Barbell Box Reviews: Box of Happiness

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Have you been eyeing that new supplement in the market but don’t want to commit to a full pack or bundle yet? Or maybe, you get bored of the same workout clothes and like to experiment with your gym selfies to keep yourself motivated?

Perhaps, you get bored of the same old fitness gear and supplements you’ve been using for ages and would like to switch things up every now and then.

A subscription box is a fun and economical way to experiment with your fitness routine without blowing a hole in your wallet buying products that may not suit you perfectly. In this article, I list down my personal Barbell Box Reviews, an amazing fitness subscription box I tried.

Why Go for Trial Products and Subscription Boxes?

Benefits of Trial Products

Whether it is fitness, grooming, or even something as basic as your groceries, is there any way you can guarantee a product will work for you? Despite raving reviews, a clean formulation, and transparent ingredient list, you would always be better off trying products to figure out whether they work for your unique body chemistry, lifestyle, or preferences.

Now, if you are merely ‘trying’ something out, why invest in full-sized products or services. If it doesn’t work out for you, isn’t it such a waste? Trial products are a boon in such a scenario.

barbellbox review

With just enough product for a few uses, a trial product allows you to gauge the quality and suitability so you can make an informed decision to commit to the full-sized version.

In case it doesn’t work out for you, no need to sweat it- you are not wasting much product or money, at least, definitely not in comparison to a full-sized or premium version.

Best Price for Barbell Box

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Subscription Boxes and Why They are Awesome

A subscription box is essentially a bundle of miscellaneous trial products and services for you to try out, delivered to you at regular monthly, bi-monthly, or so, intervals.

I find subscriptions boxes very convenient because of how customized they are, yet giving me a bunch of options to explore. You also get exposure to new brands and products on the block, without having to go through the cumbersome process of researching and ordering them individually. An added bonus- you get it all in a much more economic price.

the barbellbox review

As a fitness junkie, I am always trying out new supplements, routines, and gear to find a hidden gem, so subscription boxes are perfect. Even if you are just getting into fitness, a subscription box would help you figure out the ropes in a guided manner without compromising on options.

You get to try out a bunch of supplements every month and figure out what works for you- all in a budget, and with negligible product-wastage or logistical hassle. A guilty pleasure- each box feels like a gift and it is super exciting to open up the package and find what your treats for the month are.

Now that you know what fitness subscription boxes are, let’s checkout the Barbell Box reviews in particular.

The Barbell Box Reviews

The Barbell Box is a premium fitness subscription box that delivers a monthly curation of the hottest new nutritional supplements and fitness gear in the market right at your doorstep.


A subscription box usually contains a tried and tested selection of nutritional supplements, workout plans, healthy recipes to suit your fitness needs, workout gear- and of course, a burst of motivation. An additional exciting feature is that each month the box subscribes to a different theme.

About the Company

The Barbell Box was born to fill up a noticeable gap in fitness-related subscription boxes. As avid fitness junkies themselves, the founders came across various fitness enthusiasts everyday- whether they are bodybuilders, athletes, bikini models, or just people who are passionate about fitness. They quickly realized, there is no dearth of demand if they were to create a fitness subscription box.

Every athlete has a different set of requirements, and the ideal subscription box should be customized to fulfill their specific needs.

The Barbell Box took this into careful consideration and curated a monthly box with premium products from quality brands- ranging from supplements and muscle building recipes, to fitness gear, accessories, and workout guides, customized to your fitness needs to help you be your best version.

My Experience with The Barbell Box

I’ve been on the lookout for a new subscription box, and The Barbell Box caught my eye right off the bat. The variety promised and the premium nature of the products made it a pretty lucrative deal, and I placed my order.  

I received a wonderful selection of trial packs and products in the box which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are a few of the goodies that were included in my box:

● Protein Cookies and Croutons

I received a bunch of protein cookies and protein croutons from Shrewd Food. They definitely didn’t skimp out on variety here- packing in a bunch of different flavors of the protein cookies and multiple packs of the savory parmesan herb protein croutons.

the barbell box reviews

Shrewd Food definitely makes some of the best healthy snacks out there, and their protein cookies have definitely set a high benchmark.

