerful benefits mentioned above are core benefits. They come from the most popular ingredients – like cruciferous vegetables and herbs. 

Super Green Powder Aren’t All The Same

These green powders are like a better version of multivitamins. They have more varied and potent contents from natural plant extracts. Taking green powder is more like eating real food than a vitamin supplement.

How To Drink Greens For Best Results

There’s no one way to drink greens for health, but it is best to establish a regular habit. For many people, drinking greens before noon is the best way to get energized for the day and make the most of their benefits.

How To Drink Greens For Best Results

Because greens improve things like digestion, energy, and cognition, they’re a great morning staple. Drinking greens in the morning is also perfect to get hydrated – supporting all the main benefits.

Regular low-level use is associated with the best effects and fewest side effects. Follow the use instructions on the manufacturer label, and avoid overdosing. Risks are very small, but overuse can cause problems like bloating, flatulence, or cramping.

They’re dosed for everyday use, and are very safe, so just use them as directed.

Benefits Of Drinking Greens: FAQ

1. What Do Greens Do For You?

Greens are a blend of healthy plant extracts that provide essential nutrients, reduce inflammation, and combat oxidative damage. 

Drinking greens regularly is a simple way to top up your micronutrients and gain unique health benefits. They have a wide range of positive effects, all contributing to your overall well being.

2. Who Should Drink Greens?

Everyone can benefit from drinking greens, as they provide nutrients from sources you may not eat. They also support micronutrient intake, which everyone needs to work on.

Greens are particularly important during and after high stress periods, in recovery after a cold and flu, or for any active person.

Because the benefits are general and varied, everyone should drink greens if they can afford to.

3. Should You Drink Green Superfood Powder Every Day?

You should drink green superfood powder either everyday or every other day.

The benefits to nutrient intake are best when taken regularly. Other benefits from phytonutrients (plant chemicals) are not required daily but still support better health.

This means a 1-2 day schedule is best for green superfood powders.

4. Does Drinking Greens Help Weight Loss?

Drinking greens can support weight loss indirectly by maintaining energy levels, improving metabolism, and reducing stress levels. These improve your food choice, but drinking greens won’t cause weight loss on a bad diet.

You need to drink greens for health benefits with a balanced diet. 

Conclusion: The Benefits Of Drinking Greens

Conclusion - The Benefits Of Drinking Greens

Green powders can have varied health benefits, mainly in metabolism and energy levels. However, they come in a range of qualities and are not made equal.

Carefully choose a green supplement that fits your lifestyle and needs. Quality is king for green supplements. 

If you’re still uncertain about how to get the best from green powders, you need to read our best green powders article, where we review some of the most popular greens on the market.

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