Athletic Greens AG1 Review: Dietitian’s Take After Taking It for 30 Days

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Eating fruits and veggies can be a life-saving decision quite literally! Skipping out on these crunchy delights can add to more than 1.7 million deaths worldwide [1].

That was pretty huge, this tells us how crucial it is to prioritize these nutrient-dense foods in one’s diet.

Let me tell you, for almost a decade of being a Dietician, mostly my clients suffer from micronutrient deficiencies and the most common trait from them is that they have difficulty  swallowing those mighty greens.

Enter the wonders of supplements, which aid in filling nutrition gaps. The true problem is determining what is best for you.

That is why I decided to take Athletic Greens for 30-days, see how it works and to provide you with an unbiased review.

Athletic Greens AG1

  • Best overall nutritional shake for all ages
  • 75 ingredients to boost overall health and wellness
  • Digestive enzymes and Synbiotics for digestive health

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic greens, also known as AG1 provides foundational nutrition simplified, with nine synergistic solutions in one and 75 high-quality components. 

What is Athletic Greens

The company claims that their formula is designed to alkalize the body, support nutrient absorption and it also supports healthy digestion and immune function.

Who started AGI

Chris Ashenden is the founder of Athletic Greens. Chris is a health specialist and entrepreneur from New Zealand who founded the firm in 2010.

Who started AGI

He founded Athletic Greens as a result of his own displeasure with the market’s scarcity of high-quality nutritional supplements. He spent years studying and testing various chemicals and combinations in order to build what he thinks to be the ideal all-in-one supplement. 

Athletic Greens has grown to become a well-known and renowned brand in the health and wellness business.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Let us begin with the ingredients. The company’s commitment in choosing their ingredients is quite impressive. 

Athletic Greens Ingredients

Every component is carefully chosen for its quality, and the benefits are scientifically supported, with an emphasis on the synergy between the numerous nutrients in AG1. AG1’s components are gathered in their purest forms.

However, a long list of ingredients doesn’t translate to its effectiveness as a supplement. In fact, large doses of these components can be harmful and oftentimes can trigger people who are highly sensitive.

First on our list is the vitamins, each of these powerhouses play a crucial role in boosting your immunity and building strong bones. 

Athletic greens is packed with vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant which shields your cell from free-radicals, while vitamin D helps our teeth and bones. 

The whole food sourced nutrients in Athletic Greens are perhaps the most intriguing part of the formula.

The components are often derived from organically grown foods such fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which are recognized for their health advantages.

Athletic Greens Ingredients 2

For instance, the protein-rich algae spirulina may aid to decrease bodily inflammation, while broccoli blossoms may promote healthy liver function[2,3].

The blend of vitamins, minerals, whole food-based nutrients, probiotics, and adaptogens assist a variety of biological processes and the research behind each component is solid.

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The Pros and Cons of Athletic Greens

The Pros and Cons of Athletic Greens

What I find notable about Athletic Greens is its blend of synbiotics, comprising prebiotics and probiotics, along with adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola and ashwagandha, which may support the body’s response to stress.  This combination sets the product apart from other supplements.

Additionally, Athletic Greens is formulated to offer high bioavailability, which implies that the body can absorb and utilize the nutrients effectively. 

This feature can be particularly beneficial for those who have nutrient deficiencies or digestive problems that may hinder nutrient absorption from regular supplements or food.


  • 75 High-Quality Ingredients
  • Convenient and easily dissolvable
  • Digestive enzymes and Synbiotics
  • NSF Certified for Sport®,TGA-registered, NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registered facilities,Climate Neutral Certification
  • Support Recovery after Physical Activity


  • The product’s lack of transparency is attributed to its use of proprietary blends
  • On a per-serving basis, this formula tends to be pricier than other alternatives
  • Individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies may find this product unsuitable

Overall, while Athletic Greens offer many potential advantages, it’s vital to assess the cost and any negative effects before determining whether to include it into your daily routine.

One notable disadvantage of Athletic Greens is the price. It might be rather pricey when compared to other supplements on the market. A 30-day supply purchased once might cost up to $100, while a monthly subscription can cost significantly more.

The Pros and Cons of Athletic Greens

If you are one of individuals who have a history of kidney stones you might want to avoid the high dose of vitamin C in Athletic greens. While those who are taking blood thinners might also want to avoid the vitamin K present in Athletic Greens.

The 30-day Challenge

As a dietitian being an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. I’m always finding ways to enhance my health and well-being and help bring my clients their ultimate greens.

So when I heard  about Athletic Greens and its robust  benefits and it claims to do so much for your health and wellness. My curious self wants to give it a shot!

The 30-day Challenge

Even after consistently taking it for 30 days, I still maintain some doubts about its effectiveness.

While I can’t say I was blown away by the results, I did notice some favorable changes in  my digestion and energy levels.