1 billion CFU probiotics and prebiotics, nutrients from 10 fruit and vegetable sources, free from peanuts or corn syrup, containing only kosher dairy, and with no artificial flavour or preservatives- there is little more you could ask from this delicious healthy cookie packing 8 gm of protein.

The parmesan herb protein croutons live up to the brand name with its deliciously healthy composition that contains real parmesan cheese, but is free from soy, eggs, nuts, and contains no artificial flavour or colours.

barbell apparel box review

With 10 gm of protein, these croutons can level up any salad. It is perfect for a keto diet as well, since it is very low in fats, carbs or sugar.

● Hangover Drink

The hangover drink from Bright Fox was such a unique and effective product. This drink is perfect to replenish your hydration cycle and recover your body after a crazy night out.

It is a fizzy drink with zero calories or sugar, and containing no artificial sweeteners, stimulants, or colour. Bright Fox has some great flavors like Cucumber Mint, Grapefruit Ginger, and Blueberry Vanilla, to offer in their hangover cure.

barbell box subscription

In my opinion, this would be a great drink for you even if you are just looking for just a flavorful boost of hydration without chugging empty calories.

● Greens Blend

I was quite surprised to find my box to contain a full-sized tub of a pre workout supplement- the Fruit Punch variant of Nutraphase Clean Greens and Berries.

This is a blend containing supergreens and phytoberries that provides your body the fuel it needs to power through your workout sessions. Not only is it great for a burst of energy, it also contributes towards building up your general health and wellness.

Brimming with antioxidants and a plethora of other nutrients, the Nutraphase Clean Greens and Berries helps optimizes your digestive function and helps you detox- something that is indispensable for athletic performance and recovery. Gluten-free, and free from any artificial flavors, colours, sweeteners, etc., this is a great supplement for anyone looking for a clean and healthy start to their day.

barbell box canada

This supplement comes in a 252 gm tub containing 30 servings in total of a rich supergreens complex and natural phytoberry blend. The Nutraphase Clean Greens and Berries comes in three exciting flavors- Mojito, Fruit Punch, and Orange. The variant I received, aka Fruit Punch, was pretty appetizing. 

● Workout T-shirt

There is nothing like a wardrobe upgrade to boost up your mood and motivation. Especially when it comes to fitness, the routines are so rigorous and so much importance is placed on self-discipline, it is quite easy to lose motivation and go off track.

Now, motivation is definitely not something you can buy off the rack- you have to find it within yourself. However, you can trick your brain into feeling motivated and excited with little treats.

New fitness gear or accessories are definitely a great way to inspire motivation and make your workout sessions all the more fun. I was quite happy to find that The Barbell Box caters towards gear as well, and that they ask you for your clothing measurements right when you are subscribing to the service. My box contained a workout t-shirt, and I was quite pleased with the fitting and quality.

Best Price for Barbell Box

GainingTactics partners with health and supplement companies to provide you the best deals. Looking for the best price on Barbell Box? Click the button below to get the best deal!

Barbell Box Subscription: Should You Buy It?

My initial experience with The Barbell Box was amazing, and I will definitely continue with the service. Not only do I get to try out so many different high quality products at one go each month, but the user experience extremely hassle-free and convenient.

barbellbox subscription

You can also pick a billing plan, with free worldwide shipping included, amongst a variety of options to suit your convenience. The exposure to multiple nutritional supplements, some of which I may never have discovered on my own, definitely helps make my purchase decisions more informed- and I can tell it will save me from any bad product investments.

The products are all tried and tested, and from premium trusted brands- and the cherry on the cake is the feeling of excitement you get every month when you open the mystery box for the first time. This makes all the Barbell Box Reviews positive, so you know what you are investing in.

All in all, The Barbell Box definitely checks off all the right boxes when it comes to my expectations from a fitness subscription box, and I would definitely encourage you to give it a try.

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