Athletic Greens Vs Better Days: Comparison

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Green supplements are important for everyone, whether you want to improve your overall health or are a fitness enthusiast like me.

However, determining which one is the best fit for you can be a daunting task.

This article will completely relieve you of that burden by analyzing Athletic Greens and Better Days while discussing their ingredients, benefits, and cons.

So let’s get started and help you make a decision right away!

  • Best Overall Nutritional Supplement
    What is Athletic Greens

    Athletic Greens AG1

      The number #1 nutritional shake for overall improvement in health and well-being.
  • Great Veggies and Fruits Supplement
    Better Days Benefits


      Convenient fruits and veggies supplement for health and digestive benefits.

Athletic Greens: What it is?

Athletic Greens is the number one supplement on the market today.

Athletic Greens - What it is

Made from a fine blend of 75 ingredients, it aims to provide comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to everyone who takes it.

The dietary supplement has been formulated to help you feel energetic, support your immune system, and improve your overall well-being.

Did you know: that one scoop of Athletic Greens contains the equivalent of nine different health products? This includes multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, and many more.

AG1 Ingredients:

AG1 Ingredients

Athletic Greens contain a blend of ingredients including:

  • Raw superfoods like organic spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa powder, and many more for overall health.
  • Various extracts and herbs, including milk thistle seed extract, citrus bioflavonoids extract, and alkaline pea protein isolate.
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics for gut health. 
  • Digestive enzymes such as Bromelain and Papain and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and beta-carotene for protection against free radicals. 

AG1 Benefits:

Athletic greens isn’t called the “Daily all-in-one supplement” for nothing.

AG1 Benefits

It boasts a variety of benefits including, but not limited to, gut health protection (yes, it contains prebiotics and probiotics that actively work to protect the guts), vitamins and beta-carotene that protect against free radicals, and the presence of reishi mushrooms and rhodiola for stress support.

Talk about a go-to supplement after a long day at work. 

Here are a few of its pros and cons;


  • Organic and natural ingredients are used.
  • Simple and convenient to integrate into a daily routine.
  • It’s an all-in-one supplement that can meet a variety of needs.


  • May not be suitable for people with some dietary restrictions.
  • Might be expensive for consumers with a tight budget.
  • The texture may be a little too dusty for some people.

Overall, Athletic green is a must-have. It packs a powerful punch in every scoop, thanks to its extensive ingredient list.

Athletic Greens AG1

What is Athletic Greens
  • All organic ingredients (75 total ingredients)
  • Digestive enzymes for better digestion support
  • All-in-one nutritional support for all your health needs.

Better Days: What it is?

Better Days - What it is

Better Days Greens are delicious mixes that come in a ready-to-go, convenient stick package and contain all of the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables that you need on a daily basis.

These nutrients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which may help lower the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Did you know: that every Better Days package is made with all natural and organic greens and that it offers both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options?

Better Days Ingredients:

Better Days Ingredients

Better Days contain a variety of natural and organic ingredients such as broccoli sprout concentrate, tomato, onion extract, spinach, kale, carrot, Brussels sprout, alfalfa leaf, oat grass, wheat grass, chlorella, apple cider vinegar, and many more, all of which provide various health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, fighting inflammation, and aiding in digestion.

Better Days Benefits:

Better Days Benefits

Better Days is made up of natural and organic ingredients that provide numerous benefits and vitamins in a convenient stick pack. Delicious and convenient!


  • Better Days supplements are made with natural, ethically sourced ingredients.
  • “Better Days Greens” delivers essential nutrients without requiring you to consume large amounts of whole foods.
  • Better Days Co offers free shipping within the United States, as well as other discounts and giveaways.


  • Better Days currently offer only two supplements, which may not meet the needs of everyone.
  • Limited customer reviews: Because the company is new, there are few customer reviews available to assess the effectiveness of this supplement.
  • The supplement is not strictly regulated as no adequate testing is done for quality control.

It is clear that Better Days supplement is a go-to supplement for getting the necessary nutrients and improving one’s overall health. Let us not forget how conveniently packaged the product is.


Better Days - What it is
  • Unique combination of goodness of veggies and fruits
  • Vitamin and mineral benefits for overall health

Athletic Greens Vs Better Days: What’s better?

Athletic Greens Vs Better Days - What’s better

Athletic Greens and Better Days are both excellent sources of nutrition and overall support. Athletic Greens is a comprehensive all-in-one supplement, whereas Better Days is a daily organic vitamin supplement. Choosing between the two is a personal preference and supplement needs, so we’ll consider their ingredients, pricing, and other necessary factors.

Ingredients and Dosage

Athletic Greens provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health and wellness. It contains over 75 ingredients, and requires only one scoop to get the needed dose.

Ingredients and Dosage

On the other hand, Better Days is a daily organic vitamin supplement that is formulated with 23 essential vitamins and minerals. However, it recommends two dosages to meet your required vitamins. Athletic Greens is by far the best option out of the two.



Athletic Greens is the winner in terms of taste between the two supplements. It has a refreshing and pleasant fruity flavor and a smooth texture that mixes well with water. In comparison, Better Days has a more medicinal taste and a slightly grainy texture, which can be off-putting for some users.



Both Athletic Greens and Better Days offer benefits to users, but Athletic Greens stand out as the superior choice due to its comprehensive all-in-one supplement that provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health and wellness, including immune system support, energy and focus, and digestive health.


Athletic Greens offer a cost-effective solution with 30 servings for only $79, catering to its users’ diverse needs by offering varying dosages. For people on the go, the brand offers a travel pack (starting at $89) as well as a larger serving size for athletes and people who live an active lifestyle.


Better Days supplements, on the other hand, have restricted pricing because they are only available through a monthly subscription, ranging from $47.05 to $80.95. As a result, Athletic Greens is a more comprehensive and cost-effective option than Better days.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Athletic Greens is the undisputed winner of this comparison. Athletic Greens AG1 supplement not only provides a wide range of essential nutrients, but it also offers a convenient and holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing.

Final Verdict

If you want to achieve optimal health, you should go with the best, which is Athletic Greens. Don’t settle for less and start reaping the benefits of this high-quality supplement right away.

Click here to check prices for both Athletic Greens AG1 and BetterGreens.

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