I cannot help but wonder about the idea that the changes that I have experienced might be a placebo effect and to top it all its hefty price tag.

The flavor, on the other hand took some getting familiar to. The flavor is earthy and green, which might be overpowering at first. However, I discovered that combining it with some fruit juice or blending it into a smoothie helped to hide the flavor.

However, I must acknowledge that the ingredients are noteworthy and the scientific rationale behind the formulation appears sound.

The Science Behind Athletic Greens

Since taking it for 30 days left me with lots of questions I decided to dive deep in the science behind Athletic Greens before recommending it to my clients. Here’s what I found out.

The Science Behind Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens and Athletic Performance

While Athletic Greens is not advertised as a performance supplement, several of the elements in the recipe may be beneficial to athletes or others wishing to increase physical performance.

Athletic Greens and Athletic Performance

Beetroot has been shown to improve endurance and time to exhaustion in athletes, previous study showed an increased level of nitric oxide in the body gives you better blood flow and oxygen delivery will be delivered to your muscles efficiently [4]. 

While B vitamins in Athletic Greens may help support energy production and muscle function

Athletic Greens for Weight Loss

The golden question how Athletic Greens can benefit individuals looking to shed some pounds? When it comes to weight loss there are a Dietitian’s top notes to consider.

Make sure your body will receive all the nutrition it needs. Another way in which Athletic Greens may benefit weight loss is by supporting a healthy metabolism.

Athletic Greens for Weight Loss

The blend of ingredients in Athletic Greens includes have shown to support metabolic function, such as green tea extract and ginger root.

Catechins is a compound  that is found in Green tea extract that has shown to increase metabolism and helps in burning fats [5].

Ginger root on the other hand has been shown to help reduce inflammation and support digestion both of which can impact metabolism and weight loss.

Athletic Greens for Digestive Health

As someone who takes gut health seriously, I was intrigued by the claims surrounding Athletic Greens and its potential benefits for digestion.

While taking Athletic Greens, I did notice some improvements in my digestive symptoms. I felt less bloated and uncomfortable after meals, and I had more regular bowel movements

One key ingredient in Athletic Greens is probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for digestive health by helping restore na natural balance in the gut that is mainly caused by stress, diet and antibiotics

Athletic Greens contains enzymes such as bromelain and papain, these are  commonly known to aid in the breakdown of food that helps alleviate symptoms of bloating and gas [6].

Athletic Greens for Digestive Health

Athletic Greens and Immune Support

As I take a closer look with Athletic Greens ingredients I might say that it is packed with immune-boosting properties such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium. It’s our body’s warriors against illness and diseases.

Athletic Greens and Immune Support

Selenium contributes to the production of white blood cells that reduces the risk of illness and Athletic greens provide 70% of the daily recommended intake.

It also has 700% recommended dosage of vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant.

Its zinc dosage is 100% of the recommended daily intake this is also essential for immune function since it supports blood cells and other immune cells.

Athletic Greens and Mental Health

The stress of the epidemic improves mental health awareness. It’s also one of the reasons I want to test Athletic Greens since their ingredients promote mental wellness and cognitive function.

Athletic Greens and Mental Health

Several ingredients in Athletic Greens have been shown to have potential benefits for mental health.

One key ingredient is the presence of adaptogens that many have been using for centuries. 

Rhodiola Rosea  and ashwagandha studies show that it improves symptoms of depression and anxiety by helping the body to adapt to stress that leads to a healthy mood, reducing mental fatigue and improving cognitive function.

In addition, Athletic Greens contain B-vitamins that are crucial for the production of neurotransmitters which are vital for  memory and proper brain function.

By providing a comprehensive array of nutrients and adaptogenic herbs, Athletic Greens may help support overall mental well-being.

While additional study is helpful to understand the influence of Athletic Greens on mental health the available evidence presented is promising.



Let’s be clear! Athletic Greens is not a miracle cure. Although it’s not the magic pill that we are craving for,  it could be a helpful tool for your overall health and well-being.

I would definitely recommend it to those  who are  looking for an extra boost but not those who want to rely on this as a substitute for a balanced diet.

I noticed in my 30-day trial that there was improvement in my energy levels and mental clarity.

But I am not sure if these changes were solely from Athletic Greens or is it a product of my changing routine.

My biggest disappointment with Athletic Greens is its price point. It’s definitely on the more expensive side for a supplement, and I don’t feel that the benefits I experienced justify the cost.

Before starting any supplement or health product into your regimen, make your own research and discuss it with a healthcare expert. And, as always pay attention to your body and any changes or responses it may have.

Athletic Greens AG1

  • Best overall nutritional shake for all ages
  • 75 ingredients to boost overall health and wellness
  • Digestive enzymes and Synbiotics for digestive health

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