Are Mass Gainers Bad For You?

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Mass gainers are controversial – but are they outright bad?

We’re going to look at what mass gainers do, how they work, if they’re helpful and – the opposite – are mass gainers bad? 

Are Mass Gainers Bad?

Are Mass Gainers Bad

No – mass gainers themselves are not bad, but they can be bad for you if used improperly. The best example is using a super mass gainer, when you might only need a few hundred calories per day for great gains.

If you’re eating a maintenance diet, then you don’t want to add a super mass gainer. They typically add 1000 calories or more to your daily intake. That’s too much for most people and will cause unwanted extra fat gains.

A lean mass gainer would be better here, with more protein and fewer calories. This is one good example – getting the right type of mass gainer for your needs.

Timing also matters – super mass gainers are typically for post-workout use due to their huge carb content. Drinking this kind of high-calorie, high-carb drink during the daytime can easily lead to excessive carb intake dumping into the bloodstream.

This is the same mechanism that causes insulin resistance, the driving force behind diabetes. After exercise, your body has something to do with this carb boost, and is thus much healthier/better for building muscle mass. 

Do Mass Gainers Have Side Effects?

Yes – some mass gainers can have side effects, but they’re typically safe and side effects are mild. Digestive side effects are the most common – such as bloating or gas. These are not major health concerns and can be avoided with proper use, most of the time.

Do Mass Gainers Have Side Effects

For example, you won’t typically bloat if you split a single “serving” into 2 separate shakes. Equally, proper ratios of liquid and powder might reduce your risk of bloating or even diarrhoea.

These are simple ways of using mass gainer cleverly to avoid problems.

All supplements – and even foods – could have side effects. However, mass gainer is made from safe and reliable food nutrients. There’s rarely any real risk to using a high-quality, reputable mass gainer from a good brand.

Are Mass Gainers Good For You?

Mass gainers are not good or bad for you: using them well is good for you, but using them incorrectly can be bad for your health. The mass gainer you use, and the way you use it, determine how it will affect your health and results.

Most mass gainers are healthy in reasonable doses, and the most common cause of problems is using a mass gainer that is too ‘big’ or calorie-rich for your needs.

As with most supplements, the real danger is just overdoing it. Overeating is still possible and dangerous to health.

Are Mass Gainers Good For You

Lean mass gainers – like ON Pro Gainer or Big Time Mass Gainer – are typically good for you. There’s less risk of overeating, more protein per calorie, and strong secondary health support (like electrolytes and/or creatine).

Pick a good mass gainer product and use it in-line with your dietary goals. That’s the best way to stay safe and get the best from your mass gainer shake!

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