Athletic Greens Vs Living Fuel Supergreens

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In this article, we are comparing two of the best nutritional shakes in the market: Athletic Greens vs Living Fuel: SuperGreens

Living food supergreens is a wholemeal superfood, using a range of dried and powdered whole foods with minimal processing. It offers great health support and a wide range of both popular and effective ingredients.

It has some unique approaches – like increased BCAA content – which do set it apart from other products on the market, however…

Living Fuel Ingredients: What’s In It?

The main ingredients in living fuel include powdered kale, chlorella, spirulina algae, inulin, BCAAs, astragalus, green tea, ginger, digestive enzymes, curcumin, and probiotics.

You also get additional vitamin and mineral support, with values between 25% and 12,530% of your daily needs. 

Other ingredients are included, but have less potent effects. These are typically included for things like circulatory support, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, and phytonutrient “goodness”.

They’re all good for you, but are less impactful than those above.

Living Fuel Ingredients - What’s In It

Living Fuel Benefit: What Does It Do?

The main benefit of living fuel is an increase in vitamins and minerals, and improving your anti-inflammatory status.

Living Fuel Benefit - What Does It Do

This helps all kinds of systems work better in your body, reduces many risks for disease and illness, and improves how you feel.

The secondary ingredients support better circulation and cardiorespiratory health, digestive wellbeing, and metabolism. These contribute to lower risk of the most common causes of ‘natural’ deaths, keeping you safer where it matters.


  • Great health support
  • Varied ingredients
  • Strong digestive support profile
  • Good secondary health support


  • No discussion of dosages on the ingredient label
  • BCAAs are filler
  • Many ingredients fail to offer unique benefits vs eating more veg

Athletic Greens Overview: What Is It?

Athletic Greens Overview - What Is It

Athletic greens is a green superfood powder that focuses on health and performance. It offers athletic benefits whatever experience level you train at, and uses synergies to combine potency with ingredient variety.

Athletic greens distinguishes itself with unique ingredients that offer benefits you couldn’t get from simply eating more vegetables.

Don’t forget to checkout the Athletic Greens review from a dietician:

Athletic Greens Ingredients: What’s In It?

Athletic Greens Ingredients - What’s In It

The main ingredients in Athletic greens are cruciferous vegetables, root superfoods like ginger and ginseng, cocoa bean, green tea, chlorella, spirulina, inulin, and more.

The secondary ingredients offer distinct benefits, too, with super-bioavailable magnesium glyconate, CoQ10, shiitake and reishi mushrooms, and more. These enhance the cognitive and athletic performance benefits, boosting endurance and protecting you from fatigue.

Just like Living Fuel, AG1 is also a potent multi-mineral and multivitamin. It includes essential nutrients in the 15% to 880% range – with an average above 100%.

Athletic Greens Benefits: What Does It do?

Athletic Greens Benefits - What Does It do

The main benefits of athletic greens AG1 are metabolism and energy boosting, fatigue resilience, better recovery and circulation, improved cell health, and more robust immunity. These keep you safer, let you perform better, and transfer perfectly to everyday life.

The athletic benefits are clear, but it’s this overlap between elite performance and everyday support that is particularly useful.


  • Many benefits unique to AG1 not found in diet
  • Great synergies around energy, performance, metabolism, and digestion
  • Strong digestive enzyme support for compounds like spirulina algae
  • Potent micronutrient content


  • More expensive than some alternatives

Our Verdict: Living Fuel Vs Athletic Greens

Our Verdict - Living Fuel Vs Athletic Greens

In the battle between living fuel vs athletic greens, AG1 wins because it’s a better supplement to a normal diet. It adds more unique benefits that you won’t get from eating more veg, while the benefits of products like living fuel as a supplement is a little weak.

The micronutrient content is roughly equal, but AG1 defines itself with more relevant and useful benefits. Mental performance, recovery, athletic performance, and fatigue-resilience are all useful to everyone – whether for sport or long hours at the office!

Living FuelAthletic Greens AG1
Micronutrient rich with powerful choicesStrong health and performance benefits
Huge vitamin and mineral doses can be very powerfulVaried ingredients but strong synergies
Supports energy and wellbeing, providing varied benefits to lifestyleExcellent secondary ingredients for health, wellbeing, and longevity
Lacks some unique benefits to define the product in the marketPotent athletic benefits with protein and mental performance support

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