Are Mass Gainers A Waste Of Money?

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Mass gainers work – but do they justify their price tag?

That’s the big question we’re asking today as we discuss: are mass gainers a waste of money?

Let’s start with what they do – and how – and why it’s so important.

Mass Gainers Cause Weight Gain

The main reason you might use a mass gainer is to increase muscle growth and improve weight gain. To do this, it fills a few important roles you need to keep in mind when discussing value for money:

  1. They’re packed with calories to increase energy intake
  2. They provide protein, helping build muscle and produce better metabolism
  3. They’re often packed with electrolytes to support hydration and recovery
  4. The best ones also contain secondary supplements like creatine or beta-alanine

These are the 3 big roles, and 1 important bonus, that you need to remember. A good mass gainer, that is right for your goals, is going to do the work of multiple supplements or foods.

Mass Gainers Can Replace Multiple Purchases

When you ask if a mass gainer is worth the money, you need to look at the opportunity cost: what would it cost you to get all those benefits without a mass gainer?

For example, if you’re using a super mass gainer as a bodybuilder, you’d need to replace your mass gainer with a protein shake, 250g of carbs, electrolyte supplements, and maybe a bag of creatine. These are all required to replace a good mass gainer.

These benefits are even more important if you’re not living in a situation where you can just buy – and eat – whatever you want all the time. Many of the best uses of mass gainer are under constraints: living with family, poor schedules for cooking, or simply being out of the house all day.

My best results using mass gainers came during exam periods and other high-stress times in life, where it was a mass gainer shake or some junk from the local store.

Good Mass Gainers Are Excellent Investments

The mass gainer market is full of amazing and terrible products, and many in between. The best ones are worth the money and are excellent value, such as ON Pro Gainer or Precision’s Big Time Mass. These lean gainers are better per-dollar than a protein powder, and typically compete directly on cost.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, bad mass gainers are a waste of money.

High-sugar, low-protein powders could easily be replaced with a simple blended shake, if you’re low on money but have time to spare.

The market is polarized – which is why we put so much time and effort into reviewing mass gainers, and discussing what you should look for to get better value!

Our Verdict: Are Mass Gainers A Waste Of Money?

Mass gainers are not usually a waste of money, as long as you choose the right product to suit your needs, and get a high-quality weight gainer. 

These often combine multiple benefits into a single purchase and can be a great way to save money while improving weight gain quality and quantity.

Sometimes, however, mass gainers are a waste of money. Getting a bad product, the wrong type of mass gainer, or just wasting the supplement by undermining it with bad sleep or training habits.


Remember that a mass gainer can’t build muscle for you if you’re not training hard enough, often enough. It won’t fix a diet that doesn’t support your goals elsewhere, and it isn’t going to provide you with the sleep you need to make gains.

Mass gainers are typically simple supplements, and they have good value for money if you get the right one for your goals. What’s most important is making sure your whole diet and lifestyle line up for weight gain, which is a little trickier!

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