Athletic Greens Vs Mud WTR: What’s Better?

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Do you need a mushroom based coffee replacement, or a green powder that aims to boost athletic performance?
These are the 2 major contenders in our Athletic Greens Vs Mud/Wtr review and you’ll find out what they are, what they do, and which is right for you.

Without any more rhyming, let’s get into what’s on offer with these products…

  • Best Overall Nutritional Shake
    What is Athletic Greens

    Athletic Greens AG1

      AG1 is the best overall nutritional shake with 75 ingredients to help boost immunity, digestion and overall health.
  • Great Coffee Alternative


      MUD\WTR is a great low caffeine coffee alternative for energy and other benefits.

MUD/WTR Overview: What Is It?

MUD/WTR Overview - What Is It

MudWtr is a plant-based superfood powder with a focus on mushroom products. It offers high nutrient density drinks that can support better micronutrient intake, aiming to replace coffee with vegetable-based nutrients.

This can work to an extent, since one of the main benefits of this product is more mental energy and improved cognition.

MUD/WTR Ingredients: What’s In It?

MUD/WTR Ingredients - What’s In It

The main ingredients in MudWtr are Masala chai mix, cacao, cordyceps, lion’s mane mushroom, chaga, reishi, cinnamon, turmeric, and pink Himalayan salt. These provide the major mental health and performance benefits, as well as the essential electrolytes.

You’ll also get secondary benefits from ginger, cardamom, piperine, nutmeg, cloves, and black tea powder. These provide a wide range of anti-inflammatory, digestive, and metabolic benefits.

Mud/Wtr Benefits: What Does It Do?

Mud/Wtr Benefits - What Does It Do

The main benefits of MudWtr are mental energy, wakefulness, and cognitive performance. These are obviously there to replace the lack of coffee, though with a more sustained energy release and fewer possible side effects (like jitters, crashing, and changes to heart rate).

The secondary benefits include those mentioned above: digestion, metabolism, cell health, inflammatory status, and more


  • Significant mental energy and performance effects
  • Has sustainable benefits with much lower side effect risk than caffeine


  • Lacks the physical performance benefits of caffeine
  • Some of the secondary effects are underwhelming or underpowered

MudWtr is more than just mental energy, though it does excel in that key area.

MUD\WTR Masala Chai

  • Great for mental clarity and energy
  • Perfect alternative for morning coffee
  • 100% organic ayurvedic herbs and functional mushrooms

Athletic Greens Overview: What Is It?

Athletic Greens Overview - What Is It

Athletic greens is a green powder supplement combining protein with the most powerful green vegetables, herbs, root extracts, and even mushrooms. This provides a potent daily health, performance, and lifestyle support supplement in one powder.

Checkout the full review of Athletic Greens AG1 from a dietician:

It offers a wider variety of nutrients, while also supporting things like mental performance, digestion, energy levels, and many more health factors.

Athletic Greens Ingredients: What’s In It?

Athletic Greens Ingredients - What’s In It

Athletic greens is built around key ingredients like cruciferous vegetables, reiki and shiitake mushrooms, inulin, pea protein, antioxidant fruits, and potent vitamins and minerals.

This combination of direct tissue support and secondary ingredients is perfect for all-round wellbeing. It’s here to replace your multivitamin, multi-mineral, protein powder, and green powder.

High quality secondary ingredients like astragalus and CoQ10 are included for synergistic benefits with other ingredients. These produce better results while still using a wide variety of ingredients for health and recovery.

Athletic Greens Benefits: What Does It Do?

Athletic Greens Benefits - What Does It Do

The main benefit of athletic greens is increasing your intake of powerful vegetable extracts, combined with the direct benefits of added protein. High protein and nutrient dense diets are the main thing we all need to focus on – athlete or not.

These combined nutrients improve athletic recovery and performance, cognition, metabolism, fatigue-resilience, digestion, and more. The combined effects reach into every area of health and performance, improving just about everything.


  • Excellent ingredient choices
  • Protein content has fantastic metabolic and recovery benefits
  • Significant benefits to mental performance and fatigue resilience
  • Similar benefits from reiki to Mud/Wtr (though less pronounced)


  • Fewer servings per container than some competitors
  • More costly than entry-level greens

This variety of benefits is the key benefit: athletic greens can improve almost everything about your diet, health, performance, and lifestyle with a single supplement. It can also replace a protein shake, multivitamin, and green powder if you’re not an athlete.

Athletic Greens AG1

Athletic Greens
  • 75 organic ingredients
  • Best overall nutritional shake for energy, performance and immunity boost

Our Verdict: Mud/Wtr Vs Athletic Greens

Our Verdict - Mud/Wtr Vs Athletic Greens

It’s hard to compare MUD/WTR vs Athletic Greens – but we prefer AG1 as an all-round health and performance supplement. Many of the benefits associated with MudWtr could be gained through simply drinking decaf coffee and using AG1.

The benefits of MudWtr are very specific – and they lose value when you’re not worried about caffeine side effects. These are both stimulant-free products, but Athletic Greens has AZ much wider series of benefits than MudWtr.

This versatility and potency makes Athletic Greens both better for anyone and better for performance – both lifestyle and athletic.

MUD/WTRAthletic Greens AG1
Effective mental performance alternative while avoiding caffeineProtein source and packed with micronutrients for all-round support
Strong synergists and effective, varied benefits for such a short ingredient listSynergies increase impact without reducing variety of ingredients
Lacks some variety in benefits and persistent nutrient supportUnique benefits, even on a well-balanced and veg-rich diet
Doesn’t expand much on coffee and AG1’s benefits, even decaf!More expensive than other products (due to multiple ‘roles’)

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